iPhone 15 Plus – Apple’s (Genius..?) Plan!

why in the world is Apple making the iPhone 15 plus when the 14 was such a major failure well a lot of people are saying they should not make this phone at all but there's also a different thought and this phone could actually do way better this year which I will explain when Apple announced the 14 plus we were quite excited for it because it was the first time that we had a large screen iPhone that had a lower price tag than the flagship Pro Max model now it was a replacement for the 12 and 13 mini many people asked for that phone for a long time but when Apple gave it to us the 12 mini did not sell well at all a lot of people say it's because the battery life was not good it was not lasting all day but then the 13 mini had a nice boost about two hours of real world use better than the 12. now I I personally really like the 13 mini and I used it for quite a while but I couldn't stick with it because the cameras weren't as good as the Pro Models and because the reception was lacking as well and unfortunately the 13 mini sold even worse than the 12 mini so Apple decided to ax it get rid of it and give us the complete opposite a larger standard iPhone now the appeal was supposed to be the large battery in this phone without the extra power usage of the pro Max which is supposed to give great battery life but in the real world that wasn't really the case and when you compare them directly the pro Max had that much nicer screen it has better speakers it has the extra camera of course you also have Pro motion there are so many real world benefits that you get for just two hundred dollars more and because of that even after first weekend the 14 plus disappointed with sales whereas the 14 pro Max did way better than expected Ming Chico gave us info saying that the 14 plus actually sold worse than the 13 mini and the iPhone SE which was absolutely crazy so after those tactic didn't work very well turns out the people are just willing to get into debt to get a new phone and to get the Pro Models and the sales compared to the pros were just terrible I think a big part of that was the new Dynamic Island which is a huge standout feature visually on the phone that you only get with the Pro Models and that along with the other features was well worth it for the extra 200 bucks and Ross young gave his data saying that the pro phones as far as panel shipments that detracts are about 75 percent of the sales whereas the 14 plus they actually stopped production of the screens because people were not buying them because of that Apple is very concerned and they were looking to re-evaluate the 15 lineup to make it work better but as it turns out they are still making that 15 plus variant even though some of us thought that they could be axing this phone so why would they do that well some of us thought that's because they have a lot of extra parts so they might as well use it but the interesting thing this

year with the 15 lineup they not only are going to be changing the front of the device the actual body is also changing with curved edges so that means it's different tooling and on top of that this year the 15 lineup is going to be getting a dynamic Island now personally in the past what I was thinking is that they should just ditch the 14 plus size and price point and ditch the s e model which is very very outdated and instead replace that with a mini because there are still people that want to get a mini but being so close in price with the regular sized iPhone it just doesn't make a whole ton of sense so if Apple were to drop the plus replace it with an SE that is basically the mini but with some updated Parts I would get better battery life with the newer chips that would be a nice win-win and just keep the standard 15 then you have the 15 Pro and then you have the 15 Ultra a nice clean lineup without a ton of phones packing that in but now thinking about it a lot further is seeing the failure of the 14 plus why would Apple still make one well I think there is a couple of reasons now the first one we know is that apple is gonna be raising the price and the Pro Max or the ultra now well that thing is going to start at twelve hundred dollars now with the 14 plus the price difference was not very large it's a 200 price difference and then you visually see the dynamic Island being there it just didn't make sense to buy that this year though with the price tag going up we're having a bigger spread between the prices and that should help the 15 plus stand out more so now along with that like I mentioned the dynamic Island will be in this phone so it will also look much more new much more fresh something different than from what people are upgrading to so if you're spending the money you would want to get something that has actually been upgraded visually not just some parts internally now the 48 megapixel sensor was also a big deal for the pro phones and this year a 48 megapixel is coming to the regular 15 and 15 plus so users are not going to have to choose to spend more money to get higher quality photos where the 14 plus was noticeably worse with its 12 megapixel sensor now even though the sensor is going to be uh smaller than the pro phones you will still have that extra detail now with that we have another report that almost 80 percent of people are buying their phones from carriers instead of online sales through Apple's website now that might seem weird but carriers have had some killer deals some killer trade-in offers and when people are going in they're looking at the phones in front of them and they're seeing that big difference so I think now when they see the 15 plus with the dynamic Island and that lower price point that will get a lot more people to actually buy the phone and it may be worth it for Apple to keep the 50 plus and keep that size now just like the 12 and 13 mini I think this will be the last year to test it out see if this bigger price difference is going to help and the refresh and see if they should keep it for another year or two or if the sales are still going to be as bad as the 14 plus then they can ax it and change up their lineup and maybe go with the method of making a mini be the SE out of 499 dollar price tag and basically just thinning it out and just keeping it more simple which I think makes a lot of sense as well so you guys let me know why you think apple is still keeping this phone does this make sense for them or should they just get rid of it Go and click that Circle above check out one of those videos right over there there's been Max and I'll see you in the next one [Music] thank you [Music] foreign

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