FAA Computer Failure Grounds 4,000 Flights, Republicans Call for George Santos to Resign

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You have made it. Thank you for watching at home. Well, guys, everyone
is talking about this — early this morning, all flights
across the U.S. were grounded due to a failure with the FAA's
computer system.

Zero flights took off, but somehow everyone's luggage
still ended up in Pittsburgh. [ Laughter ] That's right.
No flights took off. It's never a good sign
when you see a jumbo jet taking the I-95 to Tampa. You know what I'm saying?
[ Laughter ] It's never fun
being stuck in an airport. Families headed to Disney
told their kids the luggage carousel was the
"It's a Small World" ride. They're like, "Just calm down
and sit next to the Tumi bag. I'll take your picture."
[ Laughter ] Yeah, no one could fix
the computer glitch. One guy at the FAA said,
"I don't know. Maybe unplug it,
plug it back in? I don't know."
[ Laughter ] Meanwhile, the outage happened while some planes
were in the air. If there's one thing you don't
want to hear from your pilot, it's "Attention, passengers —
do yourselves a favor and stay off Twitter
for a little bit." [ Laughter ] Thankfully, no one flying on
JetBlue could see the news, 'cause all the TVs were broken.
But I mean, that's — [ Laughter ] Wouldn't it be great
if all this actually started 'cause some guy
didn't put his phone on airplane mode during takeoff?
[ Laughter ] "It's real?
This does something?" Of course, people were upset
about all the flight delays.

Well, today, several airlines made a statement
about the outage. For instance, Delta said… [ Laughter ] United said… [ Laughter ]
Southwest was like… [ Laughter ]
"Yeah." And American Airlines said… And Southwest continued… Then JetBlue said… And finally Southwest said… [ Cheers and applause ] Windows 95? -Wow. -Well, hey, listen to this.
There was a report that the Biden administration was
considering a ban on gas stoves. I don't know
if you read about this. Well, after backlash
from both parties, President Biden said that he is
not in favor of the idea.

People stuck at airports
have said, "I've been at JFK for nine
hours, but, by all means, continue this
important discussion about gas freaking stoves!"
[ Laughter ] That's right, Biden said,
"You can keep your gas stove, but you have to wear an N95
while you use it." [ Laughter ] Some more political news —
today, New York Republicans called on Congressman
George Santos to resign, and Santos responded,
saying he won't.

But since it's Santos,
that means he will, maybe. [ Laughter ] Santos said he's not a quitter,
and he proved it at the '92 Olympics,
where he won five gold medals. [ Laughter ] Well, get this,
after all the excitement over the speaker of the house
votes, C-SPAN wants to add
additional cameras in the chamber
so that it can cover more than just special events. They even released this message.
Take a look at this. -We here at C-SPAN are excited
to bring you even more coverage by adding additional cameras
to the chambers, including shots of the podiums, shots of the House
and Senate leaders, and even a camera
in Bernie Sanders' eyebrows.

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