Failing JEE to 35 LPA in 2nd YEAR | Data science

See after failing an exam was a thing but when your relatives and all say things like she failed again to your parents What will happen to her? This is most depressing when because of you, people criticize your parents. You can't wonder that 8lakh students gave the exam and I had 7.5lakh rank. How did you start it? Did you take a course or started self-learning by reading books? I used to read for 2 hours like studying the lecture, but to practice, it took me 4 hours.

So, I used to practice for twice as long as I used to study because as you know practice makes a man perfect. Hi everyone, I'm Fraz and I'm a software engineer at Google. We have Shambhavi Gupta in today's podcast, 20 years old, data science engineer currently earning 35LPA. 35LPA is the base salary not the CTC, so it's an interesting story. She failed at JEE exam. We will discuss all that, she is not from a tier 1 college and started earning in 2nd year, currently, she is in 3rd year, so let's listen to her story.
How you can pursue this field? Not only this field, maybe you want to be a software engineer, developer, or machine learning engineer So, all these things are possible, it's really motivational story.

Just listen till the end Please like the video before starting and let's get started. Hi Shambhavi, how are you? Hey Fraz, I'm good, how are you doing?
I'm good too. So, we will discuss your story today and tell us the secret that how are you earning 35LPA being in 2nd year But before that please give us your introduction. Hi everyone, my name is Shambhavi Gupta, 20 years and pursuing B.Tech from Lovely Professional University. I work as a freelancer for many companies that I'll tell you ahead, that's what I'm doing currently and people know me as the youngest data science educator in India. Nice, such a nice introduction. Congratulation for this tag of youngest data science educator. Thank you How did you start? Let's start with your college what's your college? Is it a tier 3 college and what are the opportunities there? Yes, my college is a tier 3 college and we know that the companies in tier 3 colleges are very limited.

Okay, so how did you get admission into this college? Is it based on your JEE Exam? My father wanted me to go into IIT for engineering so started my preparation for JEE from 11th. So, I started my preparation and filled form for JEE in 12th and You can't wonder that 8lakh students gave the exam and I had 7.5lakh rank. So, I thought maybe luck wasn't with me, so I tried again next year. But I filled many exams like BITS, KIT, AEEE etc. So within a span of 1.5 years, I failed 50+ exams.
I just wanted a good college for engineering for B.Tech. and I wasn't able to get it, so at last I had an option to get into a private college.

So based up on my 12th marks, those weren't that good so I couldn't get a scholarship. But yeah I got LPU college. Nice it's an adventurous story and was that phase of depression? See after failing an exam was a thing but when your relatives and all say things like she failed again to your parents What will happen to her? This is most depressing when because of you, people criticize your parents. So, 1.5 year, I took a break and around 2 months were really depressing for me. So, I hope you all are enjoying the podcast and we are going to discuss really interesting things ahead. But before moving ahead there is an information for people who want to come in data field You will get a placement guarantee program on Coding Invaders. Where you will be taught from scratch, there's no prerequisite. If you want to take a job as a data analyst, all the things required will be taught here with the help of real world projects. Projects are interesting and you are allotted a mentor who will be with you throughout the program. There are live webinars by industry experts and a 100% placement guarantee.

If you want to know more about the program, the link is in the description, but let me give you some basic information. It's a trusted program, 93% of the students get placements and the remaining 7% who couldn't get, money is given back to them. It's a really good thing, so you should definitely check it out and whatever you require to get a job will be taught here. There will be resume building, Mock interviews, and interviews with the companies until you get places, it's a 6.5 months program. So yes, you should check it out, the link is in the description. If you need a 30% discount then use my code, FRAZ. Let's continue. Tell us a bit about the data science field and how did you actually explore it As it is known after some time, in fact when I was in college no one was doing data science and I wasn't even aware of this. Everyone was behind software development engineers. So tell us about the data science role and how did you get to know about it? Let me first tell you about data science.

Whenever a child is born, we make their horoscope. So as an astrologer, they predict the baby's future. Similarly, data scientists predict the future of the company. Whatever product you're bringing into your company, how should you launch it? When should you launch it? Which market B2B or B2C? In which areas to launch? We analyze the previous products and launch the product based upon that. This is data science. How did I come into this role? When I completed my 12th after feeling so many exams and came out of depression, I tried to find out whether I like rote learning or analytical learning.

I found out that I like analytical learning and can't learn things by rote learning. So I decided to go on to the logical side.
There were fields like web development, AI/ML, Data science, deep learning, and many other booming technologies. So I started exploring all these things like what is required for web development, AI, data science. There is a field in which all the subjects you like are there. So for me, I like data science. I like coding, statistics and probability in mathematics and graphs. Like if you remember, in 7th class we used to do graphs.

Bar graphs, pie chart. I liked drawing them.
All things were there in data science. So after considering all these things, I chose data science and pursued my career in it. Got it, but when you say you pursue your career, you're still in 3rd year, so there's a lot of left to achieve. You're doing great. You decided data science after exploring all the options and usually people do this. In my case, I tried web development, machine learning, but not Android as it wasn't for me. So I went with web development. You have a lot of options, so go to each option one by one and explore and finally choose one option. How did you start it? Did you take a course or started self-learning by reading books? I started with a Data science paid course and I was of 6months.

They covered everything in it from Python to machine learning. Even it was covered in great detail, so it was the initial course I bought. and I gained the most knowledge from that particular course only So this happened in the 1st year or 2nd year? Actually, I haven't started college yet. I took the course in January 2020 and joined my College in August 2020. So this is 7 months before my admission. So yes, people are curious about work and explore their options, let's come to the main point, how did you start earning? How you got your first earning? My first earning was from Udemy, an international platform where courses are sold. I started my course in April 2021. Currently I have 15 courses, 60,000 plus students in 173 countries. That was the main place from where I got my earning. Got it. So what is the scope of data science or data analyst? If a student wants to pursue it or want to switch from something else? Then what's the scope? So, data scientists is in demand as there are a lot of startups nowadays.

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