iPhone 15 Pro 3D Design Leaked (Not what I thought..)

official 3D printed mock-ups of the iPhone 15 lineup have been leaked online and the big question is this should you wait for the new iPhone 15 lineup with this brand new redesign or is it disappointing let's jump right into it now these are the actual official iPhone 15 models and we know that for sure because Max Weinbach almost a month ago leaked the exclusive iPhone 15 Pro cads and these are the case CAD so they are official and he was actually right the year before with the iPhone 14 pro cads that turned out to be completely true and then he even posted the official iPhone 15 case cads which also seemed to be correct based on the same design then we also get the 15 Pro Max as well from Ice Universe matching everything quite well and based on those official cats Ian's elbow has been working on some realistic renders as you can see we have a new titanium finish for the 15 Pro and Promax models USBC and a new design where it's not completely flat on the bottom it curves into the display matching the 2.5 D glass so that is going to be absolutely amazing but getting to the point of if it's disappointing or not one thing that we do know for sure is that the iPhone is currently on a three-year redesigned cycle where every three iPhones we get a full redesign for example the iPhone 6 got a full redesign in 2014 with the rounded curves and edges then we got the iPhone 10 in 2017 three years later with the notch a complete redesign with stainless steel sides and so many other changes then in 2020 we got the iPhone 12 with flat sides and other changes big ones that came to it and then of course this year the iPhone 15 lineup three years later with that new design that I'm going to show you and get into with those 3D printed mock-ups and then three years from now we're also getting the iPhone 18 and as you can see right here based on the rumors we're gonna have no Notch no camera nothing three years from now and maybe even bigger changes potentially portless and you can see Ross young was actually the leaker for that here is his layout for the next couple of years as you can see this shows that both the iPhone 15 regular models and Pro Models are getting the pill plus hole finally getting rid of the Notch and then apparently next year they're putting face ID under the display for the next couple of years and then finally with the 2026 iPhone 18 three years from now everything is going under the display and basically my prediction for that model three years from now is a completely portless iPhone being the first iPhone to be fully waterproof even in salt water and that's because they're getting rid of all the ports and switching to haptic buttons as I'm going to show you in this video so let's get in into these 3D mock-ups but first I've got to show you the new Halo lock Gia wallet stand from our partner ESR it's actually the world's first magsafe wallet with an apple certified Bluetooth find by module built in which means it can be tracked in real time using the find my app including a speaker to help you find it whereas Apple's macsafe wallet only updates the location when it's attached onto your phone making it kind of useless the Geo wallet stand comes with a built-in battery that lasts 3 months as well as a really cool USBC to pin charger so there's no actual ports on the wallet either it holds up to three cards with a dynamic tension spring so they won't fall out as well as a cutout at the bottom to help get them out the max save connection is very strong with a 1500 G holding force over two times more than Apple's wallet it also comes with a convenient finger Loop and highly adjustable stand built in which also works in landscape mode for watching videos so definitely check it out using the link in the description below and now let's get into the 3D mock-ups of the iPhone 15 lineup and I do want to mention that they did this last year as well with the 14 series and those turned out to be completely spot on and accurate so we can trust and rely in these mock-ups so let's get right into it so we see the lineup of four phones we have the iPhone 15 then the 15 plus 15 Pro and the 15 Pro Max exactly as we have it right now we have basically the same lineup now right off the bat we can see the bottom of the iPhone 15 and we can notice the USB type-c port so yes the entire lineup is getting USBC but we also notice the curved edges going around the bottom side and all the sides and merging with the glass so the glass is actually going to be flat on the display

side but as it gets into the bezels it's going to be etched with 2.5 D glass that merges into the actual metal frame exactly how the Apple watches are currently manufactured the glass itself just merges perfectly into the frame so that's being brought to the iPhone 15 lineup whereas we have the iPhone 14 pro Max right here and you can see that we have sharp edges on the sides right here so it's completely flat with sharp edges flat on the front as well so that's being completely changed this year and now you're gonna feel like you're holding it like it's very smooth and it's also going to feel thinner because those Corners are basically getting shaved down and nice and smooth and now moving on to the 15 plus we can basically see that the camera bump is staying fairly similar yes it's getting a little bit larger but not by that much and yes we still only have two cameras no telephoto on the regular models which is of course a little bit disappointing and now we have the 15 Pro look at that massive camera bump that we have it's absolutely huge and then when he twist it sideways look at how thick the camera bump is getting with the 15 Pro Models it's absolutely insane sticking out like crazy almost the size of the phone itself in the camera bump mind blowing of course we see the USBC port and one thing on the Pro Models is that it might actually be a lot faster in terms of the transfer speeds maybe even Thunderbolt or USB 4 speeds which is going to be so much faster than the regular models which probably will be limited to USB 2.0 speeds just like we have on the current iPhones right now insanely slow but now check this out this is a very important part because it shows a massive change to the buttons as you can see unlike on the regular models we have one large button on the 15 Pro you can actually see that difference right here with the volume buttons on all of them and there's some huge changes as you can see on the bottom we have a regular rocker for the silent switch or the MU switch and then two separate volume buttons up and down but this time around it's getting completely revamped as you can see at the top the Pro Models the pro and the pro Max the actual mute switch is getting changed and redesigned with these couple of pins on the inside that you can see now for the volume button we have a huge long button instead of individual ones right here now this was actually mentioned and reported on by Daniel from zone of tech and other people chimed in basically saying that we're getting solid state unified buttons for the volume rocker and the mute button instead of using a switch so basically they are no longer going to physically move or click at all it's literally going to work like touch ID the solid state button used to work or in fact it still does work that way on the iPhone SE model so essentially it's going to be one long button and it's going to feel when you press up or down and it might even be able to be switched to do different things into the settings I'm not exactly sure but I am sad to see the new Switch go and get replaced with a mute button that is going to suck now to show that these were actually the case cads we can see that they have new iPhone 15 cases and everything's going to be changed around so unfortunately you won't be able to use your iPhone 14 pro or regular lineup cases for these new models you're gonna have to buy new ones but now let me go back and answer the original question is this going to be a disappointing redesign this year well in my opinion no I think it's actually going to be pretty awesome first of all because we have this new titanium finish which is going to look and feel different it's actually going to lower the weight of the iPhone compared to the current model we have now of course USBC is going to be an absolute dream across the entire lineup that is going to be amazing it's going to improve your transfer speeds at least on the Pro Models that's going to be very helpful and it's going to make it more convenient for the average user just having USBC Chargers and cables and accessories everywhere instead of having to find your lightning cable that's going to be awesome for example the iPad Pros use usb-c Chargers so you can just use the same charger for both of those on top of that we also know that the regular models are ditching the notch for good finally so anybody buying the regular models is going to have a better experience better display without the Notch and I've got to say personally I like the idea of having flat sides on the bottom but it being curved around the actual edges and Corners to match up with the glass so it is going to feel much better in your hand compared to having the sharp edges of the iPhone 14 kind of dig into your hands so it's going to feel Slimmer and better overall all more premium so even though we didn't get a massive redesign like these renders that I created with renders by Shailesh showing a completely flat back with an extra camera the telephoto basically the telescopic one it looks like Apple's gonna basically combine the telescopic camera into the telephoto completely replacing it and hopefully having automatic Zoom like real Zoom built into the iPhone from 3x to 6X so none of this is happening we're not getting massive changes like this but I do think the redesign that we are getting is going to be good enough so with that said if you disagree with me let me know down in the comment section below but if you enjoyed this video click the circle about to subscribe definitely check out one of those two videos right over there thanks for watching and we'll see you in the next video foreign

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