Felicia and Ludvig – Eagles Their Story (2×03-2×08)

I´m sorry that I haven´t been in contact recently. It´s been… It´s fine! I´m used to it Hey honey, what is it? honey, what is it? I thought you never wanted to speak to me again? I don´t want to Felicia… hi hi what is she even doing here? cheers! baby. miss you. when will we meet again? what´s happened? I don´t even know if anything has happened.

And? and I don´t want to destroy something of yours again what? is it serious between you and Jack? yes… why, what? hi weren´t we supposed to meet up at your place? who is the girl you`re talking to? what are you talking about? Klara had seen on your phone who is she? Olivia? oh my god… that was just a summer fling it´s nothing I promise And who are you to accuse me what? I saw it on Instagram. You and some girl in Stockholm have I complained about that? so to come here and accuse me like that is very immature I´m sorry I don´t know what we´re supposed to do they´ve got him under supervision hello how can I help you? I want to admit a crime It´s not your fault yes it is! it´s my fault you told me you wouldn´t say, I told you that you shouldn´t say anything! you don´t feel good in here stop it! mom is saying that you´re not eating what the [ __ ] were you thinking! I love you bro I heard you had talked to the police I had to stand for my [ __ ] I guess I didn´t come here to….

Forgive you I just wanted to I just wanted to tell you that I don´t hate you and that what you did today was the right thing it hasn´t been right since I [ __ ] it up between us I´m together with Jack now and I hope that you and Ammi are happy together because I don´t you guys to have a hard time I don´t want you to be sad that´s what I wanted to say Felicia, there is nothing between us, between me and Ammi it really was my life's biggest mistake bye Ludde Felicia, please! have you seen Jack? no, but I heard some were going to the sauna, you can check if he´s there Felicia! no… no.. no! hey! Felicia! hey! wait.. wait god you´re so gross honey, it´s… so [ __ ] pathetic! your a little goddamn loser disgusting! who the [ __ ] do you think you are!? you and me! this! a total waste of time! what a [ __ ] mistake just get out! get out of my house! get out of here! I don´t wanna see you again.

Get out! Hey Felicia! what is going on? Jack, Jack, where are you going? what the [ __ ] are you doing? what´s going on? she saw me with a girl and freaked out. what? what girl? she just overreacted! move! what girl!? what the hell have you… are you sick! move you´re screwing around with a girl here?! ooh, the Kroons family house. such sacred grounds. It´s not the first time something like this has happened here! get out of here! move! get out! you hear me! get out of here! Jack, Jack please are you gonna force me!? please! are you gonna FORCE ME!? FOR [ __ ] SAKE LET GO OF ME! WHAT THE [ __ ] ARE YOU DOING?! YOU THINK YOU´RE SO MUCH BETTER THAN ME! YOU [ __ ] PIECE OF TRASH! I HATE YOU! YOU´VE ALWAYS GOTTEN EVERYTHING FOR FREE I´M SO [ __ ] SICK OF…

What the [ __ ] are you doing you bastard?! you think you´re a hero now huh?! what the [ __ ] are all you looking at?! [ __ ] you! [ __ ] all of you! Felicia! oh my god… I can't believe him do you want me to…? no, no, stay here what the hell are you doing?! well you're not answering, I need to talk to you so?! I don't want to talk to you I've said everything I have to say this little fake relationship between us is over [ __ ]… Felicia I know I [ __ ] up but can't you please give me another chance? come on…

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