Engine Get Hot after Covering some Distance? | how to replace cooling clutch fan |

Yes, sir, what is the problem? How many times have you driven your car? About two or three times You speak in your own language Inshallah, Almighty Allah will have mercy and it will be set Subscribe to channel Habib Mechanic and press bell one in So that you get the first update of new video Hello friends, how are you, I hope you are all doing well Today we will show you nine 500 series Fm2p So almost many vehicles have this problem like this one has This car has this problem this car is getting hot after few kilometers it gets hot Suppose it is getting hot after five to ten km So we've checked it out pretty well as you can see it's standing on the road So I'll let you check the fault so that you can update whenever there is a problem. So if you like the video or if you learned something from it, please give it a like to encourage us. Keep bringing more good videos for you if you like this channel then subscribe to the channel now Click the bell icon and be the first to get the new video updates So sharing this video as much as possible so that others can also benefit from it Here's the engine as you know it, a six-cylinder I will also show you the model number P11, so now we will start it and after starting it we will check it.

We have checked it thoroughly so I want to tell you how you can check it whenever you face this problem. By the way, I have made many videos about temperature.
someone people who don't have experience yet, these people will get some experience from this video So whenever such a problem occurs in the car, you have to put your hand on both the upper and lower sides of the radiator. On the lower part and on the upper part means that the upper part is touching the radiator, so it is hot there So put your hand on the lower part, if it's a cold lower part, then you can understand that there may be a problem with the water pump or the radiator. Apart from this, the thermostat wall also sometimes becomes a problem. I have already made videos of this, I will also write in the description and add the end screen. We have checked it that it is getting hot from below and it is getting hot from above also.

This means that the radiator is heating equally from both the sides. So what is the reason for this, I will start the car and get you checked. I will show you together the issue that we have to solve in front of you. still wait You can see the car has stopped and the fan is still spinning So what is the issue of this as you would know that this fan is this clutch system. It is also called clutch fan, so whatever is inside it is completely free. The oil is put in it, when the oil becomes dry, it becomes free because of that. That's a lot of faults, but even less than that, there are often faults. That is what happens when the car gets thrust when it climbs to a height etc. The car climbs a mountain. The car So it gets hot on time, when the car is going on a straight road, then it does not get hot at the time. That's almost the same issue, so now we will open it and show you whatever issue is to be solved.

We have to show you together Mashallah has opened it, so flow from now on
If we remove it, then let me tell you that it was saying that it was opened earlier also. About 2 to 3 times then this issue has happened again, Inshallah, we will definitely work for what we are. Hope is enough, this will not be an issue again inshallah, now let's take it out brother, show it to you still wait You can see that it is completely free, so what is its function to cool the water of the radiator. Keeps the radiator cool So now let's set it How many times have you made this? about 2-3 times Well tell me in your tongue three times Inshallah Allah will have mercy on you, I have not understood your point but the pathans of your tongue watch my videos.

Inshallah we will do strong work and do solid work then it will not be bad you call us tell us how we did opening it and then show you And you can see that there is no oil in it. oil in it How is it so old It has garbage in it and there is some rubbish of rubber etc. And this nut has been opened many times it was set but the same issue happened again Like they told that we have got it set 3 times, even then it was not set by any other mechanic. Now take out its plate and look from the bottom see this plate is out if i can show you it has been jammed too many times Tried to stop it many times but it has not stopped.

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