Today you will fully understand everything about this disease. There is risk and the danger is real. It is very important to understand that even if you don't see her much yet, she is there and in the next few days you will see how more and more cases will begin to be reported. Not that I'm a fortune teller or anything like that. What happens is that the real number of infected is much higher and it is not being diagnosed, since the symptoms it causes are often confused with other diseases that cause spots on the skin such as allergies, herpes zoster, syphilis, chickenpox, molluscum contagious and even a simple flu and goes unnoticed. But I tell you that this is now going to change, because due to the large number of reported cases, including some deaths outside the African continent, the WHO has declared that it is a health emergency of international importance.

And this makes health personnel more attentive, better identify and diagnose it and thus begin to report more and more cases. And why is this so important to you? Well, first, if you get sick, you're going to need to be isolated for 2-4 weeks. Also, in some cases, the disease is complicated. Some patients need to be hospitalized. On the other hand, there are already vaccines. You can be a candidate to give it to you. In addition to this, if you do not have symptoms but you had contact with a person who is sick, there are new recommendations on what to do. Hello everyone. I'm Dr. Veller and I'm going to explain all this to you. What I am going to tell you next is why the WHO made this decision to declare an international emergency.

Everything behind that. How do we suspect that those spots on the skin are monkeypox and not some other disease? What are the new symptoms? How does she introduce herself? Look, some people have already died. Now, did they die of smallpox or smallpox? That is, is it pure alarmism? Or did they really have some complication of this disease that killed them? Who are the people who are most at risk? On the other hand, there are countries that are already going to start vaccinating. There are two vaccines available. I'll tell you right away. Who is the population to be applied? Could it be that they are going to recommend a mass vaccination for everyone? Regarding the first point, the WHO a few days ago said that this disease is really causing a health emergency throughout the world.

Both cases and deaths are increasing. And they broke borders. There are already more than 16,000 cases reported in more than 75 countries. The actual number is estimated to be much higher. There are already at least five deaths. And it keeps growing. Now, this does not mean that we are going to relive everything we experienced with COVID 19, since the way this virus is transmitted is different. At least I hope so. Now pay attention. Let's not be alarmist. This way of categorizing this disease is mainly to make it more visible, both for health personnel and for the general population. And in this way, that all necessary measures are taken to prevent and treat it. So far, the vast majority of cases, more than 98%, are being seen in men who have sex with other men. Mainly those young adults who have multiple sexual partners. Now it's also being seen in other age groups, from very young babies, eight or ten months, to 80 years old, even older, obviously regardless of their sexual preference.

Now let's talk about the cases of deaths. There are already at least five reported. The number may be higher. And I am talking about this outside the African continent. Brazil, Peru, Spain, India. In Spain, for example, at that time there were more than 3,700 reported cases, more than 120 hospitalized patients, and at least two deaths. Most of these cases were young men between the ages of 37 and 45. Approximately 7% had some complication of the disease and I could not get more details to give you about the previous state of health. Mainly from the people who died. Now in Brazil, at least one death has already been reported. What is known is that the patient had a serious illness.

A type of cancer called lymphoma. He had received treatment, chemotherapy. He was hospitalized in a very serious condition and died of sepsis. And it is not known exactly if the monkeypox caused the death or contributed to the rest of the complications. In Peru, at least one person died. He arrived at the hospital in a very serious condition, he had HIV and his immune system was very compromised and he died of sepsis.

And again, we don't know if the monkeypox caused the death or contributed in any way to making this person even worse. In India, the local authorities stated that the person who died had clinical signs of encephalitis, which we know is a complication of this disease. At the moment, these are the available data of the people who died. So here I ask you the following, even though the vast majority of reported cases are mild.

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