How To Use Your Griddle Pan | 1 Minute Tips | DJBBQ

hey guys it's ej barbecue and i'm here to show you how to properly use your griddle pan now you don't oil your griddle pan oil your steak and massage it on both sides if you oil your griddle pan it'll smoke the oil will burn most people put salt and pepper on the steaks before they grill i'm only going to use salt right before i grill now to the griddle pan screaming hot the steak came off the grill now i hit the steak with the pepper if you do it too early when you're cooking it will burn i've let it rest for a couple of minutes all those juices have gone back in to the muscle so i can have a nice juicy steak sword line was already cut against the grain so now we're going to cut at an angle even more so against the grain if you're unsure of where to cut just ask your butcher so there you go oil your meat not your griddle pan for a smorgasbord of helpful tips hit the link below

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