Every President’s Favorite Drink

Who’s thirsty?
I’m Mr. Beat (Take drink) My beverage of choice is coffee. 
It’s sooo good. (sniffing it) Mmmmm. Yeah, I   drink it way too much. Speaking 
of which, I gotta go pee. Brb. (returning) Yeah I guess I should have 
done that before I started filming. Anyway, last year I made a video about 
every American President’s favorite food.   (clip) It WAS the most important video 
I’ve ever made, but this video is even   MORE important because it’s about the favorite 
DRINK of every President in American history.

We’re going in chronological order again,   but I won’t be offended if you jump ahead to 
check out Chester Arthur’s favorite drink. Before we get into it, though, 
let’s get two things out of the way.  First, ALL of them liked to drink water. Why? 
hand) nuh nuh nuh- you drink water, too. Although   your doctor told me that apparently 
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every President in American history.

George Washington
Our first President was   a big fan of Madeira wine, a fortified wine he 
regularly imported from the Portuguese Madeira   Islands. He also loved a spiced, brandy-based 
cocktail named Cherry Bounce. Those were for   special occasions, though. More often than 
not, Washington drank beer and a dark porter. He also owned a distillery near Mount Vernon 
that produced whiskey, which he sold of course. When Washington wasn’t drinking alcohol, 
he was drinking milk, tea and coffee. John Adams  Adams also loved Madeira wine, and apparently 
woke up most mornings promptly pouring himself   a glass of cider…and often hard cider…meaning 
cider with alcohol in it.

He also loved tea   but vowed to give it up during the American 
Revolution due to it being “unpatriotic” since   it was strongly associated with the British. 
After that, he mostly drank coffee instead. Thomas Jefferson
More than anything,   Jefferson was known for loving wine. 
During his first term as President,   he apparently got in trouble after spending 
more than $10,000 on wine…which is more than   $200,000 in today’s money. Even after his 
Presidency, he came back to the White House   to advise Presidents Madison and Monroe on 
the proper wine to buy for parties and stuff. Now, his favorite wines came from France, 
of course. He even produced his own grapes   and made his own wine at his 
Monticello estate in Virginia,   eh…with mixed success. He 
also brewed his own beer. While Jefferson enjoyed Imperial Tea, he was more 
of a coffee snob.

He particularly enjoyed coffee   grown in the Caribbean islands and in Indonesia. 
And yeah, of course he roasted his own beans. James Madison  Madison drank coffee and tea, but didn’t 
drink alcohol that much since he got   hangovers pretty easily. When he DID drink 
alcohol, he drank whiskey and champagne. James Monroe
Monroe also loved champagne and   most French and Spanish red wines.

He definitely 
partied from time to time, especially as a younger   man. He sometimes would go “on quite a frolic,” 
as they called it in those days. Today we call   that “on a bender.” His favorite drink, called 
Chatham Artillery Punch, mixed tea, wine, rum,   rye whiskey, brandy, gin, champagne, and a 
bunch of other sweet stuff. Ughh, actually. Oh, and apparently Monroe got into some 
trouble while he was President for buying   1,200 bottles of French wine with money that 
was supposed to be spent on furniture.

Oops. John Quincy Adams
Like father, like son. JQ also loved   Madeira wine and cider, like his dad, John Adams. 
He also was a regular coffee and tea drinker. Andrew Jackson
Whiskey. Just…uh…whiskey.   Like Washington, Jackson also distilled whiskey 
at one point. In 1799, his distillery burned down,   destroying 300 gallons of whiskey. After 
still having to pay an excise tax on whiskey,   he asked Congress to refund the tax he had 

Congress politely denied his request. When Jackson wasn’t drinking 
whiskey, he was drinking coffee. Martin Van Buren
Van Buren also loved whiskey.   In fact, he drank so much whiskey that people 
nicknamed him “Blue Whiskey Van.” Apparently   Van Buren also drank buttermilk? Uh…yeah…if you 
don’t know what buttermilk is, it traditionally   has been the liquid left behind after 
churning butter out of cultured cream. Yummy. William Henry Harrison
Like John Adams, Harrison loved   hard cider. After Harrison’s political opponents 
talked trash about him drinking too much of it as   he ran for President in 1840, the Whigs embraced 
the accusation, making it part of his campaign   with the slogan “Log Cabin and Hard Cider” to make 
it seem like Harrison was a “man of the people.” John Tyler
Tyler began every   day with tea and milk, which he drank from a very 
large cup. He also enjoyed coffee and champagne. James Polk
Polk also loved   champagne and drank a bit of brandy and wine. 
Caffeine was more of his drug than alcohol,   though. He began every day with coffee 
and often drank it all day long. Zachary Taylor
Well, we know he   liked milk.

Some speculate that Taylor may have 
died while in office after drinking iced milk   that contained bacteria, as matter of fact. Like 
Jackson and Van Buren, he also loved his whiskey. Millard Fillmore  Fillmore enjoyed tea. Specifically…oolong 
tea, which traditionally comes from China.   He didn’t drink alcohol that much, 
but when he did it was usually wine. Yeah..this next President…unfortunately 
DID drink alcohol too much. Franklin Pierce
If it had alcohol in it, he probably   drank it. He reportedly began every morning with a 
glass of cognac. After Pierce lost re-election as   President, he allegedly said “There’s nothing left 
to do but get drunk.” He suffered from alcoholism   for much of his adult life, and died of cirrhosis 
of the liver at 65 due to his excessive drinking. James Buchanan
Buchanan took his coffee black and strong,   and drank it pretty much every day. Similar to 
Washington and both John and John Quincy Adams,   he loved Madeira wine.

He also occasionally 
drank champagne, whiskey, and sherry. And finally we get to our first teetotaler! Abraham Lincoln
A teetotaler is someone who never drinks alcohol   and Lincoln was PRACTICALLY a teetotaler. I say 
“practically” because he did occasionally enjoy a   glass of wine. But hey, in the mid-1800s consuming 
one glass of wine a month was basically being a   teetotaler since alcohol consumption was so much 
more common during that time in the United States. Lincoln also loved coffee quite a bit. Andrew Johnson  Johnson also may have owned, or was at least 
involved with, a distillery in Greeneville,   Tennessee that produced brandy.

personal drink of choice was whiskey. Infamously, Johnson drank a bit too much 
alcohol at his inauguration ceremony,   giving an incoherent speech and 
making a fool out of himself. Ulysses Grant
Unfortunately,   Grant was also a heavy drinker of alcohol and, 
like Pierce, struggled with alcoholism for most   of his adult life. That said, it didn’t 
take much alcohol for him to get drunk,   which is probably why so many people KNEW 
about his drinking.

His favorite drink was,   surprisingly, champagne. At one White 
House party he hosted while President,   he spent $1,800 on champagne alone. 
That’s more than $45,000 in today’s money. When Grant wasn’t drinking alcohol, he was 
drinking lemonade. In his memoirs, he noted   that he often enjoyed lemonade on horseback 
as it helped him cool down after long rides. Well guess who also loved lemonade? Rutherford Hayes
There was always a pitcher of   lemonade at his desk, especially once it got 
warm outside. And he was a legit teetotaler,   never drinking alcohol. He even was a big 
supporter of the temperance movement that   sought to ban the sale and consumption of 
alcohol. It helped that his wife, Lucy,   was even more of a teetotaler than Rutherford 
was. In fact, she was an enforcer of sorts,   making sure no alcohol ever entered 
the White House while he was President.   Because lemonade was there instead, that’s 
how she got the nickname “Lemonade Lucy.” James Garfield
Garfield also supported the   temperance movement, but still enjoyed beer from 
time to time. (I like beer clip) The older he got,   the less he drank of it though. He also 
was a big fan of milk with breakfast.

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