How to Install the Katana MkII Version 2 Software Update | BOSS

[Music] Hi, let's update the Katana amp. Set the master to minimum first. Then hold down the Channel 1 and panel buttons and turn the amp on. When you see all the lights flashing red, plug a USB cable into the Katana. Then you can read the Katana as a removable storage medium on your computer. Open the drive named Katana. Open the files you downloaded from the website, and simply drag and drop these files into the root folder of the Katana drive that appears on your computer .

Now comes an important step. Once the transfer is complete, you should safely remove the Katana hardware from your computer. On a Windows computer, go to 'safely remove hardware'. Select the Katana and you will get a notification that it is safe to remove the hardware you have connected to your computer. Once you've done that, unplug the USB from the back of the Katana, and you'll notice the panel button start flashing. Pressing the panel button starts the update process. It takes about a minute for the Katana firmware to be fully updated. The images have been sped up to save us some time.

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