Larry Kudlow: This is a national embarrassment

right folks one of the key lessons we learned from the great Ronald Reagan my former boss was a very simple but powerful phrase peace through strength right now we have neither peace nor strength now to be sure after Joe Biden's catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan Biden has not launched any new shooting Wars but he is bringing the U.S deeper and deeper into the Russia Ukraine war he's already spent roughly 113 billion dollars in the past year undoubtedly much more on the way if he has his way meanwhile at home because of Biden's big government socialism his massive inflationary spending and tax hikes and over-regulations his war on fossil fuels specifically and the war on business in general because of all that we have a weak economy expanded only one percent last year with a six and a half percent inflation rate and the majority of economists and Business Leaders are fearful over a recession threat later this year or next during the Reagan tax cutting recovery the economy was growing nearly five percent annually for seven years today the bidens who favor redistribution and punishing success apparently are satisfied with an economy growing barely above one percent the Reagan boom doomed Soviet communism the Biden slump encourages our enemies Russia and China and that is why I say that today we have neither peace nor strength Biden may be chest thumping his Defiance over Ukraine but the reality is his failed diplomacy a year ago was a key cause of the Russian invasion instead of harsh economic sanctions ahead of the invasion Biden posed weak sanctions after it was too late and the Russian

troops were already there even today with respect to all the aid and the weapons we have sent the Ukraine many military experts still believe Biden is a day late and a dollar short I spoke briefly to former president Trump over the weekend he was emphatic that where he he's still in the white house he would have already negotiated a peace deal a number of Republicans in the House and Senate yearned for such an effort but Biden never talks about it and indeed as Former Defense secretary Mark esper writes and I will quote what is lacking is a clear sense of how Washington wants this conflict to end and then resourcing that outcome end quote Ms esper will be here in just a moment now comes China almost chomping at the bit to take advantage of the American weakness it's been several weeks since the Chinese balloon Fiasco and the Biden still have done nothing about it one can only imagine Trump slamming into them with another big round of tariffs and or export controls and further decoupling the Chinese and American economies but the bidens have done nothing it's a national embarrassment the Chinese wouldn't even take the calls of the American diplomats and defense officials and when their foreign minister met Munich with Secretary of State Lincoln he mocked America did nothing to discourage rumors that the Chinese will not only be meeting with Russia this spring but maybe planning to provide lethal military weapons to Vladimir Putin Biden's U.N Ambassador called that a red line but Joe Biden's former boss Barack Obama gave red lines a bad name years ago when he did nothing after Russia and its allies Syria continued to use chemical weapons in the mid-eastern conflict to go back to Reagan when their strength at home that leads to strength abroad but weakness at home leads to weakness abroad right now the Biden story is just week and weaker and and that is my real

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