Detik Detik Kericuhan AREMA vs PERSEBAYA ~ Kronologi Penyebab Awal Aremania Turun Ke Tengah Lapangan

The riot broke out shortly after the referee blew the whistle to mark the end of the match, in which Persebaya Surabaya won 3-2 over Arema FC at the Kanjuruhan Stadium, Kepanjeng, Malang, Saturday, October 1, 2022 at night WIB. So, what causes the number of people who died? This happened due to the outbreak of riots after tear gas was fired to dispel thousands of Aremania who wanted to attack the field. "The audience went down to the center of the field, and tried to find the players to ask why they lost, or to vent. Therefore, security took preventive measures, and made diversions so that they did not enter the field," said East Java Police Chief Inspector General Pol .

Nico Afinta while at the Malang Police Headquarters, on Sunday morning (2/10/2022). Nico said that at that time his team tried to give an appeal in a persuasive way. However, it didn't work. As a result, the masses increasingly violent attack and damage police cars. "Prevention efforts were carried out until tear gas was applied, because it had damaged the car (police) and finally tear gas was sprayed," he said again. From there, finally thousands of Aremania who were still in the stands panicked and looked for the exit. The climax was when they scrambled towards doors 10 and 12 so that there was a buildup and there was a tragedy that hundreds of people died. "Of the 40,000 spectators who attended, more or less not all of them were anarchists, not all of them were disappointed, only some, namely around 3 thousand, came down to the center of the field. While the others remained those on top," he said.

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