there was once a certain place no a certain universe where there were objects who beyond belief somehow were alive each of them had a different and unique personality some were fun and carefree some were bad and grumpy and some were completely out of the ordinary nonetheless every object was special on the inside no matter what click they were in no matter their interests and hobbies everything was going pretty well for them clean environment very bright people but it was also sometimes very very numb emotions but somewhere beyond these cracks in the average lifestyle of the folk there was a certain object that would change it all speaking of objects this is notebook she's much of a theory has the mind of a machine she works day and night to achieve her goals determination pumping through her body demanding more and more she is very intelligent but she can be mentally incoherent [Music] ugh i can't think of anything to write it would have been a good day if it would at least be quiet today [Music] all right now where was i uh how great what's this about pot didn't i tell you not to interrupt me in the middle of my study oh um sorry i just wanted to come over and tell you something what did you want to tell me then i'm clearly really busy here well uh a lands of the stage just appeared out of nowhere and the others decided to go there and check it out and i wanted to get you all right take me there already i don't have all day [Music] this is stupid i can't even read this it says it's some sort of competition thing dork competition eh i love competitions oh competition you might get to do some exploring i hope not i don't want to get all dirty we're always dirty if you think about it anyways i think this would be much much cooler if it had a murder mystery challenge whatever man you're creepy i don't think you're creepy i think you're pretty cool doesn't this writing seem familiar to you no what's going on with you today i'm sure it's nothing hey there you two what are you two up to oh well clay was walking in the woods for some air and dragged me along with him but we saw the big stage right here and checked it out yeah i got frustrated from math so i needed a break and my bro here know what to do both of us went on the most epic walk on the planet all right cool see you guys know what's going on here right now not really but the sign over there says there will be some sort of competition for money so i'm so it's joining man are you seriously going to join this this is obviously a scam man only idiots fall for this stuff you're an idiot anyways are you joining caller of course just want to get some information before joining us all no one says no to a million dollars after all good luck winning the prezz with that size i guess hey dude i was kidding i'm sorry man wait hey so triangle thing do you like rocks aren't they cool i mean yeah i guess they are yeah i love collecting them i've collected so many rocks [Music] for you then [Music] you okay note huh oh yeah i'm fine i'm just very nervous to be around other objects and i'm not really commutable here you know you can just stop trying i just want to check the ball out well i was thinking no i want to know what's going on are you sure of course someone has to investigate all this [Music] hello oh wait sorry about that let's try this again um well look at that kali they're trying way too hard to look cool hello my name is famous painting and welcome to this little competition i'm looking for contestants to compete for this awesome prize is anyone here interested yes what's up with the big stage it just popped out of nowhere and confused everyone oh i just thought it would be cool to put up a stage to make it seem more entertaining you know did i do good is good uh excuse me yes where's the money you promised money so can we just cut to the chase i agree this episode is long enough and the poor writers are three pages in with 590 words written down [Music] uh anyways the money yeah you have to earn it through this competition it's the rules so this isn't a scam or anything oh no definitely not a scam i promise you it's 100 legit gee all right then i guess i'm down it's not like anything bad will happen to us i'm more than down sign me up how wonderful can't wait to get this started but first these cabins are for the two teams that are going to be settled so everyone form two teams of five please take your time i'll be waiting wait how how did they do that pen cap let's team up this is gonna be so awesome you can't imagine how fun this will be i don't know man i'm still on the fence about this come on don't be such a killjoy man yeah this could finally be the big opportunity to prove ourselves this is a once in a lifetime thing clay we have lives to go to and competing for this big of a prize i'm not buying it besides we're just here in the field for the sake of your distress so can we just go back please please please please okay so how about this if one of us wins we get to share the prize after this we all can go back to our lives and forget all the misery what do you say ugh fine but you owe me great let's find some others hey party want to form a team together you seem like a good girl to add in well um i'll be taking that as a yes now come on bestie let's go wait hold on [Music] so you own a rock collection that's nice i guess yeah i've collected small rocks big rocks long rocks super long rocks and more okay cool hey icy want to form a team together well since you said i was cool i will join the cult you should join us caller i mean sure no one really seems to want me here anyway so uh yeah i guess i should so anyway let's go look for the other two people [Music] great looks like i'm being left behind or something hey there notebook oh hi there bubble blower you seem to be on your own there want to look for a team together uh i don't know oh you don't really have to though if you're looking for someone else i understand well oh what the heck sure my friend here seems to be doing things on her own at the moment so come on yo trailer mind if we tag along sure we needed two people anyway welcome to the team coolio let's get this thing started hey bubble blower get in here all right come on notebook let's go on their team okay i'm coming welcome to this awesome team ladies now we just have to wait for famous painting to arrive it should be right about now i should probably stop doing that a famous painting we're done forming our teams oh yes i know now it's time for me to announce the very first challenge alright the first challenge is to come up with a team name the team that comes up with the best team name will be safe while the other team will be facing some consequences the challenge starts now i give up just just go oh i came up with the best name for our team go on shoot we should be called the homies but some of us aren't part of your uh homie group right what are your ideas well if we remove the homies in the name we'd get [Music] seriously i can already tell i despise being here all right fellas any idea for a name we gotta think fast we should be called red oh my scrunchy factory what was that for they're like the size of rocks you're all done so soon well that's okay time to judge hello there my lovelies what's your team name what team but yeah it sucks because someone had to barge hey hey it's not his fault he has an interest in something what hey hey now it's all down that famous pain have their thoughts team bread huh it's cute i'll give it an 8 out of 10.

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