– [Woman] I was smoking at the lab, smoking at home, I actually smoked in the evidence room. I was totally controlled by my addiction. – [Man] At these drug labs, a single chemist can do thousands of cases a year. – [Man] It wasn't really clear the extent to which things had gone wrong. – [Woman] She didn't realize how many people it would hurt. – [Man] And it turns out it's not just one but two chemists. – This was one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in the history of Massachusetts. – [Man] All these convictions needed to be wiped away. – When you're investigating somebody who's tampered with evidence, the scope of this could be very large. – [Woman] It's amazing the ripple effect of a single person's act. – These allegations do not implicate any system-wide practices. – [Man] How do you come out and make a statement that no one's been wrongfully convicted? – How do you know? – You just assume they're doing their job unless you're told otherwise. – [Man] This isn't just a scandal about bad science, it is a scandal about bad law.

(ominous music) – [Man] The whole idea was to keep this as small as possible. – [Man] Billions of dollars flood into this system to perpetuate this war on drugs. – And maybe I found the smoking gun in this whole sorted tale. – Unless you're part of the bigger problem. – [Man] She took the drugs. – [Man] Anything that she touched should be tossed out. – [Man] Liquid meth raises the intensity at which you feel alive. – [Woman] It made me feel more alert. It gave me the pep I was looking for.

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