In-Depth Tactical Analysis: Brazil Back To Their Best? Brazil 3-0 Venezuela

hello and welcome to the total football analysis 
youtube channel my name is rdf and today we're   gonna have a look at brazil's tactical analysis 
in the copper america versus venezuela the game   ended three nil to brazil and we're going 
to have a look at how brazil used width and   depth to penetrate and their bias towards 
the left-hand side and how it helped them   to a three-nil win but before i start make 
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comment so now let's get started chi chi sent inside out in a lopsided 442 
diamond of sorts danilo and ren and loddy   were starting fullbacks with casemero as the 
holding midfielder and fred alongside him   lucas pacquita played as the floating playmaker 
off the right flank where gabriel yaziz was   used as an old-fashioned right winger and 
neymar and richarlison formed a front too   ludi and piqueta were replaced by alexandria 
and everton robero respectively at half time   while gabby goal came on for richardson after 65 
minutes and scored the third goal two minutes from   half time venezuela were in a pretty deep and 
conservative 541 shape which is understandable   given their issues with cover 19.

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