Hot yoga ;0

Hello today we're going to teach you how to do some hot yoga! He He heh as you can see. Uuhh we will teach you how to FLY! in this first pose. alright go. *laughs* dont! alright try it again. Jaida! Tell us if we're doing this right! Alright. *grunts* it just sounded like you were taking a huge dump. Next pose! Whats the next one? alright. So Jaida tell us if we're doing this one. Alright. your not doing it right! you have to do downward dog! alright. *laughs* the yoga mat isn't even big enough! here I'll go further down. WE DID IT! *coughs and wheezes* Jaida! Did we do it? give one whipped cream can This video's gonna turn out- CRINGY so don't mind.

Alright! So now we gonna do this one! Jaida. Wait- what are we doing? The heat- It's getting hot in here What the heck? Jaida! Tell us if we do this right! Are you ready? Check it if we do this right!*wheezing* *words* cover your face! *cough* ok! Quick! Get on the wall. lift me up Come on! Let's go! *grunts* *wheezes* Here I'll do it since this isn't going to work. I have fatter legs than you. GO! Come on! AH!*squeaks* *name* NO! *high pitched words that i do not understand* *random scream* who screamed? Omg. *non understandable words* Did we do it Jaida? Dont put your face in the video! Say that I did it right Jaida! Come on say it Or else I'll force you to! Your just secretly laughing in the background.

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