FPJ’s Batang Quiapo | Episode 251 (2/2) | January 31, 2024 (with English Subs)

[ROLLER SHUTTER RATTLING] Welcome to our new warehouse. [DARK MUSIC PLAYING] Isn't it a bit small? It is small. [JULIO] But if only you handled things, our new warehouse wouldn't be this small. You're right, Papa. Don't worry. I'll make sure we get back everything we lost in the raid. As you should, Ramon. [DARK MUSIC CONTINUES] [PLASTIC BAG RUSTLING] [JULIO] Anyway… Tanggol. Since this is your first day at work, I want you to meet someone.

Bullet! Don Julio. [JULIO] Tanggol, this is Bullet. He's worked for us before, but he had to leave to attend to personal matters. Good thing he accepted my offer to work for us again. Is he Conrad's son? Yes, Ramon. He's reliable, Tanggol. Nothing to worry about. Bullet, I'm leaving my grandson in your care. Sure, Don Julio. [DARK MUSIC CONTINUES] [JULIO] Alright… Tanggol, your work starts today. What kind of work is it, Grandpa? You have to prepare all the items ordered by our client. After that, I want you to see the delivery through. [CHUCKLES AWKWARDLY] Uh… How will I– Alright. I'm up for the task. Very good! Grandpa, can I go get something in the car? Of course, Tanggol. Pa. Go ahead. Out of the way. [TENSE MUSIC PLAYING] What are you doing? I'm looking after you. Do I look like I need someone to guard me while I pee? Use your head! Do your job properly.

Let's set things straight, okay? If you want to get on my good side, then stay in your lane. Come to me only when I need you. Don't go popping out of nowhere. You'll only ruin my plans. Go back to Grandpa. What?! [TENSE MUSIC CONTINUES] [SLIDING DOOR RATTLING] [LINE RINGING] [PHONE RINGING] [EXHALES SHARPLY] Well, what is it now? Don Julio wants me to be there when they deliver the drugs. I don't know anything about this. [OLGA] Calm down. Find out… how many products you will be delivering and whether the chemist gave the go-ahead. [OLGA] You need to make sure the products are of high quality. You also need to know how many kilos are being requested by the client. Okay. What else? [OLGA] I thought you already knew what you were doing? You don't need to call me for such simple tasks.

Are you not listening? I don't know anything about drugs. [DAVID] If it were about money, I can handle it. It'll be a piece of cake. Besides, you didn't tell me what to do. You should've been here! Well, well… That's what you get for being arrogant. [OLGA] Alright, listen. I know how the Montenegros operate. They will put the products in a box along with other legitimate items that will then be placed in a truck. [OLGA] But we need to change it up… in order for you to impress them. So, listen carefully. This is what you'll do. [TENSE MUSIC CONTINUES] [DOOR CREAKS OPEN] – [BALATUCAN] Chief. Chief. – [SIGHS HEAVILY] Chief, let's not return Olga's payment. That'd be a waste, Chief. Are we also going to return the money she paid us to make Tanggol suffer when he first got here? That woman thinks she can boss us around because she paid us money. Balatucan, return the money to her. Tell her that our deal is over! Chief, she'll only get furious with us if we don't keep our end of the deal.

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