eFootball 2022 | Update 1.0.0 – Wie Konami die PES-Reihe immer weiter ruiniert

Warning, the following scenes are not
suitable for the faint-hearted. It's best to bring your children,
dogs and turtles to safety at the same time. Because now it's getting really horrible! For a long time, the Pro Evolution soccer series fought
with FIFA for supremacy on the virtual pitch. At the time, many players rightly described
the football simulation from Konami as the better game. Last year, the Japanese
developer and publisher changed the concept behind their soccer field extravaganza and opted for a
free2play model with planned microtransactions.

The result was eFootball 2022. The football simulation managed to flop completely
on all platforms from the release on September 30th and developed into the
game cucumber of the year 2021. After more than six months of fine adjustment,
Konami promises a clear update with the 1.0.0 better feel, a little
more scope and above all fewer bugs. But even before the first game,
the disappointments continue. Already the introduction to the new Dreamteam mode,
which basically works like EA's Ultimate Team counterpart is so conservative, every wallflower shines
with charisma. As in FIFA, by
completing matches we earn coins, which in turn allow us to improve our team
. Of course, the system can also be
financed with real money. After all, the euro symbol in the logo says it all. However, we can only see the shop at the start of
the first season on April 21st. They already know why, the rascals. We also exchange
players or training items with eFootball points. However, you need a
Konami ID for this, otherwise nothing will work at all. We seriously doubt that the
whole online model will be profitable for Konami .

It remains to be seen whether the, shall we say, three current
players of eFootball will manage to pump so much money into the game that the Japanese developer will
still get something after the botched release
. Already on the launch day of the update we had
problems finding an opponent in the online area . That doesn't exactly speak for a high number of players. In addition, there are stutters and disconnections
when we do get a game up and running. In addition to the Dreamteam mode, the
Authentic Team area is also available to us. But what this perfectly normal audition mode
has to do with authenticity remains a big mystery. Hardly anything has changed here since the release at the end of September
. We still choose from nine teams
and compete against the AI ​​or a human opponent. In addition to FC Bayern Munich,
four European and four South American clubs are also involved. At least the stadiums of River Plate, Flamengo
and Co. have now made it into the game. So we can compete in a total of ten arenas. The game settings, on the other hand, are a sign of inadequacy

As on the first day, many options are grayed out. The length of the game is set at five minutes, for example
. Just like the weather on “Clear”. And that although numerous options are available
but cannot be selected. Even with the level of difficulty, we can only choose
between advanced and superstar, the highest level. What exactly has Konami been up to in the last six
months? Or do the developers really want to lure
all players into the dream team mode ? Because there the games last ten minutes. So the function is in play, just not
in the audition area. After all, we can adjust trivial things like
the grass length or the state of the field. But before fans erupt in cheers;
the options can only be changed, the whole thing has no effect.

And we look in vain for graphical differences
. So did the developers really focus entirely
on gameplay improvements and other bug fixes? After all, the plans for the
40-euro extension, which was due to appear on November 11, 2021 , were quickly thrown overboard. So is eFootball at least
fun now? Well, the short and simple answer is:
No! The game intelligence of the AI ​​still fluctuates
between Kevin Großkreutz and Thorsten Legath levels. If we could at least
throw kebabs at the audience or become king of the jungle after the game , that would definitely be a positive
point, but it's just ridiculous like this.

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