Dua Lipa on Reclaiming Her Viral Dance and Working with Elton John | The Tonight Show

-How you doing?
-Doing great. You look fantastic.
-Thank you. Only for you. -I mean, come on. -You know I always
make a big effort when I come on this show.
-You really always do. I love it.
-I love you, bud. -You know, helped us out
when we didn't have a show, we didn't have an audience,
I was doing it in my home. -Yeah.
-And you were so cool. You Zoomed in to me in my home,
but I think — I want to say
you were the first artist to make a performance, a video. -Yeah, I set up a green screen
in my living room — -Yes, you made a whole video. -For "The Tonight Show,"
and I just couldn't believe it. I was like, "I can't believe I
have to set up a green screen and do this.
-You were the first artist to do that.
-It was amazing. -Thank you for doing that.
-It turned out so good. It's always kind of scary,
you know, kind of getting in the zone
when it was so new.

-Everyone kind of followed
your thing and started doing what you were doing, so I can't
thank you enough for that. And congrats on your
Future Nostalgia Tour. Just played the Garden.
-Yes. -Oh, my gosh.
The Madison Square Garden. [ Cheers and applause ] Dua!
-Thank you. -What was it —
Alright, talk to me. -It was surreal. It really exceeded
all my expectations. I think when you go to a place
like New York, you always feel like maybe people are gonna be
a bit more critical, people are gonna, like…
-Sure. -But everyone just kind of
rode the wave with me. It was amazing.
They we were all up for it. The floor was shaking. -Yeah, when that place —
-It was — it was brilliant. It was brilliant. Loved it. -When Madison Square Garden
rocks, it just rocks. It's like this studio,
Studio 6B. Here we go. This is it.
[ Cheers and applause ] It's happening.
-Oh, the floor.

-The floor shakes.
-I can feel it. -Yeah.
-[ Laughs ] -People are talking about
the tour, crazy awesome reviews. Congrats. They love the costumes.
They love the dancing. And on social media, they're
loving one dance in particular. [ Light laughter ] Yeah, and I love that
you did this 'cause… Should I explain it,
or do you want to? -I mean, you can start, and then
I'll, like, riff off it. -I want to say it was like
in 2017-ish, around that time, you did a dance that people —
some haters got online and said this is a lazy dance
or something, it's uninspired. -It was kind of like,
"Oh, she looks like she's trying to put her shoe on in a rush
or something." [ Light laughter ] -Why do people just
have to be so mean? -I think it's okay. You know, today
when I look back on it — and the reason I guess
why we're talking about it is 'cause I've brought it back. I'm doing it on my tour.

-I'm reclaiming it because there
was a moment where, actually, it caused me a lot of grief. Like, I was being bullied
online. It wasn't very nice. But — But now
I'm, like, you know, I can look at it
from a different perspective. I look back on it
with such fondness, 'cause it helped me grow into
the artist I wanted to become. It made me, like, work harder.
I went in, I did more rehearsal. I just wanted to become
a real performer, and I think that was kind of
the thing that I needed. -And now you open —
is it "Don't Start Now"? -Yeah, I start
"Don't Start Now" with it.

-With that dance?
-Yep. -And everyone goes nuts
'cause it's like, "Yeah, see,
don't make fun of this. Now I'm doing this every show,
so get ready." Could you show me the move? [ Cheers and applause ] I'll do it with you.
-Will you do it with me? Someone in the audience
was like, "Yeah!" -Yeah.
-Someone's really excited.

I don't know if I can do it in
these boots, but you know what? Snow, boots, rain, wind, shine,
whatever. -You're Dua Lipa.
You can do anything, man. -Okay.
-Alright. That's it. [ Audience cheers ] I can't do it.
-Yep. Come on. Come on. Hip, hip, hip, hip!
-This is embarrassing. This is me doing it.
That is me doing it.

That is me doing it, by the way.
So bad. [ Cheers and applause ] See, that almost hurt me.
That's how old I am. Oh, my God, how sad? But I love that you did that. I love that you
put it out there. I just think you're cool. I also — I want to talk
about Elton John while I can talk to you, because that was the greatest
move of all moves. "Cold Heart."
I'm like, "Oh, my gosh." And it went to number one.
-It did. -And, wait, so what's it like
working with Sir Elton? -[ Exhales sharply ] It —
I mean, I have so many — I'm so lucky to have so many
"pinch me" moments in my life.

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