Is a Data Analyst Certificate ACTUALLY Enough To Get a Job?

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with the soft skills you need. Critical thinking and analytical mindset
and an ability to work out problems on your own. And as mentioned, these are skills
that many degrees can help you develop. But when it comes to the technical skills
include Excel, which we all know sequel to deal with databases.

The programing language is Python or and finally tableau or power value
to create visualizations and dashboards. Can we get these skills
both hard and soft skills in a better way? Well, nowadays there are alternatives that claim to be equivalent
to a college degree. And Google, for example,
launched their professional certificates for that exact reason. Universities weren't really teaching people
the skills needed on the job market, so people weren't ready
when they graduated. Now, I don't think these online
certificates are equivalent to a college degree at all,
but they do teach you the in-demand skills quickly
and at a really fair price. We all know about the Google Data
Analytics Certificate. It is the most popular data
analytics course for beginners by far, and with good reason
because it's simply an awesome of course. Well,
this course does come with some flaws. For example, you will learn or instead a python, and
it's not really the most practical course. It comes with a lot of benefits too. It's a really effective way
to learn the basic data analyst skills, both including the soft skills
and some of the technical skills.

What about the cost here? Well,
you can complete it in roughly two months while still working,
and that's highly possible. If you spend most of your spare time,
that would mean the price of 49 books per month for two months or just below
100 bucks for this piece of paper, instead estimating the college degree
to be $100,000 and the certificate being $100, the degree is a thousand times
more expensive, but which one is best? The simple answer
would be a college degree, because you always study longer
and it's a big investment.

But the truth isn't really that simple. A degree is simply
not always the best choice. As mentioned before, almost no degrees teach
the exact skills to become a data analyst. Of course, certain things like computer science or data
analytics and itself will help you a lot. But if you structure your learning through a few online courses,
you can actually get all the necessary data analyst skills and the way faster, way easier and at a super low cost
than all of this from your own home. So I definitely think it's worth
leveraging online courses. Being able to upskill ourselves online is a fairly new opportunity
that we should be really grateful for. Now, the secret
benefit of a college degree. So you're forced to keep learning
and to learn a lot of new things, and you will also learn how to study
effectively enough to keep progressing, or you're going to fail
and you will have to drop the class. Unfortunately, with an online certificate,
you don't really have that.

No one is going to hold you
accountable, force you to study. There are simply no mandatory deadlines. The only thing you have to do is quit
and never visit the course website again. Of course,
there are some bootcamps and things where this isn't really the case, but in most cases,
if you're someone who struggles with motivation,
that could be a little bit tough. And that's why
I think a degree can be really useful. But in most cases,
I wouldn't recommend you to go back to school
before becoming at the analyst. It's going to take you so long, it's
going to make you demotivated.

And instead you could just learn
the relevant skills, build projects, get online certificates
and certifications, and finally get a job. We'll be able to climb
over the first mountain, which is the landing,
your first analyst job. Everything will become so much easier. There's just an influx of beginners
on the job market. And for those who keep pushing
and get their first job, getting your next job
will be so much easier once you have your first tiny
bit of experience. So don't give up. You can land it down to this job
with no experience or degree,
and people do this all the time. Every single detail of this
started out as beginner, and I know that it's easy
to get discouraged, but there are entry level data
analyst jobs out there, and if you do try hard
enough, you can do it. Just don't give up. If you don't get a job offer
after building your first portfolio or taking your first course, it's
going to take some time and that's fine.

It's all a part of the process. If you have the opportunity to get a degree, that's amazing,
but it's simply not needed to become a data analyst. This might be a sneaky promotion,
but in my data analyst program we help beginners starting out with no relevant degree
or experience to become data analysts. I'll leave a link in the description
and you can check out the program for yourself
and see if it's something for you. Also, check out this video
I picked out for you to learn more about exactly
how to become an evangelist first. And I'll see you over there..

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