ITZY “bㅣㄴ틈있지 시즌2” EP.04 (Highlight Ver.)

[Gap of ITZY Season 2] (Today's concept is ASMR)
We're doing an ASMR today So we're greeting you whispering (Whisper)
The more gaps we find, the closer we get This is Gap of ITZY ITZY is now… doing a mukbang! (ITZY doing a mukbang!)
ITZY! Among the food prepared on the table each of us will pick one (There)
Then, we will move one by one to the ASMR zone there
and start mukbang While we are eating (Measuring decibel is essential in ASMR)
a sound level meter will be switched on (For a member making the loudest noise)
Who hits the highest noise level (there's a scary penalty)
will get a penalty Let's get it started! (Chaeryeong's green grapes & peanuts ASMR) (Yum yum) (Munchy food-eater Chaeryeong
started carefully) It sounds like stepping on snow (Chaeryeong carefully opens the peanuts)
She's eating peanuts too, right? The maximum decibel was 654 Six hundred? (Rechecking) 65.4! (Yeji misread it)
It changed to 66.0 (Relieved)
from sixty-four point something (Chaeryeong focused
on opening the lid again) (Struggling) (Snap)
(Broken) She can't eat the peanuts now (97.3 dB, Chaeryeong failed in mukbang)
It sounds like someone's molar cracked (Ta-da) (Lia's chips ASMR)
Listen to the chips rustling in the bag (Rustle) There's a comment saying (Cracked up)
"It's like rustling in my ear" Bindoongs are losing patience (Firm)
"ASMR in a construction site" I'll try one "Is the concept unrelaxed ASMR?" "My ears are tickling" (Lia keeps on despite
the constant attacks) (Yummy) (Rattle) Just open it! (LOL) Ta-da (Yum yum) (Lia's ASMR is full of tingles) (95.1 dB, easily done)
Look at her face (Shaking)
That's annoying (Ryujin's cucumber & Chinese cabbage ASMR) (The first ASMR peeling cucumber in Korea)
That sounds cool! (Slow) (Haha) Give it a hard bite (You didn't see it coming!
Here goes the cabbage tapping!) (LOL) (Careful) (Ryujin's mukbang was a piece of cake) Wow! (Relaxed)
Ryujin's charming (Yuna's egg & soda ASMR)
Yuna's A…

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