Georgia football 2022 National Championship celebration from Sanford Stadium

Good afternoon, Bulldog fans. This is Brooke Winmire. Welcome home to Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium. It's Saturday in Athens and it's time to celebrate The twenty twenty-one National champion, Georgia Bulldogs. What's that barking by the track? A huge machine in red and black. The first SEC recipient of the coveted Sudler Trophy, The heart of the Bulldogs spirit. Ain't nothing finer than that than the 1hundred 17th edition of the University of Georgia Redcoat Band. glory, glory to all Georgia. Dog fans, it's time for one of the greatest traditions in all of college football. The Spell Georgia cheer.

Give me a G. Give me an O. Give me an R. Give me a G. Give me an eye. What have you got? Alright, Dog fans, please direct your attention to the south sideline and welcome to Sanford Stadium in calling the dogs DeAndre Alright, Sanford Stadium before DeAndre leaves us in calling the dogs. Let's hear the Georgia Bulldogs cheer. The North Santiago, Georgia.

The South Sands Hill Bulldogs. Here we go. One, two, three. Louder. Louder. sickle. Let's cheer for dear old UTA with Gage Walter's Grand Ole Fight Song, Hail to Georgia. the University of Georgia Red Now direct your attention to the field. On the stage is today's Battle Hymn soloist, Maggie Reese Hines from Carrollton. of the Bulldog Nation. Glory. Glory to all Georgia. Heroes have graced the field before you. Men with hearts, bodies, and minds of which the entire Bulldog nation can be justifiably proud. The tradition of unbridled excellence demonstrated by these individuals and many others spans more than a full century. And now a new breed of Bulldogs stands ready to take the field of battle. To assume the reigns of the Georgia forebears to continue institution worthy of such loyalty as the University of Georgia. As we prepare for another meeting between the hedges one with two words.

Two simple words which express the Bulldog Nation is not just any Saturday. committing to the team. It's about committing to the moment. They pay the price that you you do your discipline and you keep It's about the commitment of 92000 plus. It's about committing to the gene. Drops back. Pressure from the edges. He throws near sideline and it's intercepted.

Intercepted. Keeley Ringo at the 21. Up he goes. 40, 50, forty-five, 40, 3-5 thirty near sideline, breaks the tackle. has erupted. It's Saturday. It's Saturday and at And now Ladies and gentlemen, Your blood runs red and black Get on your feet. Let's make some sense for a stadium noise for our twenty twenty-one Let the celebration begin. Up into the end zone. We blocked it. Big massive bodies. Touchdown Georgia. The Dawgs take the lead. Ladies and gentlemen It's time to attack Dog Nation. Dog Nation. Dog Nation. Make some noise. Welcome back to Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium and before we start, while you're already standing, let's give our two thousand twenty-one national champions a round of applause one more time. Alright, you guys can be seated if you want. You can be seated. You can be seated. Alright, this was this was a special season for our dogs. No doubt about it. Dawgs went twelve and oh in the regular season. was number one for the majority of the season.

We had a little hiccup but we were going to the college football playoffs as the third seed and get a chance to play in the Orange Bowl and dominate Michigan 33 to eleven. and then we got a chance to see Alabama again on Monday. The Dawgs will win that ball game of course and claim our first national title in 41 years. Will you guys please help me welcome the 1980 senior class members of the National Championship team and head coach Vince Dooley. Alright, today we have Today, we have several speakers that's going to join us today and we're going to have our first speaker of the day. He was hired in January of two thousand twenty-one and I've had a chance to talk to this guy every single week and I think we got the best athletic director in the country.

Now, I like to introduce to Jay Reed Parker, director of athletics, Josh Brooks. Alright, Josh. We've we've had a chance to talk all year long. We've had opportunities going back to Charlotte where we beat up on Clemson and all the way til Monday night but just talk about how special this season was for you as well as the rest of the Dog Nation. Well, you know, you really think about what this team has gone through the last few years. We've had COVID protocols, interruptions of games, all the things they've been through, virtual learning, the resiliency of the season, injuries, and this group kept fighting back and it's a testament to the veteran leadership we've got on this team. It's a special group of young men which them are going to go on NFL and have great careers but even more than that, this is a group of young men that are going to succeed in life for many years to come and make the Bulldog Nation proud for a long time.

We'll say it. We'll say it. We'll see it. Now, now everybody sees the guys on on Saturday getting it in, playing well, and doing their job but there are a lot of people behind the scenes as well that should be thanked today. I know there are a bunch of people that you want to thank behind the scenes, trainers, everybody else who's involved but just talk about some of the people involved that get these guys to this point where you know, now you can call em national champs.

You know, we're blessed to have the one of the the best commissioner in all the sports, Greg Sanke, the best president in the nation, Jerry Moorhead and the best head football coach in the Country Curb of Smart. It starts with them, right? and I've gotta give thanks and credit to those that have come before us. Greg McGarity had a big imprint on this this program and there's been so many people and myself as a former student worker, it starts with them.

It's a student workers. It's the staff. It's the coaches. It's everyone in the department pulling in the same direction and I've gotta give a special thanks and recognition to one of the first people I got to work with when I got to Georgia who passed away recently. Steve Greer, one of the greatest dogs of all time. I want to give a big round of applause for Steve Gray and his family. No one loved Georgia Steve Greer and I know Monday night he was watching and cheering on the dogs and again it it takes everyone the trainers, the managers, video, creative, nutrition, everyone. There's so many people pulling in the same direction that will never get credit to all all of them, All of you, You know you are. Thank you. Thank you for all what you've done. Now, now Josh, every week I ask you this question because I think it's probably the the best question we can ask.

I mean, you look at this stadium. It's no doubt about it. We got the best fans in the country. No doubt. No and I ask you every week. It doesn't matter if it's on the road or it's at home The fans show up. Talk about how important these Dawg Nation fans have been to helping this team get to where they are today. Well, this right here, this is example of it right here and you think about where we've been the last few years, the stadiums we've taken over from South Bend to Nashville to Pasadena.

We've taken over so many stadiums and then to walk out Indianapolis on that field, Monday and see 70% or more of the crowd was in the red and black Bulldog Nation taking over. It's a testament to the best fans in the nation. It really is. Thank you. Alright, Josh. Last thing I got for you. If you could, if you could sum up this entire experience in two words, how would you sum it up? I think the late great Larry Monson said it best. Two simple words. Go Dawgs. Thank you, Joshua. We appreciate that. Uh now, we're going to welcome our next speaker, Georgia's 83rd governor and alumnus of the University of Georgia, the honorable Brian Kemp. How about them dogs? as someone who is in New Orleans 41 years ago, this has been a long time coming. On behalf of the state of Georgia, all those students and fans that have walked through this this campus and sat in these stands all these many years.

Congratulations and thank you. I would like to thank the Bulldog Nation, the mini fans, President Moorhead, and the University of Georgia. Josh and athletic department, the athletic board, but especially the team, coach Smart, and the staff for a great season and your resiliency over the last two years during a global pandemic. I know coach Dooley is here with us today and it's fitting that we are on Duly Field to proclaim Saturday January fifteenth, twenty twenty-two Georgia Bulldog National Championship Day. Congratulations. Alright, thank you Governor Kemp. Our next guest was named the eighth commissioner of the Southeastern Conference in June of two thousand fifteen Under his leadership, the SEC has claimed four national titles including our two thousand twenty-one Georgia Bulldogs. Please welcome, I think one of the best commissioners that we have. SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey. Good afternoon. Yeah, let's start the chant. That's the best part about being here today for me. I I have prepared remarks but I'm going to put those aside and I'm going to be real quick because I have been to any number of National Championship Celebration s. But I have never been in a stadium full on a January, on a Saturday to celebrate with this level of energy.

As the commissioner of the Southeastern Conference, I don't know about you but I think the 14 playoff work pretty well this year, didn't it? and it is my habit to bring greetings to you and congratulations to Kirby, to Josh, to Jerry, to the team. On behalf of all 14 universities in the Southeastern Conference, they may not all feel that way though. It is remarkable that in a conference with a level of competition that we routinely play each other on Monday evenings for a National championship. It is not easy to win a national championship and so I want to say to the young men involved on Georgia's football team, thank you for being part of the Southeast Conference. Congratulations. And to the fans here and watching and listening, I want to say this. We have a tagline that says it just means more because you understand the impact of our universities.

The governor understands the impact of our university here. The president leads a great university. David Shipley, the faculty representative, Josh Brooks, the contribution to the staff and the coaches. Kirby Smart and his leadership make for an incredible experience. It's been 41 years. Don't wait that long again. Congratulations, Dawgs. Thank you, Commissioner Sanke. At this time, I had the pleasure of introducing the 22nd president of the University of Georgia, Jerry Moorhead, a graduate of UGA School of Law, and the first alumnus to serve as president since 1986. He currently served as the president of the Southeastern Conference and the chair of the division 1 board of directors for the NC double A. Prior to becoming the president in July thirteenth, President Moorhead served UGA and many key administrative roles including senior vice president for academic affairs and provost. Vice President for instructions and director of the Honors Program. Please join me in welcoming the best president in all college football. UGA president Jerry Moorhead. It's great to be a Georgia Bulldog. My thanks to Governor Kemp for his support and recognition of our National Championship.

Thank you governor for being here. I want to thank our incredible football team. They were tenacious and unyielding. From Charlotte to F to Athens. To Jacksonville. To Miami. And of course to Indianapolis. Thanks also to our hardworking coaches and our football support staff and I want to single out the outstanding leadership in only his first year on the job of our athletic director, Josh Brooks. Thank you, Josh. I also want to thank our amazing fans, the students, alumni, faculty, staff, and all the friends in the Bulldog Nation. You have made Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium, a special place to play and to get ready to win the National Championship.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kirby Smart since he was a student in the Terry College of Business. And what I remember about him as a student is still true today. He is a bright, focused, and determined individual who is devoted to the University of Georgia. Over the years, after his graduation, coach Smart and I stayed in touch and I watched with great pride as his career progressed on the national stage. In twenty fifteen, then Athletic Director Greg McGarity and I knew he was the right person to set the University of Georgia on a path to the National Championship.

and everything that he outlined in his job interview in Atlanta to build a National Championship team has now come to pass. and look at that six-year record. A SEC Championship a Rose Bowl Championship, a Sugar Ball Championship, a Peach Bowl Championship, an Orange Bowl Championship, and now a National Championship. Yes, it is indeed. A great time to be a Georgia Bulldog.

If you would, please turn your attention to the big screen. Ladies and gentlemen, the head football coach at the University of Georgia, Kirby Smart. I don't think words can express how honored and privileged I am to stand before you as the head coach of the University of Georgia. For Kirby Smart, huge victory. What can you say about the performance they put on tonight? Chopping wood, man. They just kept chopping.

Swift by the defense. The freshman just Last play of the SEC Championship. Dominated in the second half by the Dawgs. Here we go. The playoffs semi-final. Rose Bowl number one oh Running to the left. Angling. Twenty-five, twenty. Got a block for Brock. Fifty Touchdown. Touchdown. Dogs win it I think everybody can see. Georgia's going to be a force to be reckoned with. Very proud of this team and this university and we're not going anywhere.

you know what their defense looks like? How do you describe what you nine. That's what we've been saying. All champ. You're either leader or not You got a chance to do something special tomorrow night. They can never take it away from you. They can never take it away from you. Went through this league wasn't defending such a focus and and brilliant, dominant It's one word for us. Connection. Our kids know if we stay connected, we're really hard to beat. Let the celebration begin. And now it's my privilege to present the National Championship trophy to coach Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldog and gentlemen, please welcome our National Championship Coach, Kirby Smart. Thank you guys. Thank you. being here today on Dooley Field brings back a lot of special memories for me but as our players sit to my left and right, all these guys over here and all these guys over here, what you 95000, 100, 000 people don't get to see is these guys in here at 6 AM about a year ago this time running on this field, sweating, blood, tears, before we can out today, the first thing a lot of these guys were thinking about is how much work they did in this stadium in the morning and I want to give these guys a round of applause for all they've done for this university.

Stand up. Stand up. Stand up. Stand up. Thank you guys. A lot of people to think, You know, you you you don't get success in life. You don't have the things we've been able to have without support and you know, I spend a long time wanting to get back to Georgia but it was very important to me that I got back to a place that could support the kind of football program that we wanted to have that this state deserves and that wouldn't happen without our administration. President Moorhead, Josh Brooks, Greg McGarrity, who was here when I got here, Therese Griffin. I have a this amount of respect for our administration. We have really accelerated our facilities. That wouldn't be possible without the support of our administration and without the support of our fan base. And to you guys, I say thank you and I say thanks to our administration. Give them a round of applause, please. I want to personally thank Greg Sankey and Governor Kemp for being here today.

They took time out of their busy schedules to be here with us. They are two tremendous leaders and anytime you talk about being in the position, they're in governor and commissioner of our conference. You better be a strong leader in today's day and age and I appreciate them. I'd also like to take a special thanks to our staff and their families A lot of them are centered right in this area over here but I don't think the average fan, I don't even know if our players and their families, I don't know that Dog Nation understands the sacrifices that the families of the staff.

Forget about the coaches. Coaches don't live for accolades. Coaches don't live for standing ovations. They live for the men that go out in the field and play for em but their families make a tremendous sacrifice for this dog nation for you people, our team wouldn't be as successful without the families of these coaches, these wives that spend so much time away from their husbands and raising their families. So, I want to give our staff a tremendous round of applause for how much they sacrifice.

This is how it started. So, I don't know if you paid attention to media days but it popped out at me when I was thinking back to this season. Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. Henry David Theroe. That embodies this team. They they they never embraced the success. They never acknowledge the success. You know what they kept doing? They just kept chopping wood. They just kept chopping wood. This program will never change from that quote Because when you start looking for success, you start acknowledging success is when you lose it. This program was built on hard work and sacrifice. I look across this field. Over here, a lot of these former players that helped build this program long before I came and some while we were here. To walk in our locker room today and see four, five guys that were in that twenty seventeen locker room. The the the lasting memory I have of them is tears in their eyes falling one play, one second short. We wouldn't be here today without those same men that gave so much for UGA. To those former players and guys that have been here, I say thanks.

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