Habs Episode 26 – 1st November 2022 – Presented By Brite (English Subtitles) – ARY Digital Drama

I don't want to go inside. Don't argue with me. This is our problem. Don't involve your mother in this. And you can involve anyone in this? We can argue about this inside as well, right? Basit, there is nothing left to argue. No. Who are you? You have no right to force me. Shut up. Its you who said I kicked you out in front of the servants. Now I'm taking you back home in front of them. What do you think? You will talk to me like this and I will stay quiet? What if something had happened to you? You don't realize that everyone was listening to everything. I don't care. I'm not insulted in front of others for the first time. What do you think Basit. Don't I have any self respect? You can say anything about me? About my mother? But if I say anything to you or about you, your ego gets hurt.

I think you are exaggerating. Because you wouldn't be blaming me if you had listen to me completely. What? What's left to listen? Tell me please? Basit I admit that my family is needy. You helped a lot many times. But that doesn't mean you take credit all the time. You think this way. I don't think so. So you think I'm wrong?
I'm feeling wrong about what you said about my mother? So I didn't say anything wrong about her. Oh God. You are so mean. Come here Ayesha. Listen to me.

Ayesha I have tolerated your family a lot. Especially your mother. I agreed to all terms she put between us. What more can one do for someone than this? Which conditions? Tell me which terms did my mother set for you? You should ask this from her Zulfi. Zulfi. Come here. Get madam's luggage inside. No. Come here. Get the luggage inside and bring water as well. No. Have some water. We will talk about this later. Hello Ayesha. Hello Bano. Thankfully you have reached. I was just thinking to call you. But then I thought I will call after sometime. I have to ask you something. Please. Tell me honestly. What happened Ayesha? Is everything alright? You don't sound well. Are you okay? Leave me Bano. Just answer my question. Yes ask? What terms did mother made Basit to agree with which I'm not aware of? For sure something has happened like this. Is this what Basit told you? Tell me honestly what you know about this matter? He told me that he agreed to all terms and conditions which mother put in front of him and he doesn't lie Bano.

Terms? What were the terms? Didn't he tell you that? Why would he tell me when my own mother kept it from me? Bano please don't hide it if you know the truth. Ayesha, maybe.. Maybe he said it in anger and you misunderstood. What could be such terms though? There is something Bano. There is something.
Why he taunt me like this otherwise? Ayesha he must have said this in anger. Don't worry. It means you really don't know anything. Tell mother. I will eventually find out whatever it is. Ayesha..

Mother is already very upset about you going back. She has disappointed me a lot Bano. She could never become a strong support as a mother. I'm responsible for all your problems. Blame me for your own mistakes as well. Hello Ayesha? Ayesha? Mother she was crying! Let her cry. I told her many times not to go back with him. But she didn't listen to her mother. Now she will have to listen to his taunts all her life. She had so much belief on that shallow person's words. That he doesn't lie.

And he couldn't keep such a small secret! It was mutually decided between both of us. He proposed this offer. He himself said that it's a deal between us. And you agreed. What else could I do? We needed money Bano. So just tell the truth to Ayesha then. What were the terms and how he helped us again and again. I didn't do this for my own self. I know. But his is also true that Basit did help us. He gave me a job and also gave us money according to our demands. Does that mean he will keep degrading us? This is the truth. He wouldn't have dared to tell her this if she had not gone after him today. What do you want? You didn't come for dinner? I'm glad that you came back. My welcome was really great. Oh come on Ayesha. Isn't it possible to move on from these discussions? We start a brand new. You know for the first time I.. I was afraid of losing you. What if something had happened to you? If that car had hit you? What could I do? What do you think? I married you because of some necessity? Ayesha I did meet you because of one necessity But I couldn't realize when I fell in love you and when you became my need.

Do you remember the first time we met? Do you remember that meeting? Of course I remember. You were a weird combination of confusion and intelligence. I couldn't even imagine.. When I would fall in love with a girl with such a simple and innocent heart. Why didn't you say this to me earlier? I never got a chance. I wanted to tell you. But I was upset with mother That I didn't realize how distant I got from you under by showing my anger to her. I just wanted.. That you forgive Sadia aunt. Anyway. Whatever it was. We should move on. You know I have never apologized to anyone in my entire life. I have never give explanations to anyone. But I have well understood this thing. In life, if one think its their mistake then they should apologize. It's no big deal. I'm sorry. So you are accepting it was your fault. 100 percent! But now you should also accept. That when I refrained you to work then you should have listened to me.

That job was my necessity. "WAS".. It no longer is. I have a new plan for us. I have decided that together we will .. do a lot of things.. Basit I don't know why but I feel this class difference between us.. This will create a lot of misunderstandings between us. Come on Ayesha. You.. You.. You belong to this society and with you an ordinary girl like me .. Ayesha come on.. Isn't it possible that we leave these standards and class behind.. and move on? You are not ordinary for me. Everything about you is extremely precious for me. Isn't it possible that we start this relationship on equality? Isn't it possible that we live as friends..

Listen and understand each other? Isn't it possible that your mistakes.. your griefs become mine.. and my happiness becomes yours.. It is possible right. Is the breakfast not ready yet? No. Mother is not feeling well. Make breakfast for me. I'm getting late for work. I've told you many times that I can't work early in the morning. It's not my responsibility. I'm just tired of these dramas. Speak slowly, mother will hear it. Who are you expecting from Talal. Has she ever taken care of your ill mother before? It's very difficult to make you both happy. I'm so tired of these complains.

Can't you talk to Talal about me without taunting and complaining? What can I say? As if you serve him breakfast in gold plates daily Is this how responsible wives are? You didn't want a responsible wife. You wanted a responsible servant. And I'm not interested in becoming one. I know very well how much you care for Talal. So why don't you take care of him? What else do you do all day? I told you in advance that I never did these chores even in my own house. I will arrange a maid and pay for her as well. Listen to me. Keep your money to yourself. You make a big deal out of everything. I can't relax for a single moment in this home. It is my fault that my son obeyed me and married you. Little did I know that I'm ruining my son's life by marrying him with you. I also regret it. I didn't know that I'm getting stuck with illiterate people. Are you calling us illiterate? Don't you feel ashamed?
Do you not care about elders age and respect? Is this how educated girls are? For God's stake stop fighting you both.

Don't you get tired of fighting about the same thing? Then make your wife quiet Mother if she could keep quiet then why would I ask you to keep quiet? Daily I get late from work because of your quarrels. Talal please have your breakfast? Talal.. Hello Ayesha Madam. Hello. Has sir left? Yes Sir has left for work. Do you need anything? Hello.

Zoya I was just thinking about you. Really! You could have sent me a message if you were missing me. You didn't call me once since yesterday. I'm honestly missing you. I don't like it here without you. Then why didn't you come to get me? You yourself said that you want to go for a couple of days. So tell me, should I come to get you? There is no need to come back. Stay at your mother's place. I won't let her come back until I find my money. Mother.. In what way are you talking to me? I stayed quiet when you called me thief but I won't tolerate if you come between us. I will speak. I will speak a thousand times. After all I'm Amir's mother. I have more right over him. I will also come back. Stop me if you can. Did you hear that? She is threatening me. Don't you feel ashamed of brain washing Amir against me? In what tone are you talking to my mother? Say the same to your mother.

Look how she is talking. She is so ill mannered. Did you not know this before marriage? Zoya talk respectfully. She is stopping me from coming back home and you are asking me to behave? If you have little self esteem then don't come here. And by the way, you are totally useless.
You don't help around the home at all. I will come. I will come thousand time to my husband's home. Stop me if you can. What can I say to other when our son is at fault. Play son play. Let me tell her. Ayesha madam your phone. Hello. Good morning Mrs. Good morning Mr. Basit. You are awake. It means the day has begun. Day has begun with your call so I'm sure it will be a good day.

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