How to grow your Instagram in 2023 | 10k+ followers a month

so before we get into this video please subscribe to my newsletter if you haven't already I send it out once a month sharing cool stories experiences and showing links to interesting things so make sure to check it out okay so how I grew Instagram by over 10 000 followers in one month so yeah this is going to be a good one because this is something I've been trying to do for a little while and I was trying to figure out what's the best way to do it and it was much easier than I expected so let's get into it let's go through how I did it and how you could possibly do the same so the first thing is setting out a goal and that is growing my second profile my second Instagram profile audio's visuals so I wanted it to be independent from my other profile so that I can get a new audience and an Engaged audience because my main profile I had built it over years so the audience has sort of plateaued a little bit I wanted to make a new audience I wanted it to almost act like a portfolio of my work so that I can show people photos and videos that I shot I wanted another creative outlet another place where I can share stuff that I don't usually share anywhere else and it keeps me constantly learning and growing because I take a lot of pictures and a lot of videos but I don't really have a place to put them because maybe they don't make complete sense this is why I wanted to sort of put that stuff so that I can just share stuff that I'm not too fussed about it has to be completely relevant finally I also wanted to grow it as quickly as possible I wanted to gain as many followers in the shortest amount of time and just see what's possible almost like my own sort of mini sort of competition next up is the plan so I did set out a plan of how I'm going to tackle this how am I going to do this how am I going to gain more than 10 000 followers in a month so the first thing is posting every single day so I wanted to post every single at least one post every single day I didn't actually want to do more than that I think the goal is just to post one new post every single day whether it's a picture or a real that's all that matters as long as I was posting a picture or a reel just getting out of something every every single day was really important I also wanted to make sure that I had a consistent content flow that is sustainable so it was very important to me that I had a sustainable sort of workflow so I don't want to spend way too much time making content because I also don't want to get burnt out I also want to enjoy making the content in the first place I don't want to have to make the content because I feel like I have to make it so I was doing things like batch creating content or when I see something else online I'll be like oh I want to make a copy of that oh I want to make my own version of that stuff like that whatever inspired me basically so I would spend around 30 minutes to an hour every day just coming up with new content that I can post throughout the week some of those times I'd make maybe one piece of content some of those times maybe I'd make multiple pieces of content I was also posting anything and everything just to see what sticks try out things that I haven't really done anywhere else try out types of content that you know who knows whether it would work or not and then the aim was to double down on the content that does well and then make similar content to that that's the most important thing so trying out all these different sort of types of content trying out many different sort of styles of content as well and just seeing what sticks seeing what gets the light seeing what gets the views seeing what brings in those new followers I also wanted to make sure that I was sort of improving with every post because I really do think practice makes perfect as you keep making different types of content keep improving your content you're just naturally going to get better at it so that was the aim trying to improve the quality for every post it's not going to happen for every single post it's just not possible but the aim is there as long as long as the aim is there as long as I'm thinking in my head that's the most important thing I'd say my plan was fairly simple I wasn't looking for any hacks I wasn't looking for any sort of growth tricks or anything like that I was just consistently posting and create while creating and posting content which requires time and effort you know it's not going to happen overnight it's not going to be something that just clicks like that you've just got to consistently try and then see what works and then double down on whatever works so by consistently posting a photo or a reel on my profile the aim is to strike gold the aim is to have one piece of content that just sort of blows all the other pieces of content out of the water it just sort of goes viral and that's exactly what happened because what you're doing is by posting every single day you're basically just increasing your chances of something going wrong your increases you're increasing your luck so by posting once a day for 30 days I'm basically hitting while trying to hit gold 30 times and just hoping that I do hit gold once out of those 30 times and that's exactly what happened so I posted a video of a MacBook Pro unboxing that I recently bought for my new video assistant that had literally just joined the business and that video randomly so we just shot that video not even really thinking about it we shot that video just thinking hey we got a new Macbook let's just unbox it it took us like an hour to to unbox it and edit the video and upload it simple as that and then it just randomly caught the algorithm and it just blew up so looking at the stats now as of today uh February 20th the video has 3.7 million views and it has a 139 000 likes on Instagram if we can see the stats here actually we can see that uh it's reached 3.8 million different histogram accounts which is outrageous really and this one video sort of just not catapulted the profile it just sort of helped solidify that we're onto something here because having one video do well doesn't mean that all of your other videos will do well but it does help grow the audience so now if we look at the results from the last 30 days going from 21st of January to the 19th of Feb that's what Instagram lets me have a look at the MacBook video we posted on Jan January 23rd and the stats start from around well start from 21st so you can see 23rd yeah you can see a big spike here going up with the followers really sort of shooting up gaining it looks like around 700 followers a day because it's in between a thousand and 500 something like that and then we can see it's sort of going back down again and then staying consistently around 250 300 400 something like that so what's happening there is that we've got that initial Spike from the MacBook video that's expected but because I'm consistently posting now I'm still getting new followers and it's actually slowly going up still and I actually don't think they're coming from the MacBook followers I think they're just coming from me consistently posting every single day for the last 30 days if we look at my notifications Instagram does actually tell you when a follower has come from a reel so we can see at the top started following you started following you but then the next one the third one started following you from your reels so because it's showing they started following you from your real that tells me that Instagram are definitely trying to put focus more on reels they want people to watch Wheels they want people to engage with the reels and they're basically just want content creators to pressure us because obviously they want to compete with Tick Tock and YouTube Tick Tock especially has just blown up because of short form content and that's what I've tried to do now that doesn't necessarily mean I've been posting a reel every single day I'd say I'm posting around 2 three maybe four reels a week and the rest of them are photos I actually think it's important to have a mix especially for the type of content that I post I don't actually want to be completely dependent on reels I also don't think it's sustainable posting it real every single day so I'm mixing it up I'm doing a few Wheels a week and a few photos a week just to make it sort of easier for myself now of course I want to make money this is one of the main reasons why I'm growing this profile ideally due to the follow account and engagement I can make money from two different ways two different ways that I'm thinking of anyway sponsorships is one I can feature a product or a service in a photo or video for my brand I can also bundle that with my YouTube channel so on my main Tech Channel especially maybe a brand comes along and like hey we've got a new product whatever it is phone battery or whatever I can be like would you also be interested in advertising your product on our Instagram and sort of bundling that up in one package just makes it a bit more attractive and having the Instagram with all these followers is again makes it more attractive as well the other way I can make money is from featuring my own products so I can feature presets lots of wallpapers and any other sort of digital products and it's what I've been doing already this is actually my ideal way to make money it doesn't make as much money as sponsorships but I actually think it's more important building products that my followers want and that my audience is interested in because I think that's more valuable than just having a sponsor it doesn't make as much money as sponsorships but I feel like in the long run it just makes a lot more sense now would I recommend it this is where I'm very 50 50.

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