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We'll be right back. Yeah. With good day. All this
week on Good day stateline, We're looking for the state
lines. Best soup. Maybe it's in Silicon Valley
at Fritz's Wooden Nickel. Thank you so much for having us. Thank you for asking me. Yeah. So tell me a little bit
about this place before we start talking soup. Like it's
I've had it for 31 years. Before that it was a bar
served sandwiches and stuff. Before that it was like
a bait shop or something. And it's been here
like 120 years now. So I don't know all the history. Wilson You've owned it.
You know what? What made you want to be a part
of this building and create? Fritz What if I. Needed a job. Having you picked a good one? If you've been here for 31

You're a while. Yeah. That's just something to do. And that's what I was doing. So. Yeah. What? What's
what? A nickel. It's just a piece of wood walls. Oak. Fine. That could have been
a copper thing. I don't know. Just make it. Up. No,
it was here. I just used the name
of the previous. Owner, Oak. And it was called the Wooden
nickel, and I just put the fritz
in front of it. Okay. And seems to be working out
pretty good. Yep, pretty well. So what kind of foods
on the menu? Oh, we have the sandwiches.

We've got burgers and fried
chicken and grilled chickens for the lunchtime stuff. And our soups, of course. Then at night we do a salad bar,
we have chicken steaks,
seafood, things like that. And. And those nights, it's like
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. And you get the soup,
the salad bar and your meal all included in one price. So I bet it's pretty busy
in here. Most of the time.
Yeah, it gets going. Do you even get a chance
to sit down and actually sit and, like,
enjoy the food and the drinks and hang out here? No, no.

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