Laudna CREEPY Princess Moments! | Critical Role Campaign 3 | Highlight #2 |

the side of the building like there's 
general wear with wear and tear from just   light and weather though a lot of the buildings 
are built well to withstand a lot of the the rain   and uh the other kind of more extreme weather that 
comes through the oh deer and wilds um you can see   elements of what looked to be a 
rope ladder that went to the ceiling   but it looks extremely rotted like it's and 
it it only kind of comes down about three or   four feet from the ceiling so there's about a 15 
foot gap or so before you can even reach up to it do you think you could reach that jumpy jump game   i think we could reach that if you wanted to 
and i'm gonna i'm gonna pull my cloak back   and click my heels together and reveal 
my uh boots that have wings on them that's fancy as an option your choice well what uh are you 
suggesting i hate your ride princess caring very uncomfortably scoop her up i just like 
spindly spider climb i feel her dead rat like   brush against my thigh that's like it's like 
holding a scarecrow she weighs 20 pounds wet are yeah ready uh yes we'll get this over with all 
right i'm flicking my heels together like dorothy   and we'll try to float on up you both lift up up 
towards the edge of that little rope ladder and   up to the edge of the roof and there on top you 
can see the lip along the the very very top of   the structure it's maybe about a foot high lip 
and across the way you can see all manner of   things that have been dropped here one you see 
all spatterings of long white dried bird and   simmering [ __ ] that has just been kind of 
loosely piled and forgotten up here speaking   of simmers as you guys do kind of come up into 
the light you can already see two summer riders   of the the skyward and just kind of glancing 
overhead doing uh their general patrol uh if   you would like to take a moment to avoid their 
side so go ahead and both make stealth checks   yeah there it is which is great too because as you get up 
onto the top of the roof here the white   dried bird and simmer [ __ ] and your white cloak 
wrapping around her does manage to cover the the   lightless dark spot that she would normally 
be from an perspective kind of the overhead pass and glide overhead the   the massive crimson wing simmers and their ever 
watching hound-like heads kind of glancing past they've got dogs these large deep crimson uh feathered winged 
almost hawk-like creatures but where the   but the heads are depending on the type of 
the lineage range from from dog to wolf-like   depending on their therapies a little more 
bird-like with a hint of dog are they like   you both wait for a moment they pass on ahead 
and you feel pretty confident in the moment to   not be under siege i want to scan 
the roof uh for a skylight uh   to see if there's any like natural 
light coming in from this room okay that's very helpful i missed it it was it 
wasn't five i'm gonna need you come on yeah let's giving a pretty throw glance you see 
what looks to be an abandoned wasp nest   hopefully um abandoned looks to be a a sack 
or satchel of some kind that is just left   of the elements on a far corner but no no 
signs of any sort of a skylight or entryway you grab the satchel and you pull 
back and as you do you hear the   sound as you partially tear it away from the 
elements of dried bird [ __ ] that have any   kind of plaster to the roof and it tears open 
as you pull back because it does not looks   looks like to the constant rain and heat and 
moisture it's just rotted nothing but platinum uh it looks like there was 
some sort of a leather case   but it is covered in like a thick gray black mold all right all of this you lick it no you do yes do you have everything that you want let's go   all right and i'm going to slowly 
start hovering back down okay you

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