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– [Instructor] Hey there. In this short video, we're gonna show you how
to set up groups in Moodle. So when you are in your class, the first place you want
to go is to Participants. And the first thing you wanna do is actually set up your groups. So right here, where
it says Enrolled Users, you're gonna click down
that dropdown menu, and you're gonna have
at least these settings of Group, Groupings, and Overview. So let's go to Group, or Groups. When we come here, we see that there are
no groups whatsoever, so the first thing we have to do is actually create the
groups for the class. So we can do this a variety of ways. We can create one group at a time. So we can hit Create Group. We can give it a group
name, group description, and decide if we want them
to have messaging or not, even give them a group profile. So let's just call this Group 1. And then we're gonna come
down and we're gonna say, "Yeah, we want them to
have their own messaging, so they can talk back and forth." We're not gonna give 'em
a picture at this point.

And then we're gonna hit Save Changes. Now, we have Group 1. The problem is we don't have
anybody in Group 1, right? So it says Group 1, and it
has that zero in parentheses, letting us know there's nobody in Group 1. So if we wanna add or
remove users in Group 1, we're gonna select Add/Remove Users. And then we are going to, on the right, select the members that
we want to be in Group 1. And now, we have at least
one student in Group 1.

We are all set with that. Let's go back to Groups. Once there, we do have
one person in Group 1, and it will show us that
on the right hand side. Now, what if we wanna delete a group? Maybe we made the wrong group. We don't wanna use it or the like. We can come down and select Delete Group. Or if we wanna edit the settings, we wanna change the membership or anything else about this group, we can hit Edit Settings. And we're back on this
screen to change Group 1, you know, decide if we wanna
add any of these other things, most of which we don't really need. All right, we're not
gonna change anything. We're just gonna hit Save Changes. All right, now, let's delete this group. Scroll down, hit Delete. It's gonna say, "Are
you sure you want to," and you're gonna say yes 'cause I wanna show you the other feature, which is Auto Create Groups. So if you have a class and you wanna do some means
of creating that group, you don't wanna manually do it but have Moodle just auto create, you can select Auto Create.

And then it's gonna have you
create the naming schema. So maybe you don't wanna do groups. Maybe you wanna do teams. And the at sign… If you click on the little question mark, it will tell you the
at sign may be used… May use to create group names
with names containing letters. You can also use the pound
symbol to indicate numbers. So if I do this, that means, you know, it'll be Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, and then it's gonna ask you,
"How do you wanna auto create?" Do you wanna base it
on the number of groups or to the members per group? So I'm gonna choose…

The difference there is, you know, if you want there to be three groups, then it's just gonna divvy
up into three groups. Or if it's members per group, you want three people per group, then it's gonna make as many groups as there are with three people. So in this case, I'm gonna
say number of groups, and I'm gonna say two.

Do I want group messaging? Again, I'm gonna say yes. Select members with the role. So in this case, I just want students. And ask us if we wanna do it randomly, alphabetically by first name,
alphabetically by last name, alphabetically by ID number. I would definitely not choose this one because I don't think the… We have ID numbers of students in here. I'm gonna select randomly. And then it's gonna say… This may be an option that's available, which is prevent last small group, meaning if you're saying groups of… This is when you're doing… If you're doing members per group, this will be available. So if you're doing groups of three and the last group is
gonna be a group of two, you might check this, and so you'll end up, instead, with one or two groups that have four. So we're going with number of groups. Ignore users in groups. So this, you may or may not wanna check, but if you already have people in groups, you may not want to change that.

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