Heer Da Hero Ep 01 – [Eng Sub]- Digitally Presented by Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin – Imran Ashraf, Amar Khan

Ladies and gentlemen, I am Inayat Jatt,
I have come here to invite all of you, come to my mansion in the interior city,
the doors of my mansion are open for you. We have a happy occasion. My son is finally getting married. Come on. Come on. Come on,
everyone. Hey Mr. Jatt, I have arrived. Yes…Here is your card. You brought it back? People say there is a lot of inflation. Every person says that
we will not come to the wedding. We won’t come to the wedding.
We won’t come. Hey, why won’t they come?
Why won’t they come? Why won’t they? The one who doesn’t want
to come then they shouldn’t. Hold this. You come, we will have a big celebration on the henna. Everyone come. Everyone come. Everyone come. Everyone come.
Eat without any expense. Everyone come.

Stop. Come in front. Come in front.
Come in front. Yes, stop here. Stop here. Okay we have been trained well,
we also rehearsed. We enjoyed dancing. Tomorrow 4 pm,. Sharp. Don’t be late. If you get late, I won’t pay you. Hey, go. Come on. Yes. Here you go. Trust me papa,
no one will come before 10 pm. You are the one who will take the longest time. Your make up won’t be ready till 12 am. Oh, look at that, mama.

When the groom’s sister in law dresses up
and does make up, then only will the function be lively.
Or not? Really? And you also going to compete
with the mother in law. Hey, leave all this. I have got such great food made that
you cannot even imagine. Meat will be made in the underground pot. Oh God. Such great sweet rice, and all the dry fruits on it,
and then what will we add to it? Sweet curd. Sweet curd. Then on top of that,
we will add some more pine nut. Pine nut? But papa,
you don’t add pine nut to sweet rice. Jatt people do it. The shower of pine nuts impresses people. Yes, that is true, it is a marriage of Jatts,
people should know.

By the way, Inayat Jatt, invite some famous singer too, Jatts will get a good name. By the way, what is the need of a famous singer,
we are such great… I mean, we will make it lively ourselves.
We will dance and set the tone. Inayat Jatt. Yes? Control your eyes along with
your hands when dancing. Listen, see me beg you, I don’t want any fight on the wedding day. hey no, Madam Farida will not fight
with anyone on the wedding functions. I only know one thing, when the girl is ready, then setup the tent and call the molvi. Yes, what else? The molvi will come, but where did our young groom, go? He went to get his hair dyed. Sir, have some sweets. You have it. Sir, have some. All of you have it. God, thank you, God answered my prayers. Lets welcome, the very energetic, hard hitting,
completely lovely, and really hot, our very own golden girl,
Heer Jatt. Hello viewers, so Naseebo Red has said, I got my hands on the kite, now I shall dance.

Today, I will let my 526k viewers, that I recorded a live action sequence of catching a kite with
my younger brother Bubbly, especially on your request. And yes, Right now, who is in the most demand? Whether it be any event,
birthday or any other function, whose shoutout do people ask for the most? Of course, Heer Jatt’s. Lastly, I would like to say to my viewers, more action, less talk, don’t forget to follow Heer Jatt. Hey, man, Heer, you looked great. Mwah. It was good, right?

Show me. What happened? Here you go. Here is yours.
And this is yours. Shahid paan. Get some paan. Have some paan. Paan.
Heer. Heer. Heer. Be quiet. Bubbly, this is why I had told you that
the children of the neighbourhood are greedy. It would have been better
if you would have gotten the children from a traffic signal, they would have happily made the
video free of cost. Sister, please. Please. Be quiet. Stay away from our star. Take these ten rupees,
consider this a favour and leave, or else you bunked tuitions and come, I will go and complain right now.
No brother. No brother. No. No. No. Well done, Wow. Come sit. You have learned to blackmail everyone well. My friends, accept my greetings. Hey, will all your fathers come
and greet me back? Greetings. Yes, this is good. So I wanted to say that I, Hamid Jatt, son of Inayat Jatt has decided that I will fix all the broken road, taps, and all the issues of electricity theft, with my own pocket,
even if someone else does it or not.

Applause. Long live, Hamid Jatt Long live, Hamid Jatt Long live, Hamid Jatt Long live, Hamid Jatt Mr. Hamid, there has been no gas in our homes
for the past three months. This gas has become rare in our country, now I cannot blow in the pipes and
fulfil the requirements of your gas. Hey, you will be out of breath soon, how will you blow? If you lose the election,
then you won’t be able to breath. For your kind information, all of them have decided that
this time they will put the mark on weight. So, lock up your election
symbol of ‘hammer’ in your bag. Hey, what is the big deal?
We will ask the crowd just now. So young men, will you retest the one already tested. Come on leave, get out of here.
Hey. Hey. Hey, before you leave listen to one thing. Tomorrow evening is
my younger brother’s marriage. And we will have a big celebration along
with music in the whole of Janjhalpura. So, all of you are invited, along with the opposition. And one more important announcement, the most important announcement, those who are in the habit of having
juice in the evening, then this announcement is for them,
and the announcement is that, all of you will get nimco and
a twenty-kilo flour bag free for three months.

Long live, Hamid Jatt Long live, Hamid Jatt Long live, Hamid Jatt Long live, Hamid Jatt Hamid, do what you want, and entice them with flour. The hammer will account for your downfall. You are mistaken Butt,
the weight has more power. The hammer. The weight. The hammer. The weight. Hey, don’t hit me hard.
Don’t hit me hard. Butt. Hey, sheep. The weight.
The weight. Brother Hamid. what? Brother Hamid. My love, I have some important work to do. No son, Teeli,
you have to do both these things later. You have to do
your important work later. First tell me what you came here for Yes. Yes, hear it first. For two months the
gamblers have taken over Ulfat Mughal’s den. Today Ulfat Mughal
has also said it in the Friday sermon.

What has he said? God will take care of us. No. No. He is right, God takes care of all of us.
But I have called the police station myself to file a report against them. You called your brother? Yes. He doesn’t even bother after this. Hey, no, no, the opponents have spread this rumour,
my brother is really honest. Honest, just for himself, not for others. Hey it is the propaganda of the opponents,
my brother is really honest.

You don’t believe me? Pray that you don’t want him
to do something for you. Hey… Hey, Teeli, Hero Butt is fighting there. Really? He is making the goons
get out of Ulfat Mughal. Come on, come quickly.
Okay, I am coming. See. Did you hear what Hero Butt is doing? He is taken up the responsibility
of the respect of the ring. And Mr. Butt will also take away your throne because that Hero Butt
has the solution for all issues of the neighbourhood and right now he is trending in the rating. Stop it, I have seen such heroes a lot. I will turn that hero into a zero in a moment. Come on, lets go and see what he is doing. My love. Where are my bodyguards? Oh I remember they are on off today.

Yes, they take an off on the
day there is a meeting. Why? They are afraid of rush. Hey, who are you? Hero Butt. I have heard there is a group that
takes over property in our area. I thought I would go meet them.
Show me their face. It is me. Did you see my face? Now go. Hey! Hey, he hit my friend with a chair. He won’t survive now. Hey. Hey. Greeting. Hey, Hero Butt is really fighting. Hey, allow me brother Hero,
I will break his face. He is fighting so well. I have an idea, I will come in front of him in slow motion,
you make a video of me. Okay? Zoom the camera on me. Yes. It will be a great video.

Our minds match a lot. Come on, put it on record. Oh. Oh. It is done. Come on. Move out of the way. Mr. Jutt is coming. Come on. Move. Come Mr. Jutt. Come. Greetings. Greetings. Hey Teeli, does he always fight like this,
or is he really passionate today. Hey, he is really dangerous.
He came first in math as well, and also in boxing. Who? This Hero Butt. The day I get my hand on him, I won’t take a minute to make this hero a zero. What are you doing, Mr. Jatt,
why are messing with poor kid, you are great people. Hero Butt. Hero. Hero. Hero. Why did you record a video of my bravery? No matter what anyone says,
this video will go viral on Tik Tok. You worked hard on your body,
but you still didn’t learn anything. It is a funny video.
You too will get free publicity. Hey, men were about to die here
people had forcefully taken over, people were about to lose their lives and
you are concerned about your funny video hah, men only die on Heer Jatt’s video
and nothing else.

Hey, listen Bubbly. Yes? We will put that
madam’s song behind this video, if I was a Kalashnikov, then I would have hit the mark hard. It will get more viral. Yes. Right?
And yes, we will tag you too. What’s your handle? Handle? Social media? Oh, hero butt, the t is thrice. He has three Ts. Hey come on, useless fighters.
The fight is over. Come on, leave. Come on, go home.
Don’t waste time. Leave. Hey, Heer. Oh dad Child, what are you doing here? Oh papa, the bike gear was stuck. He is fixing it. Bubbly is fixing it.
We are leaving. That.. Mr. Rasheed is getting married, so Mr. Jatt came to invite you for it.
Accept the invitation. Mr. Jatt, come on,
we have to invite more people. Come. Come on. Mr. Jatt, come on. One minute. I have an important call. Hello. Yes? Loser. brother Arshad Butt, no matter how many victories you celebrate, but my Hamid Jatt will win. Here, I made tea for you myself and brought it. Hey Nimmi. Yes? Do you have no shame,
see how you are hugging on to him? Hey, cheapster.

So what? You have also taken such pictures.
I know it all. Have a look, see what this is,
look at it properly. Wedding card. Brother Rasheed is getting married again. Again? Yes, what else? The wedding is tomorrow and
the reception day after? Yes, you do bring your brother Arshad and son,
Hero. I will try my best Marina, but you know Mr. Butt’s anger. If his tea is a little cold,
he throws away the cup. Listen to me, he has not put any restrictions on us meeting, but this is a matter of the society. The whole neighbourhood will be there. You understand, right? Hey, to hell with the society and neighbours. I too am Butt’s sister in law. See, I have come with an invitation. You try and understand if Mr. Jatt, Hamid had come
with the invitation himself, then there would have been no issue. No Nimmi, listen to me. Then who am I? I am the daughter in law of the Jatts. I am Hamid Jatt’s wife, and Inayat Jatt’s daughter, so I have come,
then consider all Jatts are here.

Hey to hell with it, we will think of something.
We will find a solution to the problem. You have tea. I will convince them. Convince them. Come on, you have tea.
I had ordered jalebis for you, but there is just cake. Here, have something sweet. You broadcast news of my defeat. My defeat. Hey, Mr. Butt. My defeat. Calm down. Mr. Butt. My defeat.
Hey leave me, I will go the court. For God’s sake. Hey,
I have been fooled and defeated. Mr. Butt. Move, I say. Move. Don’t do it, Mr. Jatt. I will destroy.
I will destroy them. Mr. Butt. Hey. Stop. Stop. Stop. You out of tune idiot. Stop. Wait. You are here to light fire crackers’ on
my uncle’s wedding. Why? We are not inside your home.
We are on the road. And Hero Butt owns the whole area outside. Hey you Sumo Wrestler pro max,
don’t be so smart. She is jealous of me. You know what? Because I am more handsome than her.

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