I Went to the World Premiere of Hocus Pocus 2!

these are their costumes hello everyone it is Monday September 26th and I am in the middle of packing because in a few hours I'm gonna be on a bus to go to New York City because we're going to the premiere of Hocus Pocus 2. it's so funny I was just there in May but it feels like I haven't been there in so long this is what we've got going right now my bus leaves at one and it's currently 10 45 so we're making progress this is better than not being packed yesterday so it's 1104 we have finished packing okay I'm about to leave but I changed sweaters because I thought this looked better so okay so I took a little detour I'm visiting one of my friends in New Jersey for a little while and we're gonna go to The Cheesecake Factory because it's our favorite restaurant I got these fried mac and cheese balls I got the SE Bang Bang shrimp okay we're on to Cheesecake the lemon raspberry I got the tiramisu I'm here with Jen we're spending our morning just kind of walking around and then later we're gonna get ready to go to Hocus Pocus two two so far this whole vlog's just been people eating oh my God it's so good all right Jen where are we at okay I you know I use actors not the characters names this is where the very beginning James Franco's character and Peter Parker played by toad McGuire they meet outside Kings College William Dafoe is dropping them off they're going on a field trip where Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man pretty cool because we're all began oh there's a dog I hope he hasn't been bit by a radioactive okay another location this is from Spider-Man 2.

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