Gangsta’s Paradise – Pablo Escobar – Carlos lehder – El mexicano – Gustavo Gaviria – El Arete

Before Pablo Escobar, the world knew Colombia as the land of coffee Because Cocaine is the Atomic Bomb of Latin America I don't think it's hot money because as I say we have generated most of the employment I don't think the people are going to be afraid of me because… journalist: How many deaths do you have behind your back? Carlos Mario (EL ARETE): Noo, I don't remember Journalist: Did you lose count? Carlos Mario (EL ARETE): I never take account of that, because I think it's very scary Laughter: HAHAHA I want to tell you that we don't have a vengeful mentality coca and marijuana

have become a revolutionary weapon in the fight against imperialism American Achilles heel of imperialism are stimulants Colombia itself and therefore we oppose against -The extradition are producing are selling, the problem of marijuana looking for pablo escobar gaviria and gonzalo rodriguez gacha because the voice of the people is the voice of GOD and the hand of the people is the hand of GOD THE LEADER OF THE PEOPLE THE MAN WHO IS WITH THE PEOPLE INSIDE DO NOT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE AND ACTIVATE THE BELL TO RECEIVE NEW NOTIFICATIONS

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