EVERY entrant in the 2024 Men’s Royal Rumble: Royal Rumble 2024 highlights

[MUSIC] Introducing a superstar who drew number one from San Francisco, California, weighing at 242 pounds,
[INAUDIBLE] Jey Uso. >> And again, winning from
number one guys not impossible. Four people have done it in
the history of the Royal Rumble. [MUSIC] >> My goodness. [MUSIC] >> Introducing entrant number two from San Francisco, California, weighing in at 261 pounds, Jimmy Uso. [MUSIC] [NOISE]
[SOUND] [MUSIC] >> The Aussie icon. >> Hey, if we're gonna have the Royal
Rumble, you need the Sydney king here. And I'm the host of the Grayson Waller
effect, so let's have one right now. You got the Aussie icon here. Yeah, I want [INAUDIBLE] No one
cares about this sibling rivalry. Main event Jey Uso, you're a headset flop. [NOISE]
>> Mate, Yeet is the most cringe
thing I've ever heard. You're coming at number one
like you're gonna do something.

No wonder they kicked out The Bloodline. Your blood. [NOISE]
>> Number four. [MUSIC] >> Yes. [MUSIC] >> Look who's back. [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] Is for Andrade. After three and a half years,
Andrade's back at WWE. >> We await the entry of number five. [NOISE] [MUSIC] >> Baby, the spectacular Carmelo Hayes. Former NXT champion. [NOISE] [MUSIC] >> [LAUGH] [MUSIC] >> You've been gone a while, McAfee. I'd suggest you stay in your chair for
this one, lest you suffer the wrath of the king. >> This is a much different
Shinsuke Nakamura than when you left pal.

>> Number seven will enter the matchup. [NOISE] [MUSIC] >> The emperor of Lucha Libre, a man who knocked off Carlito last
night on Friday night, SmackDown. [MUSIC] >> This is entry number eight
now in the men's Rumble. [MUSIC] >> This is the man who has
completely changed his fortunes and put SmackDown on notice. Karrion Kross, the head of the final
testament, along with authors of pain. You see, Scarlett, Paul,
[INAUDIBLE] As well. [NOISE] [MUSIC] >> I can never forgive this man for what
he did last year to his dad, Rey Mysterio. Rey never entered the Royal Rumble match
after he was taken out in the locker room area by his own son,
dirty Dominic Mysterio. [NOISE] [MUSIC]
>> Do you know what cool is? >> We're a third of the way
through the Rumble. Santos is in the ring. Carlito has a score to settle. [MUSIC] [NOISE]
>> And the final prayer by Kross. >> At number 11.

>> Karrion Kross may need a prayer. [MUSIC] >> Cuz there comes the almighty
Bobby Lashley with a score to settle with Mr. Kross. >> God forgives, Bobby Lashley doesn't. [MUSIC] >> And here comes number 12. [NOISE] [MUSIC] >> Gonna have to avoid some fighting. [MUSIC] >> First time in his career. Ludwig Kaiser of the Imperium. In then kaiser's been on a roll. >> The personification of elegance. [MUSIC] [NOISE]
>> And quite a delight to be around outside.

[MUSIC] >> Speaking of delights, to be around. >> Yeah. >> At number 13, Austin Theory, a man who has a long history with
our broadcast partner Pat McAfee. >> And I saw earlier, he's the same old,
same old Austin Theory. He looks the part, he is the part. [NOISE]
>> Dominic's got backup. >> Does he?
He might be out of the ring. If he can hang on. Finn Balor of the judgment day one
out of the tag team champions. [MUSIC] [NOISE] [SOUND]
>> And now, at number 15, we're halfway. [MUSIC] [SOUND] >> Five, four, three, two, one. [SOUND]
>> And number 16, Big Bronson Reed, into the ring. >> On a mission, it appears. >> Well, Monday Night on Raw, Bronson Reed is gonna go one on
one with Main Event Jey USo. >> Jey Uso in the corner. >> Shinsky,
with a boot to the mouth of Cody Rhodes. >> It's a new day, yes, it is.

[MUSIC] >> And at number 17, it is Kofi Kingston. [MUSIC] >> Five, four, three, two, one. [SOUND] [MUSIC] >> Speak of the devil. >> No, no, speak of the Ring General. [MUSIC] >> Five, four, three, two, one. [SOUND] [MUSIC] >> And number 19. This man has been on an absolute
roll over the last month. From the Viking Raiders,
the 300 plus pound, Ivar.

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