Demystifying Artificial Intelligence – Applications for Business – Spring 2023

foreign I'm the associate dean of Executive Education and I'm also the department chair of the school of accounting when I'm not doing that stuff I'm instructing especially my favorite subject which is artificial intelligence and machine learning I'm putting on a course specifically for our alumni called demystifying AI this course is made specifically for and available only to more school alumni one of the things that makes AI interesting is that there's so many different ways to look at it in so many different articles out there some factual and some not and we want to kind of demystify the idea of artificial intelligence especially as it relates to business the idea of the class is

really to give people who haven't really had a chance to interact with artificial intelligence in a professional manner a chance to get an understanding of where AI is currently a little bit of the you know where it came from in the history and a little bit of the trends for where things are heading in the future my class is aimed at people who are interested in figuring out where their company can kind of you know get a foothold in artificial intelligence and machine learning we're not looking at really Space Age kind of stuff we're really kind of looking at how regular companies are using Ai and machine learning to help you know get new revenues save costs and expenses and also seeing kind of where you can kind of fit in

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