Did Fender Bender become Career-Ender? | Part 2

that you never had
back pain before when you had two surgeries. I had the surgeries
in the past. MICHAEL CORRIERO:
Yeah, 1998, right? '98. MICHAEL CORRIERO: What caused
you to have the surgery? I was a passenger
in a car accident. The car flipped over four
times and my seat belt snapped. I went out the back window. I wrote about that in The
Freedom Writers Diary. I understand. The second time that
you were operated on, what was that caused by? WILLIAM NAVE III:
I was in school. And when I stepped down,
getting out of bed, my legs just gave out. MICHAEL CORRIERO: You
had another surgery then? Yes, I did. That was 2009 in Georgia. Judge Tewolde. YODIT TEWOLDE: What
about your lost wages, any proof, any
statements, any invoices? How do we award you
that and you give us nothing to prove that you lost
wages as a result of injuries sustained? WILLIAM NAVE III: I have
papers of lost wages.

At the time I was making $2,477. YODIT TEWOLDE: But
Where are they? In the storage with
the rest of my bags which I can't carry with me. I've already repeatedly
said that to you guys. I know but you have the
burden of proving these claims against the defendant. We can't just take
your word for it. WILLIAM NAVE III: At the same
time, my mom, 72 years old, was in the hospital also. She's calling me trying
to see if I can come bring her something to eat. And I can't do
nothing for my mama and she in the hospital because
of them, because of Elijah? Are you serious? YODIT TEWOLDE: Listen, you have
to take some of the emotions down just a bit.

We can't consider all of that. We have to consider
proof, evidence. You have photographs– Call the doctor. That's not our
responsibility, that's yours and you bring it to us. When you make claims
for lost wages, you bring the evidence
to support that. When you say
$134,000 for medical, I'm going to need to see
that in documentation. So all this extra
stuff, when you talk about these Freedom
Writers, and your mom in the hospital,
I'm sorry for that but that is not what
we can consider. RACHEL JUAREZ: What was
the surgery you ended up having on your back, sir? It was a protruding disk
leaning on my side of nerve. So what did they do? They went in and they
had to shave down my disk. Once they did that, the
pain was alleviated. But before that, I couldn't
sleep, I couldn't walk. I had just– You had nothing
before the accident. Nothing. RACHEL JUAREZ: OK, all
right, I have what I need. MICHAEL CORRIERO:
All right, thank you.

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