Destiny 2 – Glaive FAQ, Tips, Tricks, and Execution

all right my friends today we're going to glaive 
school i'm going to answer some questions that   i've seen in some of my other glay videos 
and i also talk about some other stuff it's   kind of a long video but it covers a lot of 
important things when it comes to the glaive   so give it a full watch through my friends i 
will appreciate it now let's get into the video all right my friends tease monkey we're back with 
another video and i'm making this video because   i've made a few videos talking about exotic 
glaives and other glaives in the game and i always   refer to especially when it comes to the exotic 
glaives the energy bar and you have to fill it up   to be able to use the special ability on the 
exotic glaives and the number one question i   keep getting is where is the energy bar and i keep 
saying it's the half circle in the reticule so if   you're looking at the screen right now we've 
got this big this little circle right in the   middle with the three little lines coming off 
of it in like the 12 o'clock position the four   o'clock position and the seven o'clock position 
right under that is that half circle so you'll   see as i do range attacks now range attacks is the 
only way to fill this up that it will fill up so   pay attention here my friends so you see it boom 
fills up boom we're almost at hat little over half and now it's full now when it comes to the 
exotic glaives once it's full you can do the   special move this is also your shield duration 
so if you hold up your shield you will see that   deplete so as you see i hold up my shield it 
starts to deplete i'm back down the half right   so to use my special ability i have to get it 
back up to full so we will get some more kills and we're at full now to use the special 
ability when it comes to the exotic leaves   you hold in your reload boom he does it 
for this one it's a lightning shot across   the ground so hopefully you saw that again 
we're at empty so we got to fill it back up   so as you see as i get ranged attacks 
it fills up i'll show you that melee   attacks don't count so if we run up 
here watch the bar bar stays the same   so hopefully that clears that up for you let's 
head into the next topic when it comes to glaives   okay and the next thing we're going to talk about 
is blocking so i've already filled up my energy   bar there and i'm going to show you when it comes 
to bosses most bosses have a stomp mechanic so if   you get too close they stomp it knocks you back 
does big damage with the glaive as you'll see here so there's a regular now if i stand up in his face   of course i can block the damage 
and you see i blocked the knock back gotta pay attention to your shield energy make 
sure you have enough shield energy so once again boom blocked it and get some more 
energy hit him a couple times boom now if i don't use the shield you 
see knocks me back i take damage   of course you can shoot while you got it up to to 
keep your energy going as long as you have ammo   in the gun so remember that because that can be 
very helpful for certain things i know in the   raid i've seen several people on the caretaker 
encounter specifically if they're on stun duty   of the caretaker they use a glaive for that 
simple fact because you have to trigger him to   do his slam move before you can start shooting his 
face and shooting his back so they use the glaive   to just stand there right up in his grill and 
eat those slams so that's blocking my friends the next thing let's talk about the different 
glaze in the different perks so right now   we've got three exotic glaze 
so you've got the hunter   the warlock and the titan they each have their 
own special perk when it comes to those exotics   of course these are class specific the other 
glaives are the enigma which is the craftable one   and then you have lubria's ruin which is the drop 
is a drop from rock the final boss in the new raid   now when it comes to the enigma that's the 
easiest one to get right because the game   sends you through a quest on crafting 
it so let's talk about perks here if you go and look on light gg and read and 
stuff people are going to tell you do this do   this do this this is the best combination but 
in my opinion yes some of those are correct   but it all depends on what you want to do   with the glaive at that time so for example 
let's take a look at some perks here the first one is going to be different things 
considering around do you want your masterwork you   can see it like that so if you see up at the top 
this one says 10 handling 10 range 10 reload speed   10 shield duration and as you highlight them you 
can see the stats down on the bottom start to   change they need to make it so that this doesn't 
cover it up but you can see the little green bar   on the range there when i go on this one how it 
adds 10 right so you can do that depending on   your play style the next perk is going to come to 
the half or what we like to call it is the shaft different things do different stuff so as 
you can see you have to level your glaive   up a certain amount in order to change what 
you're looking for if you're using your sh   glaive mainly to block and use the shield then 
you're probably going to want to go with something   like shield durations increases if you're looking 
to actually shoot the range attack at far away   enemies then you're going to want to look at 
increasing the range so that your damage drop   off is a greater distance when it comes to the 
magazine of course it's pretty self-explanatory   the one thing to pay attention 
though is it's still on here okay appended mag and extended mag do 
the same amount so if you unlock it so   if i show you on a different one let me 
do one of my higher level glaives here finally equipped so let's look at this one my opinion here is to go with something   to increase the range i like or the reload 
speed i like light mag because like i said appended an extended mag do the same 
thing they each give you one extra bullet   unless they've changed it it doesn't really make 
sense to go with one of those now when it comes to   your last two perks of course as you know through 
the crafting system you get your basic ones   that just cost neutral element and 
you get enhanced versions so let's   take a look some of these change some of these 
don't so for example the enhanced grave robber   melee final blows or load this weapons magazine 
from reserves okay there's nothing really   different there i think you might get the reload 
speed okay yeah you get reload plus 10 versus actually it's four so the basic one you see 
same thing let's just look at that reload speed   it's a difference of four unrelenting as you can see this is 
the enhanced one rapidly defeating   targets triggers health generation guardians and 
powerful combatants count as more than one target   improves handling so pay attention to that stat if 
i go down here and i look at this this would be 48 versus 52 okay these are expensive they cost 
2 000 neutral element one alloy and then   70 of the corresponding other element so what 
should you pick like i said it depends on what   you want to accomplish with your glaive are you 
going to be using it more like a sniper rifle well   you probably want impulse amplifier and maybe 
frenzy here okay so you get that bonus damage are you gonna be blocking a lot with 
it well if you're going to be blocking may want to use tilting windmills   feeding frenzy there's different combinations 
you can use but the main thing with blocking is   you want to set yourself up for shield 
duration here so that one and this one   now when it comes to my hunter of course if 
you know with suppressing glaive and if you   put the right fragments on on your hunter you can 
basically go in viz every time you get a kill with   the glaive so for my hunter i did grave robber for 
the simple fact that i get in up close i'm using   the melee attack a lot so what this can do for 
me is you know if i want to shoot a couple ranged   attacks and then bam finish them off with a melee 
then i get an automatic refill of the magazine   i also use unrelenting because again i'm in there 
up close doing melee attacks and if i'm getting   little red bars and clearing them out then this 
is going to trigger some health regen for me   now i've tried this in some higher end content 
like master wellspring and i'm starting to think   unrelenting may not be as good as because you're 
gonna have to specifically target the red bars   and there's a lot of more stronger enemies in 
there big chunky knights yellow bars and stuff   like this so the amount of times unrelenting 
actually kicks in in that kind of play style   may not be as beneficial as something like frenzy 
frenzy may be a better option here so grave robber   frenzy if you want a just pure out melee stick 
okay so those are the perks so think about how   you want to use it rampage could be another option 
there as well but i feel like frenzy in higher end   content is going to be the better combination 
so think about how you want to use the glaive   and then set your perks up accordingly as you 
can see i have several different ones this is   kind of like my ranged attack shooter and this 
is my melee one like i said we're probably gonna   change that unrelenting and this is a third 
one that i haven't um really worked on yet   so that's basically the perks and 
how to set up your glaive like i said   if you go on light gg people are going to tell 
you oh use impulse amplifier and frenzy yeah   that's all said and good if you're using it 
for mainly ranged attacks but if you're using   it for like the hunter play style where you get 
in there and you're using suppressing glaive to   stay invisible because anytime you kill something 
that's suppressed you go invis then you're gonna   want a different setup than that in my opinion 
so set your glaive up to how you seem fitting okay and if you're still here with me my friends 
we're gonna put a little bonus clip at the end   and talk about the glaive specifically when it 
comes to the hunter now this works with any glaive   but i like the enigma the most because the enigma 
works with volatile rounds on the range attacks   but you can use the exotic if you want you 
can use labrey as ruin same concept applies   excuse me now the thing we're 
going to talk about here is   you may see hunters like they're always 
invisible right in the pve stuff and if   you're a hunter and you haven't figured out 
how this is happening i'm going to show you   so if you look in the void class you have to 
start off with the aspect stylus executioner   defeating a weakened suppressed or volatile 
target grants invisibility and true sight   keep that in mind weakened suppressed or volatile 
targets so you can get weakened targets by using   your grenade and running this right here echo 
undermining so your grenade if it kills something   it's gonna make you invisible you can also 
go invisible from your dodge by running this   this is why i run six coyote for two dodges 
mainly but there's other benefits of it as well   the other thing you have to remember is your 
smoke bomb your smoke bomb weakens targets as   well so if you throw your smoke bomb and the smoke 
bomb actually kills them you'll go invisible or if   you throw your smoke bomb weaken them and then you 
kill them while they're weakened you go invisible   when it comes to the glaive specifically you 
have a couple of you have an artifact mod right   here for the feet glaive or i'm sorry suppressing 
glaive on the class item damaging combatants with   your glaive suppresses them preventing them from 
using abilities for a short time so this happens   on ranged attacks and melee attacks so if you 
see watch what's about to happen i run up to this   guy and punch him boom i go invisible because 
he got suppressed and killed all in one shot sometimes you'll see it doesn't kick in for 
whatever reason but majority of the time   when you're one-shotting stuff 
you just go invisible every time and it looks like i never come out invisible 
sometimes because i'm already in this   and i get a one-shot kill it suppresses 
and puts me in biz all in one so that's how that works like i said it works on 
ranged attacks as well so if we let this wear off boom or suppressing streakers 
makes them close up like that like i said you see there sometimes it doesn't 
kick in for whatever that's probably most likely   some kind of bug but the majority of the 
time if you get a kill with the glaive   you'll go in viz as you can see you just 
keep it rolling sometimes it doesn't kick   in on those range attacks when it's a one shot but 
sometimes it does it should kick in all the time   but it's just a problem when it comes to 
one shotting with a range attack if it   was a tougher enemy and you shot him to where 
he was suppressed and then you shot him again   then you would definitely go invis just like i 
said it's an issue with the range attack sometimes   doing the suppression and the kill all in one 
but the melee seems to work pretty consistently and that's gonna do it for this one my friend so 
hopefully you learned something and you figured   something out hopefully i answered some questions 
that people had give the video a thumbs up don't   forget to subscribe as it's free and come on 
over to facebook and join in on a live stream at   fb dot gg forward slash tease monkey i'll see 
you guys in the next one peace out guardians

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