Happy New Year 2023! 🥳🎉 | House Renovation Update (Finding Rodents in the Kitchen!) 🐁

Alien there might be dead animals here
dead rodents clinging to your body and giving me
shivers it looks so much better like I've removed it so much
we're going to take kitchen measurements
[music] that was the
ecliptic let me tell you I have to say it didn't feel much like a
feast because we so used to snow [music]
foreign hey guys hey guys it's been
a long time it's been a long time happy happy new year 2023 2023 2022 was the
fastest year of your life man we say that almost every year but yeah yeah
sure felt like this The way so before we dive into today's video we wanted to
take a moment to wish you a happy holiday season it's already passed
so we really hope you enjoy the holidays we wish you all the best
next year may you be able to achieve all your goals and dreams and pursue
all that excites you and that Kind of what we're doing and that's what we're
doing these days and it's exciting that we've also been making good progress here yeah
here in Argentina I'm kind of amazed every time I go into the property
it feels a little bit different we've shown more
workers who We hired them, they did a job Good yeah and yeah we're happy with the
progress exactly so we'll start to be more consistent with the
videos, renovation videos you guys requested so they
start this next week and yeah we're excited about that sharing the ride
with you because the place looks like a proper construction site these days
In all fairness we were more social than we usually are so
we had the holiday season so forgive me cause we met some really nice friends
here in the village we got invited to some
nice places and we kind of got carried away by world cup fever yeah that was it Last video
I mean with everything that's going on now things have settled down a bit and
we can get back to a more normal routine yeah like we said
we wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a part of the channel and
also show some appreciation for all the comments you guys leave for us like all the
comments and messages Email that we really appreciate you being part of the
channel and we hope you're excited yeah for 2023.

Definitely we're on board
so let's dive into this week's video
ok guys here we're in for an afternoon on this
video we're going to clear the bump X So basically we started
with the big task of clearing out every single room in this house of
furniture boxes of trash anything you can
imagine because if we're going to stick to our
schedule to have this renovation completed by the end of March, we need to
start accelerating that and there's a lot To do I already started this
task yesterday I filmed some clips for you guys I simply removed the
furniture machines Ahh the dirt spider webs on the walls or in the
shelves on the cupboards but there is more to be done I
scratched The surface is barely so today I came armed
with a mask because I realize I'm getting a lot of dust off and I don't know if
there's been mice mice in there I suspect there are
some nests and some people in the comments were
reminding me of hantavirus so yeah yesterday I just did Wrapping a shirt around my face today
I thought ok let's use this kind of a plan for the day this is
going to be a multi day job bit by
bit I got my little flashlight here this is cool I borrow it from the
cottage we're renting and charge it via usb y I can just plug it
in at the end of the day and I'm ready to go the next day so here's the
plan It's hard to show you the spider webs hanging from the ceiling
but I'm going to try to try I feel like I need a zoom lens or something here you
can see it 's like this the ceiling looks like Like a
lot of work Mia has to do man
I don't know if I'm looking at some rat nests on the floor but there's
weird stuff in there or
yeah like this nest is that's just piles of dirt how the piles of dirt got
here how did they get to Here, this my question
didn't come down from the roof so it
led me to believe maybe a creature so we'll see what we find there can be
dead animals in here dead rodents ah
let's start [music]
[music] foreign [music]
also I'm really excited to see if If I could
open that door , that would be
great .

I feel like I'm going
to enjoy working here a lot more now that there's more daylight otherwise it looks
pretty awful so I'm just taking my mask off a bit because I'm
not going to be completely sweeping the dirt yet but I wanted to show you something
because I was actually talking to my dad earlier in the afternoon This day and he's shared
a really interesting fact about his house that I didn't know even though
this house was built in the 40's and people lived in it electricity didn't come
to this village until the 70's so three decades over 30
years of people living with uh Like little lamps like this one that would have run
on kerosene or like some kind of oil that's what people would use
to light up and turn around once the sun went down so if you wanted to
read your book by the fireplace before you went to bed or whatever you would
light one of those and I sat there Right next to it so yeah that's kind of
surprising the fact that there wasn't electricity here until the 70's but
I guess it shouldn't surprise me too much because I remember when I moved
here in 1994 we still didn't have phones and there wasn't a line
here Tv and no phone service in this area and I remember it was a pretty big event
when it was finally installed and we got a phone at
home and I remember our pho ne number was only five digits because that
's how small we are in rural areas this
is a cool little fact I'm sure Than we're going to find more lamps
like this and of course we're going to keep them as decorations these are
antiques so another interesting thing I wanted to show you that I
kind of noticed the other day when I was cleaning up these were like chair cushions
these were the seats on the chairs The wood that I took yesterday.

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