How To Use ChatGPT by Open AI For Beginners

in this video I am going to introduce you to this 
revolutionary eye and show you how it's changing   the way we interact with machines chat GPT the 
a-powered chat bot that's taking the Internet   by storm recently can answer follow-up questions 
admit its mistakes Challenge and correct premises   and even reject inappropriate requests just like 
a human would in this video we're going to show   you what Chachi PT is and how you can use it to 
make your life easier so what is Chachi PT simply   put it's a chat bot that uses a large language 
model to hold conversations with humans this   technology is trained to predict the next word in 
a sentence by ingesting massive amounts of text   from the internet and finding patterns through 
trial and error one of the coolest things about   Chachi BT is its ability to hold a conversation 
in a natural and lifelike manner but that's not   all Chachi PT can do it can also be used to create 
articles blog posts YouTube video scripts emails   and even programming code this makes it a valuable 
tool for anyone looking to save time and effort   on complex and time-consuming tasks for example 
let's say you're working on a blog post and need   some help coming up with ideas you can enter a 
prompt into chat GPT such as 10 tips for writing   a great blog post and the AI will generate a 
list of potential ideas for you to choose from   this can save you a lot of time and effort that 
you would otherwise spend brainstorming and coming   up with ideas on your own you can also ask the 
AI to write an introduction for a blog post about   10 tips for writing a great blog post and the AI 
will generate an introduction for your blog post   you can even ask it to elaborate on each tip 
and the AI will explain each one in detail   so with chat GPT you can write an entire blog post 
with just a few prompts in addition to creating   articles chatgpt can also be used to write emails 
this is especially useful if you're trying to   write a professional email but are struggling 
to come up with the right words let's say you're   writing an email and need some assistance you 
can enter a prompt into chat GPT such as write   an email on how to improve your typing speed 
and the AI will write an email for you in a   matter of seconds you can even ask it to make any 
modifications that you want such as making the   email more engaging and fun so with chat GPT you 
can write an entire email with just a few prompts   but wait there's more to it chat GPT can also be 
used to write code this is especially useful if   you're a programmer who is struggling to come up 
with the right solution to a problem for example   let's say you're working on a project and Need 
help writing a specific function or algorithm   you can enter a prompt into chat GPT such 
as how to write a function to calculate the   average of a list of numbers and the AI will 
generate a detailed response with sample code   for you to use as a starting point this 
can save you a lot of time and effort   that you would otherwise spend trying 
to figure out the solution on your own   in conclusion chat GPT is a powerful and versatile 
a chat bot that can make your life easier and more   fun it's a great tool for anyone looking to have 
a conversation with a machine or to save time and   effort on complex tasks so why not give it a try 
head over to the website enter a prompt and see   what chat GPT has to say you might be surprised 
by the results anyways thank you for watching   this video If you enjoyed it make sure to leave a 
like down below and if you want more such videos   make sure to hit the Subscribe button and turn 
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