iPHONE SE 3 2022, 5G BARATO pero COMPLICADO -Unboxing-

Hello clipetes, I presented you the third generation iPhone SE
that returns with more power and only with power Apple presented in the keynote the new
iPhone is that again it does not have much but inside we do find a quite
interesting novelty that is the chip a 15 bionic to give you an idea is the same processor that
its high-end older brothers use, both the iphone 13 pro and the normal iphone 13, so
we find a body that we already knew from previous generations but now a little
stronger, well stronger stronger not more powerful that you can tell that he has gone to the
processors gym to put on maces but we are going to take a look at him and the first thing we do is pull
here easy open so we can lift the lid dyn will be there we have it good and that we
have, we have the starlight color, it is available in black, in starlight, which is this,
which also has the frame as well as in aluminum, on the verge of dow champagne and such and we also have
the color red red for friends I leave this phone here and we will see the rest of the things
that are in the box that the truth is that it is well the typical the typical the classic we have here
this little box that it has the important [ __ ] to be able to insert the nano card without physical and
taking into account that this processor has 5g technology, it can be one of
the main attractions in this iphone is that right now it would be the cheapest, the most
affordable of all apple iphones manzanita and pieces of paper the cable mentioned that we have here and
that it looks like type c lightning you know that apple has been removing the chargers from its
box for a long time so we will have to buy the charger separately or look for it in a drawer at home and now it
is time to remove the plastic to be able to see this body that look what curves and it still
has the old design of apel with rounded shapes in the back we have glass in
the we also have glass on the front and we have aerospace grade aluminum on the sides the
truth is that it is a very nice phone and I still really like this design and above all what
shocks me the most is the size and look what a man having touched the mini well The truth is that
anything already seems great to you, but this one, well, I suppose for a matter of design weight
and others, it still seems for a phone, the truth is that it is quite current, at least
until you turn it on, because when you turn it on, cha-cha-cha we We find the same bands
above and below that the classic iPhone has, let's go, the one of a lifetime Now practically no
smartphone except those for gaming have bands on the top and bottom and in fact I think
that none of them have them that big because It still has these large bands, well, because it
continues to maintain this design that includes the touch aid and at the bottom with the little circle
like this as it rounds and in the upper part because the band with the same size to make a
balanced design we therefore find the smallest screen that apple has also 47
inches diagonal but to see it a little better what we are going to do is configure it and
I'm still counting and now that it's configured we can see the screen better, a screen
as I said with a 4.7-inch diagonal has IPS technology and this retina hd screen
has a pixel density of 326 with respect to this the truth is that we find some
similarities with another phone with which it has been compared a lot, including the brightness that is
625 nits, which is this smartphone because it is the iphone 11 and because it compares well, above
all for a question of price because the iphone s is priced at 529 euros and the iphone 11
is priced at 589 euros, both in versions with 64 gigabytes of storage, what happens is that the
differences are more It is beyond the merely aesthetic, that is to say, from 4.7 inches to 61 inches
that the iPhone 11 has, but we will discuss that later, because we are going to continue talking about this
third generation iPhone s with respect to the weight, it is 144 grams, we could say which is the lightest of
all the iphones but the iphone 13 mini has a weight of 140 grams which beats it well, nothing like
four pimples only but so that you get an idea of ​​how light this device is also
as I said well that little guy It is compact, yes, if we look at it from the inside we find the
biggest difference and what can make the user opt for this phone or the iPhone
11 if we are talking about budgets within iPhones that are a little tighter, the
15 bionic processor is a processor that right now is the most powerful that it has in
apple mobile phones without talking about the many tablets and others and that also has 5g technology that
it is supposed to be the cheapest 5g if we talk about the iphone 11 we find a 13 bionic that
does not have this technology so it is not a bad processor but it has some
downside and it is that it does not have 5g that yes I am already wanting to use it because there are many places where
it is already implemented you will not be able to have 5g technology and also, being a
two-generation processor older than the 15 bionic, the updates will be available for
less time than this despite the fact that this It has a design, well, from the time of maricastaña, we could
say it is true that the iPhone 11 takes better advantage of the screen because, of course, it forgets about the
bands, making facial recognition through face aid and here what we have
is Xavi that continues to work as well as it used to.

At the time and that
there are also possibly some users who do not want to give up the fingerprint scanner for whatever it is
for their I work because they have not just gotten used to face ied and because of the masks, although Apple
has already solved that beyond the Apple Watch and it is that it has the latest version
of the operating system that it would be right now and it is 15.4 it is true that we are with some
differences such as the fact that when we want to display the
quick settings we have to do it from bottom to top and not from top to bottom but well, they are differences
that actually give the user a little bit the same because how will it be used is the same
phone that gives you more up down than down up so we have a phone
that can be attractive for its size for its weight for using the fingerprint scanner
and for its 15 bionic processor but possibly there is another point for users of iphones
that it is not quite as ideal as it should be and it is the camera we are already used to that
apple in include two and three cameras in your mobile phones in fact in the iphone 11 it has two cameras
and the ultra wide angle for us is an absolute must here we find
a single 12 megapixel camera a camera that includes some new features compared to the iphone
11 such as photographic styles, but nevertheless it does not have a night mode, which
the iphone 11 does have, so if the camera is very important to you, it may be there and
that is not your iphone instead if we are talking about the part of video has practically the same
as the iphone 11 does not have the cinematographic mode that it does have in its older brothers but
it has 4k recording up to 60 frames per second it has full hd slow motion recording
up to 240 frames per second and the only thing that It does not have because it is the
audio zoom technology that makes it improve the sound quality by pointing to the source of the sound when
we are recording do video what also remains the same the facetime hd camera that we have
on the front that is capable of taking photos at 7 megapixel resolution of course does not
have facial recognition because we leave that for the true death technology that is more complex
than yes he has the iphone 11 and we find a camera that is capable of recording
video in full hd and how good it is a normal camera and it is therefore to be fixed full hd videos
and above all video conferences regarding the battery the inclusion of this to 15 instead of
the 13 that the previous generation of this had makes it possible to have a better performance with
which it increases from 13 to 15 hours of video playback.

We will see if this is finally noticeable throughout the
day because the s is not a phone well that has shown great autonomy
at the end of the day and is a little less than the iphone 11 by the way that I am comparing it
with the iphone 11 but if we compare it with You have some of the second generation ones out
there because the truth is that the differences would basically be the processor but they also add one
thing that some users may be interested in and it is a greater capacity.

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