Earth from Space: The Netherlands

Hi I’m Romina Persi and welcome back to Earth from Space Today, the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission takes us over part of the Netherlands just in time for ESA Open Day This false-colour image was processed in a way that included the near-infrared channel which makes vegetation appear bright red Amsterdam, the capital city of the country is visible at the top of the image on the edge of the IJmeer lake The city’s complex network of canals can be seen and the city is said to have over 1000 bridges Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands and is visible in the lower-left along the banks of the New Meuse River which divides the municipality into its northern
and southern parts Rotterdam’s port is the largest port in Europe stretching over 40 km in length and covering over 10 000 hectares The Hague is just north of the port visible along the North Sea coast The Hague is home to the Dutch seat of government and the city also hosts the International
Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court To the north of The Hague is the coastal town of Noordwijk home to ESA's European Space Technology Research
Centre (ESTEC) ESTEC is ESA’s technical centre where new missions are designed their industrial development is managed and, in some cases, the spacecraft and instruments are tested On Sunday 6 October ESTEC is hosting its annual Open Day where it will open its doors and give general public the chance to meet astronauts, space experts and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of ESA’s largest establishment The theme of this year’s event is ESA to the Moon where Dutch ESA astronaut André Kuipers will be joined by pioneering Apollo astronauts
Walt Cunningham who flew on the first crewed Apollo mission and Rusty Schweickart who was the first person to fly the Lunar Module and use an Apollo lunar spacesuit for a spacewalk And that’s all for today! Join us next Friday at 10am for the next episode of Earth from Space I’m Romina Persi from ESA Web TV Studios and thank you for watching!

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