Hitler in Argentina – HaYehudim Ba’im (Season 5 Episode 2)

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1960 Motzkin, I just want to tell to you on a personal note, That if history is about to be made, it's only with you, friend. With our own hands we're going to catch this dirty Nazi, And with our own hands we'll bring justice to our people. I'm touched, Shmil. Hola, gringos. Can we come in? Si, si. I'm Shmil. This is my friend, Motzkin, and we're from Mossad.

We have a few questions for you, sir. For me? But I'm merely a hardworking South American That works as a driver for a toiletries company, Whose parents died in a Ferris wheel accident in Luna Park, And who had a small dog named Santiago in my childhood. What's that wonderful smell? Not apple strudels. Tell me, sir, if you've ever Heard of the Holocaust? You'll forgive me, yes? But it's simply that for us, the South Americans, It's customary to serve refreshments before answering questions. Maybe you'd like a plate With an insufferable amount of meat? Wow, gladly. Motzkin. What? Relax, Shmil, we're abroad.

Regarding the Holocaust… Yeah, yeah, I don't know anything about that, but… Maybe my wife knows. Mamacita? Mamacita, the guests we didn't know were coming But were afraid might arrive one day, Arrived. Hola, gringos. Como estas? How nice, guests! Hola! Hola! She's from Mexico. I'm, yes, I'm from Guadalajara. I was born to a mom who churned butter And a father that drove mules and… And was killed in an unfortunate pinata accident, And it hurts me to this day. Yes, it's so unfortunate. -Yes. Ok, we're also statistics. Yeah. Say, the wonderful smell that I smelled earlier, is it apple pie? Apple strudel! No, it was, they're empanadas. With meat? With apple.

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