[GOING SEVENTEEN] EP.45 GSVT E-Triathlon Championship 2022 #2

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by Amore Pacific CUBE ME] [GOING SEVENTEEN.] -Let's start right away, ready?
[★Game 2 – Sudden Attack★] Yes! It's basically the final round Everyone agreed that the first round
is a knife round, right?
[Basics] -Yes
[Sudden Attack Round 1 SVT T1 VS You Mad?] A knife round! Monkey Garden knife match, let's go
[They choose the map freely] This makes me more
nervous than Crazy Arcade -We need to run to the center
-The center
[The goal is at the center] You can go to the center
and swing your knife around
[Strategic gaming] [SUDDEN ATTACK]
[SVT T1:EyeOfTheTiger, OneShotLeft, VerdenNontack VS YouMad?:KkakkameoRI, PeaceAndLove, D4K4] -We're in
-This is nice -The center
-We need to get a feel for things first
[Round 1, Game 1 begins] -Don't die, DK!
-Three! -Okay!
-Two! One! Let's fight!
[Charge] Show us KkakkameoRI's screen
[S.COUPS' view] Please turn on KkakkameoRI
and OneShot's screens
[The two heroes] KkakkameoRI is Gurkha OneShotLeft versus KkakkameoRI [HOSHI DEATH] WONWOO is good at knife matches
[Revenge only took three seconds] -KkakkameoRI is dead
[Life is give-and-take] He died as soon as he said he did well He didn't die for no reason
He died because it was WONWOO
[He gets the speaker's intention] Hey, keep WONWOO occupied Okay OneShot is killing everyone! [WONWOO DEATH] THE 8 killed OneShot -I told you I'm good
-THE 8 must have played a bit
[The strongest among the group] -Guys, go to the center, run
-The center, okay [S.COUPS has the area] [They fight for the center] [They lose] Nice EyeOfTheTiger doesn't know what he's doing
He doesn't know the rules I'm sorry
[The newbie's view] -Oh
-KkakkameoRI He's very happy inside
[He looks like he just won the world] Oh no You need to block that! [S.COUPS DEATH] Block the center, HOSHI -That's right!
[That worked?] -EyeOfTheTiger!
[Surprise!] EyeOfTheTiger killed KkakkameoRI Good job, HOSHI, did you kill him? Am I helping?
[I just swung and he was there] Wow, yes Block him OneShot is still there -They have it
-They're taking over It's…
[They get guns when they take over] Please, let me live D4K4 D4K4 died again
[He's back at spawn] -D4K4…
-He's bad at everything, that's really sad Wow, you really followed me
[WONWOO DEATH] [He takes his gun] -Did he take your gun?
-It's up there How did he take your gun? Nice, first kill
[Respawns as soon as he gets the kill] D4K4, can't you kill him from behind? -D4K4!
-D4K4! D4K4 has awakened all of a sudden!
[Goes silent] [Like a smiling character
suddenly opening his eyes] He threw away the gun Haha Double kill! -No, take over
-You need to start running right away No! Whoa
[Gets a triple-kill in no time] -Whoa
-Nice, WONWOO My gun -Shoot
-It won't fire -It won't fire? Reload
-How do you reload? You don't have ammo
[All-knowing] Reload -Reload!
-R R R R R
[Koreans love their eggs] -R
-Guys, stop them Let's go! KkakkameoRI versus OneShot! Ten seconds left, time's over, they lost
[Time limit] [DK awakens again] We need to take over No!
[Lesson: You need to awaken quickly] -We won
-Stop them
[Team SVT T1 gets the first point] Yes! -S.COUPS is angry
-He's mad -Focus
-I'm going well
[Annoyed] That was too bad Let's hear from S.COUPS
[A short interview] You lost the first match How do you feel? Be honest I don't think of it as a team match It's a game between me and WONWOO That's right, everyone!
[Precious teammates] S.COUPS said, "It's between me and WONWOO" We'll see The second game
[One dumpling] GSVT E-Triathlon Championship 2022
Sudden Attack
[Fluent] [High-level English spills out] SVT T1 versus You Mad?
Let's start the second game Let's…

Fight [Round 1, Game 2, Start] I'm nervous Okay! The game begins, it's A Warehouse
[Three-win survival game, no respawns] WONWOO and S.COUPS are the snipers
[The snipers] THE 8 also has a sniper rifle Although there's nothing he can do He got a sniper rifle too?
[The balance is broken] THE 8 is in trouble, this is bad [At least he's on the Blue Team] I fired the wrong gun You can't equip that
You need to change it with N
[The strict yet kind team leader] I couldn't switch it out I'll just do my best
[Focuses on the present] KkakkameoRI [Crazy aiming] Oh, OneShot! WONWOO is crazy
[Glad he's on their team] Why? What did he do?
[So pure] He killed S.COUPS -Really?
-Yes Just stay there
[Only busy with his mouth] Wow
[One second] [Hi] Wow
[THE 8 DEATH] -That was too obvious! That's not right!
[Upset] -You can't show up like that
-He crawled out
[The sniper likes to show himself] He was a sniper but he was crawling toward the door
[He was working his legs] Slowly Wow, DK
[The rifle is left alone] -Oh!
-Too bad
[DK DEATH] -That's crazy, you killed everyone
-That's crazy
[Bystander 1, Bystander 2] [3 Kills 0 Deaths] Oh! Snazzy Today's show is OneShot's
[It's SEVENTEEN Channel's] WONWOO looks laid back
but S.COUPS seems desperate We haven't seen him like this
since Debate Night S.COUPS wants to take the show back He's monitoring like this, but WONWOO…
[About to move into the monitor soon] -He's on top!
-He's sitting like this
[Already living there] He's on top
[Top-tier] [Refreshed] [Round 2, Start] Guys, just show up at the same time
on the count of three -Okay
-One, two, three, let's go Go forward?
[Team play] That's right Go into the short and fight [S.COUPS KILL] [Preparing to move] Here he is
[Back in reality] [DK KILL] One head! Oh, he's caught
[If you peek out, you'll get cut] DK, not yet, get out
[WONWOO VS S.COUPS and DK] He's not passing Short in -Wow
-Short in -Oh?
-Wow Oh, OneShotLeft…

-It feels like a game show
[It is a game show] I died Nice!
[The back of his head hurts] [Their first win] -KkakkameoRI got him from behind
-Nice KkakkameoRI is out for revenge -We won't be sitting ducks!
-That's right, we…
[2000s-style subtitles] WONWOO is still at ease That's kind of cute [Very big and very cute '95 babies] [Round 3, Start] This is scary Nice shot!
[WONWOO DEATH] He's in the short -Did you die?
[The hero is gone] OneShot is dead This game has no meaning anymore
It's game over
[This game is basically over] Shall we take a break, then? -Don't watch
-Let's take a break
[Everyone needs time off] We never know, VERNON, VerdenNontack…
[The sub-protagonist] He's coming in He's coming in [HOSHI DEATH] [Involuntary pacifist] Oh Too bad, you did well WONWOO is going to get desperate
[If they lose again, this game is over] WONWOO needs to sit up…

But he doesn't! [I don't want bad posture] I thought he'd sit properly He's still relaxed
[He traded his spine for relaxation] WONWOO switched guns
Show us WONWOO's screen He's going to show off with those guns
[Round 4, Start] He has twin guns A short-in?
[WONWOO KILL] D4K4 wasn't able to do anything! He's at the short
[S.COUPS KILL] Oh, dear
[♥Only has eyes for WONWOO♥] KkakkameoRI! KkakkameoRI can get stronger -VERNON
-VerdenNontack! -VERNON
-VerdenNontack! [S.COUPS Double KILL] It must be fun to hunt VERNON down
[A mouth-watering target] [S.COUPS DEATH] What? Did you get him? There's HP in front of 74
[He's alone] Is it THE 8 versus HOSHI? THE 8 versus HOSHI?
[A big match] Go slow, HOSHI
[He's not going on a walk] He's behind you! THE 8 is behind you! Nice!
[There's someone behind you, HOSHI] [PeaceAndLove]
[THE 8 is at peace today too] [Team SVT T1 1:1 Team You Mad?] THE 8 was right behind you!
[King of rhymes] Why didn't you see him?
Do you only look forward?
[The extra is sad] EyeOfTheTiger, you need to look behind
[He has no eyes] THE 8 was behind you! Why can't you see?
[Frustrated] The second round
[Calms down] Team You Mad? won The third match will be a one-on-one match We'll use SEUNGKWAN I don't know how to
play Sudden Attack at all
[He's just extra this time] -It's okay
[It doesn't matter] I'm going in instead of VerdenNontack
[Team SVT T1 switches VERNON out
[SVT T1:EyeOfTheTiger, OneShotLeft, SuddenShort VS You Mad?:KkakkameoRI, PeaceAndLove, D4K4] -I'm nervous
-Let's do this! How do you reload? -R
-R I don't even know how to reload
[Learning is an endless process] Tell me what to do
[The last match for Round 1] You need to throw the grenade first Let's see how WONWOO does He was caught -Oh
-Too bad
[S.COUPS KILL] He was taken from behind
while looking at the vent KkakkameoRI! Don't tell me he'd get hit by the bomb
[Threw it in plain sight] Don't tell me he'd get hit by the bomb -Oh!
[It actually happened] He got hit by that!
[He really is a newbie] Isn't that a game of catch?
[They're playing ball sports] He died from OneShot's sniping
so he picked a sniper
[He respawned] -OneShot is really good
-Wow Wow He's good -KkakkameoRI!
-That's art
[Like a professional player] Oh…

[Continuous DEATHs] KkakkameoRI is getting everyone Wow Wow, KkakkameoRI How do you play like that? Don't people ask
"How do you dance like that?"
[Smooth compliment] -Is it kind of like that?
-Oh, is that it? I killed him, I killed KkakkameoRI I killed KkakkameoRI!
[Taken over by emotion again] I killed him! I killed D4K4 too!
[A Sudden Attack Genius] -I killed him! I killed D4K4 too!
-Nice Good job -I can't see D4K4
-He died to SEUNGKWAN too Is D4K4 playing?
[What a presence] [He awakened quickly this time] [SEUNGKWAN DEATH] Nice!
[WONWOO DEATH] That's crazy, I killed him EyeOfTheTiger, are you ready? [No] EyeOfTheTiger is just sitting there [Haha] That's better -You can see their personalities
-It's better to give them fewer kills
[A smart strategy] Yes, that's the better choice
[Turns out to be the brains] Good, HOSHI
[Gets it by chance] Oh, I died
[HOSHI DEATH] [Suffering mentally
because he's physically weak] HOSHI, don't hide! -He was waiting there for a long time
[A deja vu for <Mouthbusters>] OneShotLeft is leading with 12 kills We still have fewer total kills
[The culprit bringing down the average] EyeOfTheTiger needs to step up Ten seconds left -S.COUPS' team won this one
-They did
[Rings the victory bell] Why is everyone so sad?
[Everyone including him] I wanted OneShotLeft to win
[A fair commentator] Me too Nice! Yes!
[Team SVT T1 1:2 Team You Mad?] Too bad Okay Good job -You hid well in the house
-That's right
[It's no use hiding, KILL] [Game 1, Team You Mad? wins] [GAME RESULT SUDDEN ATTACK]
[You Mad?] I feel dehydrated
Why don't we drink something? – If you need hydration…
– Yeah, let's rehydrate – you want WaterPlus
– It's WaterPlus I usually hate adding things to water
but this is good It's good, isn't it? It makes you drink more water -The sweetness isn't bad for you
-You want to drink a lot of water -It's vitamins
-It's a healthy sweetener It doesn't have added sugar
[0 grams sugar] It's really good I think it's a good
substitute for beverages It's the second match for Sudden Attack
[They prepare for Game 2] Team ShinbangBboongbang versus Team ENFJ Who will be the second winner? [SUDDEN ATTACK]
[ENFJ : GoodBye, Kimtook, ReflectOnYourself VS
ShinbangBboongbang : SBBB, MUNlock, w0oahae] Kimtook is a student of mine I cheered him on a bit What did you say? Oh…

Don't dishonor our clan
[Water Balloon Beanie Clan] -You have me too
-I want to join as well -No, you can't
-You need to know how to play
[No] Sorry, but no I got a headshot on one of you I'll do my best, Master Ready, fight! Yes!
[They start the first game for Round 2] I'm going straight for the vent
[Go for the vent] Good bye
[Okay] It's DINO's map
[DINO's opinion] -Will we see DINO's vent play?
-DINO's vent play Right here, we'll be aggressive… Oh, dear
[An aggressive first DEATH] I died [Never gets the chance
to play from the vent] It's important to get a good view All right, Kimtook Wow, Kimtook w0oahae gets ReflectOnYourself
and Kimtook gets SBBB
[You get some, you lose some] MINGYU is doing so well
because he has a master
[The importance of education] I should find a master [MINGYU DEATH] It's because of the sniper rifle Oh, dear We died together He self-destructed with MUNlock
[This is new] He really wanted to reflect on himself I want to help GoodBye
[Pitiful] All right, GoodBye!
[His playing makes people emotional] Goodbye, GoodBye…
[Fast runner] DINO shoots while jumping He was jumping
[Back flip] It's our first jump shot!
[The veteran frog] It's our first jump shot -DINO has the most kills right now
-Five kills Wow Wow What is it? -ReflectOnYourself!
-Wait, what? Wow I got out and there were two enemies
[The enemy is running wild!] Wow, that's amazing
[He doesn't care about the others' reactions] Wow, DINO Okay, Kimtook -Kimtook can't do anything here
-Did Kimtook get out his sniper rifle? [He's bad] Oh, Kimtook…

-I don't think he should be a sniper
-I always told him when we played Don't use a sniper rifle
You can't play with me as a sniper
[Allergic to snipers] Where will you use a sniper rifle?
[Gives it a shot] -Oh…
-Okay, good, you're doing well
[Not sure what to do with that comment] -I think you should rest while we play
-Yes Kimtook
[Ends up putting down the sniper rifle] That's right, he gets two kills
as soon as he takes out the rifle Oh, dear Why isn't he getting hit? Oh, MUNlock got a double kill
[Amazing eyesight] [Focused] Wow, MUNlock DINO got eight kills… -but the others aren't helping
-Blue Team is winning Will JOSHUA get even a single kill? [Two kills behind] -GoodBye!
-GoodBye! GoodBye gets one kill! GoodBye
[A touching story] GoodBye
[Based on a real story] I killed one GoodBye got one kill What will happen now? It's 19 to 19, don't go out If you go out when it's 19 to 19, it will end as a draw
[Bullets come for him even if he doesn't leave] MINGYU is good Kimtook is doing well Oh, again!
[DINO DEATH] w0oahae got out his sniper rifle -Guys, don't go out
-Don't go out? They change their strategy
He's telling them not to go out
[Social distancing] JEONGHAN is smart
[The official intelligent character] Should we…

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