Debate Jogo Aberto: Goleada de 7 a 1 do Flamengo assusta o Corinthians? E como será Pedro x Cássio?

I don't know about Facebook Lima yesterday Asks one out for the threats Denílson said that Sunday is the Brazilian Championship Corinthians yesterday he confronts and two big fans two actions meeting in a pulsating arena and better boots the history bigger nation of the two stop laughing because the resume, right, everything is going to be Corinthians and there's not a Blessed one everywhere Flamengo has it, but the guy who supports Flamengo, he supports the team there, in this case, those used, right, it wasn't a gang washed the car to go there to Sport so Flamengo or Vasco doesn't pay Flamengo no no it's Flamengo the corinthian group Renata is corinthian likes the moon is for the martians competed with the corinthians so that you said it's exchanging Flamengo is outsourced and she has a part here of that vinyl vinyl I only asked until the penis already Flamengo problem is true our cake Flamengo has already played the value still game Flamengo has to be that already mine I can not be ok what do you think Pedro spent all four But two assists too, right his name I saved because you will understand that it is [Laughs] the field you buy a coffee 3 Pedro well Pedro and singer died [Music] let's take the weekend weekend and Andthen your take the guy goes I'm with the kids okay see that he's euphoric piercing that the feet on the ground have humility and I 'll be right there [Laughs] yesterday I was on the perfect night thrashing the team playing very well the collective showing up and the highlight for Pedro that everyone saw gabigol's reserve right with more than 50 goals he has Flamengo and reserve he has more than 50 goals so playing the gabigol I saw the game we see the gabigol more on the side of the field and pulling them with treatment and leaving Pedro more Centralized so playing with two forwards who know how to score That's it, 7 not even the biggest fan who loves Flamengo the way I love Flamengo is thinking Palmeiras there first problem greetings ema already doesn't know in thought Renata none of Flamengo's biggest fans would have thought it would be such an elastic score How was yesterday's game because Tolima gave work to Atlético Mineiro Chico true it's not in the first phase they won in Minas Gerais even love

so that's why we have to analyze a lot of people will finally be characterized by the fact that their Toninho but they have to value the evolution of Flamengo is and the curious right because this tactical change of his gabigol leaving the area was initially put by Paulo Souza is that he really couldn't have a sequel but it's very interesting what Gabriel is doing with the bomb and Pedro playing, right I always thought it was a crime for Pedro to be a reserve for Flamengo I know there are a lot of people to put there and that the gabigol a guy that you're only with because he's decisive but look how cool the way Lourival found it yesterday, with these two very good midfielders, right Gomes the maia then the arrascaeta wants a crak they accept stars dictates the rhythm of the game and maybe one left for Everton Ribeiro at some point that he played must happen and that he played well because everyone was right there in the diamond that He set up and these two fell gabigol leave Pedro has an absurd daily presence tense, he even highlighted that the defense was good Rodney Felipe Luiz the one who least missed passes the game Felipe Luiz's experience right because he's a player who doesn't go wrong right he positions himself well you can see that the dead balls Flamengo's corners, for example, is the guy who stays in the shadows there in the middle of the field, so he's a guy who doesn't have the speed he does, since he's already seen you at some point in his career and that's natural, it's not a a criticism so he uses his experience more he doesn't get complicated you can see that we 're going to make the modesty back he does something I mentioned here at the beginning right Cool about Dorival's work he didn't have time to train fast to put this sentence he will take the guy who is good at ball he has to play together with another guy who is good at ball and tennis and he has to leave a mouth to make these changes I'm back with her he answered is using it is a

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