How To Stream To 0 Viewers And GROW Your Stream in 2022!

streaming to zero viewers is nothing to
be embarrassed about we all have to do it at some point and honestly it makes
the experience of getting those first few viewers and those first few
community members so much better today i'm going to be
talking about how to stream when nobody is watching
and giving you some actionable tips you can put in place right now
to help grow those first few viewers let's go hey i'm Eljay with i'm
also a variety streamer over at links to all that in the description if you want to check me out
while i'm live or if you just want to check out some of
the 200 guides over at stream scheme today i'm going to be going over a topic
that i've had requested a lot over the last
month since i started this channel and that is how to stream
to zero viewers how to stream when nobody is watching
and how to grow those first few viewers from that point now today i'm gonna be
going over a few topics we've already talked about just briefly
but i'm also gonna be touching on a few very important topics that i haven't
talked about before that i think could really help you guys
out when you're streaming to xero or just only a few viewers at a time
so i'm gonna get into my first tip straight away and i'm only gonna touch
on it briefly because i made a whole video about it
but you're streaming over saturated games stop streaming things like call of
duty war zone valorent or fortnite they're just you're
not gonna grow in those categories it's almost
impossible these days check out my video about how to pick games and how i choose
games to grow in but on that video i got asked a lot
about how to transition from the games that are small into the games
that are big if they want to play something like star
ju how do they transition to cs go and i realized i probably didn't explain
it properly but transitioning between games is all about
community building i'm going to talk about that later in this video about how
you can build your community so they'll always transition
with you however when you pick your game it's important to pick a genre that fits
your current audience as well if you have 50
followers and they all know you from shooters
obviously don't go and play stardew you should go and play something of a
similar level of followers and a similar level
of viewers as stardew but in the current genre you want i hope that makes sense
but we're going to talk about community building
at the end of this video so stick around but i just think it's really important
to let you know at the start of this one if you're streaming to no viewers
it means you shouldn't be streaming in over-saturated categories especially if
you want to grow so the second tip is something you've
probably seen a lot but i'm going to give you a pretty
different spin on it and it might come across as a bit harsh but trust me it is
the best way to look at it if you can get three to five friends or
family members to watch your stream then it will boost you hugely that's you
know if you're at zero and suddenly you have five viewers that's massive
especially if you're streaming in an unsaturated category where that gets you
to the top two top three rows of that category so whenever i see this
tip in other videos i always see two types of comments down below
the first i don't have any friends or family to watch my streams
and the second is i'm too embarrassed to show them or i'm scared to show them or
i'm nervous to show them the first one i can't really help you i'd recommend just
trying to join other twitch streams and make friends there don't go
looking for an audience just make friends and you'll
get a small group of people and then maybe in the future you can ask them
individually not in someone else's stream
but the second it's going to come across as harsh but you need to be critical
about why you're embarrassed there's only a handful of reasons why you should
actually be scared or embarrassed and those reasons are usually that these
people aren't good people and if that's the case they're not your
friends and that's not who i'm talking about
i'm talking about people you trust people who are actually friends with if
you're not willing to show them your content why are you really proud of what you're
creating if you're really proud of what you're
creating then you should be able to show your friends and your family what you're
doing and at the end of the day if you're
really putting the effort in and you're still scared
you just need to take a leap of faith because
streaming is all about putting yourself out there you can't grow as a streamer
you can't enjoy streaming really unless you put yourself
out there you have to be open to failures you have to be open to people
coming in and trolling you it's just a part of live streaming sadly
take a leap of faith put effort into your content and when
you're proud show it to your friends and family
that said i know this is going to sound hypocritical there's no way i'm ever
showing my mom my live stream and if she ever sees clips of what i do for a
living i am going to be in for an earful i
think she'd rather i do probably adult films
so on to the next point you need to create talking points you to plan out
your content now this is something i've mentioned a lot
but you need to talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk
and before you say oh but i don't have a chat youtubers who do gameplay or other
things have been talking to themselves for
years yes they can edit it afterwards but they still have to
while they're recording talk to themselves if they can do it with
practice and confidence then that's all it is for you as well
practice and confidence if you're scared to do it
do it while you're offline first just do it while you're playing a game in your
office or your bedroom or anything like that
and then when you do go live just keep practicing just keep that confidence the
reason this is so important is because you need to be talking about stuff you
need to be engaging happy so when someone drops in they're
instantly engaged with you and they're not just staring at a person sitting
there silently as they play a game waiting for that
little zero to turn into a one even though these days i have a pretty active
chat i will still plan out all of my content
as if i will not have anyone talking whatsoever
i have a little notebook that i write jokes in that i wrote funny tips in that
i write stories that i want to talk about in
things i saw on reddit that i thought were interesting just
anything just get a little notebook and start writing down the things that
you're passionate about the things that are unique to you the
things that you will actually be able to talk about naturally
that said if it's anime body pillows maybe don't talk about that because that
that could be a bit weird when you're trying to grow maybe talk about
something like sandwiches i don't know just just stay clear of the
weird stuff i'm going to throw out a little tip here
for you that one of the big reasons i think a lot of people struggle to keep
talking is they're playing games that there really isn't anything to talk
about after the fifth call of duty war zone round what are you supposed to talk
about anymore oh good kill oh i'm in the gulag all
right cool play something like skyrim or fallout
get yourself a follower who's going to say things and talk to you and randomly
bring up complaints and then you just bounce off them and
keep talking at them as if they're a real person
youtubers as i said have done this for years and it works great when
live streaming especially with a slow chat you go into a cinematic and
someone's yelling about something and you just throw little one-liners out
there and reply to them it's a good way to keep yourself talking
it's a good way to practice and it feels a lot less lonely as i said
plan out your content play games where you can chat and keep
yourself talking because at the end of the day twitch is very slow to update
that little zero to a one and it's very slow to update that users
that are in chatting list so keep yourself going so that when
someone does drop in they're engaged and they're good to go
i'm about to cover view count and being engaging in a second in detail but first
i just want to throw it out there if this video has helped you out at all
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so there are some things about twitch you just can't control you can put in
hard work you can ask people to drop by you can create amazing content but
sometimes at the end of the day you're gonna have zero viewers in your twitch
stream you just can't control it so what i recommend doing when it comes
to your view count and your zero little number there
is turn it off hide it if you don't know how to just stick a little bit of blue
tack over that little part of the screen stop staring at it it will throw you off
so much i never turned it off i wish i did turn it off
these days i sit there and i still get anxious about it if i'm sitting at 90
i'll be like why am i at 100 i know it sounds ridiculous but view
count will always freak you out hide it turn it off don't look
at it stream as if you have 10 viewers 100 viewers stream as if
you're streaming to the best audience ever just stream with
confidence speaking of being critical about your
view count and how detrimental it is i just want to throw it out there
that people who tell you to stop being critical of yourself and just to keep up
doing what you're doing are kind of wrong you need to be
critical of yourself you need to want to improve
you see tweets from mr beast or these giant streamers all the time saying hey
do you have some feedback about what i could do to improve my content these are
huge content creators and they want advice
from everyone they want tips because there's a little bit of information in
every single one so be critical of yourself as i said
there are a lot of things you can't control but the other day you can
control how good your audio is how good your visuals are how much
content you plan what games you play you can control a lot of different
things and i want you to go back and watch your vod and be very
critical of yourself is your lighting good enough are you really putting the
effort in i do it all the time sometimes too much
and i really mess with myself but at the same time
it's one of the reasons why i'm constantly growing
i don't like how my webcam looks there i need to add a light here why does my
audio sound like that my audio was fine last stream what changed i need to fix
it you can control a lot of different
things and it's important to be critical of your failures so that you can improve
them and become better if you fell into your own stream and you
were watching it how long would you stay click through your vod when you click to
a random spot are you talking are you being engaging
be really honest with yourself make notes and try and grow
don't stop yourself with fear just because you're not doing something right
we're all beginners at some point just look be critical and improve and
then be happy about the fact that you're trying to improve
because that's amazing if you're watching this video it means you want to
improve and that is awesome at the end of the day the only way to
grow your stream is to be critical of yourself
and to keep pushing forward in a positive and confident way
speaking of positivity and confidence i'm going to talk about quickly
something that i still struggle to do i sometimes get very
negative on my stream or i get very wrapped up in my own head
try and avoid this if you're hyped your audience will be hyped if you're sad
your audience will be sad pretty much your chat is a reflection of
you when you stream so you need to keep it positive keep it
hyped and then they'll be positive and they'll be hyped
it's very easy to get wrapped up in your fears about your view account
or a failure in a game just keep smiling keep that confidence and you'll be fine
that's less for you guys and more for me but hopefully it helps someone who's
watching as well finally my last and most important tip
of the entire video and it's more important than keeping
yourself talking it's more important than anything else it's about engaging
the people who do join your chat if someone does join and say hi talk to
them ask them how their day's been why did they find this category how'd
they find you what do they do for a living maybe don't dox them
but actively engage with them connect with them
because you're not a huge streamer yet you're a small streamer and that means
one-to-one interaction is something you have that others can't do
use this to your advantage and grow a community not just
a bunch of random viewers who have followed you and never come back
if you're streaming but not building a one-to-one bond with your community or
chatters when they rock up then you're never gonna grow your
average viewers because they're never going to come back even if they follow
you a follow pretty much means nothing
unless you engage that person on a one-to-one level
it's just how it is building this kind of culture in your stream is crucial
i've said it before and i'll say it again until the end of time
if you engage someone who joins your chat on a one-to-one level they will
most likely become a community member but if you inspire your community
members to engage new chatters themselves they will always
become a community member because at the end of the day people who
are joining twitch just want to find mates
who can hang out have a chat and watch something so if they join a chat and
like five people say to them hey what's up how are you
they're gonna stick around it's just the truth so i'm gonna give you a secret
bonus tip right now if you can get a few friends to join
your chat and when someone else joins and starts talking if those friends
engage with that person and chat with that person and make them feel welcome
your average viewers will grow in a rapid way
seriously it will do you wonders and it's very very important
try it out so there are all my tips today i'm gonna throw it out there if
you enjoyed this video please consider subscribing
liking checking out our other content we produce videos weekly
and i'm really having fun with it the comments you guys are leaving are really
really nice it makes me feel like i'm actually doing something to help out a
lot of people and i feel like i'm adding a fresh spin
hopefully so let me know i'll see you next week

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