F1® 22 | Tips & Tricks for Beginners • Racing 101 Tutorial

Hello and welcome to F1 22, where you get to 
take your seat in the new era of Formula 1.  My name is PJ and today I’ll be guiding 
you through your first steps in F1 22   so that you can have the best driving 
experience on-track, let’s get started. When you first boot up F1 22 you are presented 
with three different Race Styles to choose from.  The Casual Race Style is a great 
starting point for new players,   especially if this is your first F1 game.
It’s an easy way to get started as the game   will turn on several driving assists to make 
it easier for you to get around the track.  The Casual Race Style also simplifies 
many of the game’s simulation options   so that everything is easy to 
understand and get used to.  If you missed this opening screen don’t 
worry, you can change the Race Styles at   any time from the menus before you start 
a Grand Prix, and once you are comfortable   you can switch to Standard or Expert for 
greater control over how the game plays.

One of the new beginner-friendly options 
in F1 22 is the addition of Adaptive AI.  During a race, Adaptive AI will change the 
speed of your rivals to match the pace that   you drive at, letting you stay close to 
them and have great battles on-track.  The drivers will also become less aggressive,   giving you plenty of opportunity 
to practice your racecraft.  The Normal Adaptive AI setting is a great place to 
start, but if you’re still struggling to keep up,   the Full Adaptive AI setting will bring the 
other cars even closer to you, and also wait   for you if you go off-track for too long.
You can find the Adaptive AI options within   the Simulation Settings part of the pre-race menu 
screens, and once you feel you are too quick for   the Adaptive AI, you can switch to the traditional 
AI difficulty slider for an extra challenge.

Now that we’ve looked at some settings, let’s 
head to the race track and start driving.  In the real world of Formula 1, every driver has 
a preferred racing line that gets them around   the corners of the track as fast as possible.
By approaching each corner in a certain way,   they can carry more speed into the corner, 
keep that speed up through the apex, and   get the best possible exit for the next straight.
Figuring out the lines real drivers use is tricky,   but you can get some clues into what that 
ideal line is with the Racing Line Assist.  This Assist is enabled by 
default when you play in the   Casual Race Style so you’re already good to go.
The first thing you’ll notice on-track is that a   coloured line is drawn on the road ahead of you.
When the line is green, you should be driving at   full-throttle, as there is very little 
risk of losing control and crashing.  When the line turns red you should 
brake in order to make the next turn.  The Racing Line Assist also recommends the 
best places to position your car on the road,   and is the line the AI drivers will 
follow when you’re racing against them.  Try to keep your car on the Racing Line for 
now, and as you become more familiar with F1 22   you can explore different approaches to 
each corner in order to go even faster.  Once you’ve learned all of the track layouts in 
F1 22 you can try setting the Racing Line assist   to “Corners Only” or turning it off entirely, but 
for now let’s leave it on and get to the next tip.

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