Is Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PLAYABLE on PS3 in 2023?

Bad Company 2 came out all the way back in 2010 
and to this day many regard it including myself   as one of the best Battlefield games ever made it 
was very Arcadia it was a lot of fast-paced fun a   lot of action going on lots of different play 
Styles and map variety and of course overall   general just destruction of map capability that 
was absolutely fantastic so I have not played this   game in at least a decade since I was way back on 
the PS3 back in those days but recently I decided   to return to Bad Company 2 on the PlayStation 3 
to see how it was doing in the modern day is it   still playable is there enough people to fill 
up lobbies and is there cheating going on so I   decided to hop in and get these questions answered 
so let's check out the results so I played on a   Saturday and a Monday to get a kind of a feel of 
different days of the weeks and see who's playing   so I hopped in and I was able to pretty much find 
a match immediately when I searched for Rush and   conquest and I did a quick play because there's no 
there is no server browsing on the PS3 as a heads   up and upon joining different lobbies from what I 
could tell at least on the weekend you could get   almost a full Lobby it would be about 8v8 or 9v9 
it would fluctuate somewhere around there maybe   as low as a 7v7 on the weekends and keep in mind 
the max is a 12v12 but the highest I saw either   team go up to at any point during the weekends 
was maybe 10 players on one team but even with   a slight lack of players filling every Lobby you 
could still enjoy yourself have a good time and   it doesn't feel empty really at all so that's good 
to know you can at least still play the game and   enjoy yourself playing it in at least the core 
rush in Conquest now I did switch it to hardcore   to check that out as well and I was able to find 
a match of Hardcore pretty much immediately as   well and both core and hardcore even as late 
as 10 pm on a Saturday Pacific time and keep   in mind I am in the west coast region of the US 
I'm not sure if that matters where you're located   when searching for matches but when I hopped 
into hardcore late at night on that Saturday   was surprised to find a lot of cooperation going 
on people using mics and everyone in my squad   had a mic pretty much and they're all adults so 
there's no children pretty much on Bad Company   too as far as I could tell at least those using 
mics there was a decent mix of players there's   a lot of experienced players still on the game 
that are like Max Rank and stuff like that but   you could still get a jump on them and still 
do better than them so I'm just gonna go off   of skill and I think there's a decent amount of 
good players out there a lot of average players   and a bit of casual players in the mix as well so 
overall a good variety of lobbies and different   matches and different performances you'll end up 
having it could end up just depending on the map   and locations and situations you find yourself 
in rather than skill or anything like that as   for cheating going on it's kind of hard to tell 
if there's cheating going on because there's   not really kill cams in Battlefield but as far 
as I could tell there was no blatant cheating   there was no aimbots no God modes no one flying 
around nothing like that and it was just everyone   playing and having fun there could very well be 
cheaters out there so keep your eyes peeled but   from the time I played at different times on a 
Saturday and different times on a Monday I never   encountered any now since Bad Company 2 is one of 
the more popular Battlefield games of the classic   series I was kind of surprised to see that I 
wasn't able to really fill lobbies entirely   I'm not sure if I mentioned but when I played 
hardcore it would be about 6v6 in comparison to   core where it was about 77 8ft 8.

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