FIRST TIME PHUKET! 🇹🇭 Patong Beach & Bangla Road Nightlife! (Thailand Vlog 2023)

Guess where we are! Yeah we are in the famous Patong Beach from Phuket and 
we are not the only ones…   Almost looks like there's nobody. We found it a 
quiet, like just in this circle there's nobody.. Because I've never been to Phuket, Adi 
as well. You just hear all the stories,   a lot of people love it a lot of people hate it, 
and now we are here to discover it by ourselves!   We're gonna tell you by the end if we love it or 
hate it! I want to touch the water, but I see so   many cool water activities here! You can have jet 
skis, you have these (oh you don't see them now)   but you can go up with a parachute you know behind 
a speed boat.

It's really cool! It's colder than in the other places we've been! It's crowded, but 
you do have your space because it's just huge you know! We have been to a lot of other beaches here 
in Thailand, really famous, and really popular, but   it's small so people are really like this lying 
next to each other… It is actually a really nice beach!   The sand is just perfect you know, 
you don't have rocks or stones or something.    And it is also you do hear you hear the sound of the 
ocean, and believe me, that is rare in Thailand! I think it's one of the coolest beaches 
that we have been to in the past week   because there were some places where we 
went and it was pretty disappointing… We're waiting here with my camera ready, that 
camera ready, my phone ready, because someone's   getting launched with the speedboat in the sky 
and it's so cool to see! You don't want to do it?   Yeah I think I would really love it…  They go, they go, quick! But there's one thing we didn't show you yet and 
that's Phuket Old Town! We stay actually there,   and it just blow our minds! That place is just the 
prettiest, the cutest town we've ever seen! (Adi: in the world!) In the world yeah, in the 
world! And we are going to show you that   in our next video, so subscribe if 
you don't want to miss that one! 🙂 So as we are passing by, we are 
going towards our food destination,   which I'm really curious about…

We see a lot 
of women sitting in front of the massage shop,   and then maybe you can just go and choose? 
I think? It is… the beach is there,   it's really quite and peaceful, if you go 
here, the craziness starts! But it's not that crazy… No, it's not that crazy! We have seen it in Ao Nang in Krabi,
it's more crazy on this time! Yeah maybe later… Later we go 
somewhere I think it will beat the other places. We still don't have the food, but we are 
just bumping into random things going on!   There's a Zumba class going on, there are so many 
beautiful decorations on the beach! Yeah it's just   everywhere is something happening and also for 
everyone you know you see children having fun   older people, it's not just party people! But 
we haven't been to Bangla Road yet, and Bangla   Road is like the Khao San Road from Bangkok but 
then here in Phuket, and it's crazy! We hear a   lot of crazy stories about it! Yeah…

So we'll 
see what's happening there! But first food!
  So you never guess where we ended up! You see 
it already in my back… We wanted to go to   some really cool place with a vegan burger 
and everything but they were sold out and   then we tried to search for something else, 
but everything is just crazy expensive here,   but like really expensive, and then we 
thought, why not go to the Burger King!   And turns out we are maybe with two or three 
other people in the Burger King. I literally   thought that it would be packed because 
other people would be also shocked by the   prices but that's not the case and we got some 
crazy burgers so it's gonna be a crazy night! Guess where we are! I think you don't see it, but 
it's Bangla Road , the crazy road, and it's busy!  Mission for tonight is to 
go all the way to the end, and it's packed,   there will be a lot of people coming to 
us selling crazy things so let's see how   long it will take.

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