Kia Sportage Hybrid: Edmunds Top Rated SUV | Edmunds Top Rated Awards 2023

now account for over 50% of new vehicle sales in the US. That's over 50%. Their combination of
versatility and family friendly practicality
makes them an ideal choice for most Americans, which is
why this is the most hotly contested award. Here we reveal our
favorite three, and pick Edmunds top rated SUV for 2023. At Edmunds, we test over
300 vehicles every year, on the road and here at
our private test track. We spend thousands of
hours analyzing everything from technology to
trunk space to deliver the definitive Edmunds rating.

In these awards, we recognize
the very best vehicles on sale today, not
just those that happen to be launched
in the last year. And we've got separate
trophies for EVs and those powered by
internal combustion. This year, we tested dozens
of new SUVs, some of which just missed making
our top rated cut. From the affordable and
value laden new Honda HR-V to the outrageously
capable Ford Bronco Raptor, it's been a banner year for
sports utility vehicles. But for us, three models
blazed a tortured trail to the front of the pack. RYAN ZUMMALLEN: Telluride
gets a new look this year and a bunch of new trims, but
the basics are still there. It's got great size inside,
the tech is awesome, and considering the
value proposition, it's clearly one of the
best SUVs you can buy.

LAUREN MCCAY: Kia did it right. They are so
thoughtful about who's going to be driving
this vehicle and what are the needs of that person. JONATHAN ELFALAN: I think Kias
in general are strong on tech. So the fact that tech makes
it into the best midsize SUV is just an added bonus. For me, the Telluride's
greatest tech features are its driving aids, so
its advanced driving aids. They're attuned very well. I use them all the time. I can rely on those aids to take
the strain off of the commute. EMME HALL: There's a cool
blind spot monitoring system where when you signal
you get a little video feed in the gauge cluster. So you can see exactly
what's in your blind spot. And I really love
the fact that you have got all of these things
that are working together to keep you and
your family safe.

thing about the Telluride is it actually has a third
row that you can use. Adult people, human
people can sit back there. It's incredible. LAUREN MCCAY: If I had
to describe the Kia Telluride in three words, I
would say smart, thoughtful, and badass. EMME HALL: So in the GV70, have
you seen the amount of leather that's inside this thing? There's leather everywhere. RYAN ZUMMALLEN: I was blown away
by the interior of the GV70. There are big, swooping
surfaces all over the place. And it doesn't look like
anything else in the class.

EMME HALL: You've got a
lot of different features, and it starts, like,
what around $43,000. Are you kidding me? That's so not a lot of money
for what you're getting, especially when you compare
it to what you would get from BMW or Mercedes or Audi. RYAN ZUMMALLEN: We
would expect to pay a lot more money for something
that rides this smooth. EMME HALL: I mean, you can get
a twin turbo V6 in this thing, and you can set it
to comfort mode, and you can sail around all day
long like it ain't no thing. And what Genesis
is really good at is making a distinction
between those drive modes. So like comfort mode
is very comfort, and eco mode is very
eco, and sport mode is very sport, like it's a
completely different vehicle. And I love that. They do not mess around
when it comes to that. LAUREN MCCAY: It's
just, dare I say, sexy.

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