Dave Sims’ commentary of the Mariners clinching win was ELECTRIC!

I haven't seen Dave Sim's that excited since he was making jump shots of the old 66 in high school and chavo basketball 20 years ago and boy shoot there you have it with Mr that was exciting. Give us a little sense now. We don't know if I have home games yet. Will do that in a second, but give me a little sense of what this means for the Seattle sports fan. I love the man of the Seahawks are competitive, but they're not a big time to forget the crack and and here they are in the postseason. Give me a little feel of that. First. The Mariners are it chris flat out, I mean you're talking 20 years since the last playoff. This is huger than huge as the kids would say. I mean it's just remarkable and to have the drama and look at that crowd.

I mean you couldn't, we probably could, we could have sold 100,000 tickets at night and to have cal win it just like the games you play in your backyard , right? Uh, you know the bottom of the ninth, three to you need a big run and cal raley who has been extraordinary in the second half. The Mariners as a team have been extraordinary in the second half , especially since august one and get more home runs than anybody in the american league. And cal and that's his best side. The left side, he was switch hitter and that's where most of his home runs have come from. Look at the joy that, I mean, are you kidding explosion of noise of screaming. I saw people in the elevator when I finally got out of the building an hour. Hour and a half later I said beer was thrown up in the air.

People were hugging each other, didn't know each other. I mean they were just hugging, kissing the whole thing and I went down afterwards and it was a wild scene and I've been in a few wild scenes in my career. This is a good one. This is a good one. Scott, Servais did a terrific job. The boys came back after they did the champagne shower and he came back and he addressed the crowd and said, hey, you couldn't do it without you. But right now let's party. And that's what they did fireworks. Yeah, look at that. I mean it was a big time celebration. I mean that's a lot of frustration and angst and and disappointment flushed away and building forward with that moment by provided by cal raley and of course two out of three last weekend of the year.

Last year, the Angels. So they could have obviously could maybe have played a wild card playing game. Now they do have the tiebreaker against Toronto. There one back, are they, are they going to be motivated this week at home against the tigers , They play four blue jays, three in Toronto and Baltimore and the blue jays are going to lose the game. The Orioles, a pesky blue jays. The Orioles going to beat them once. But that means Seattle's got to sweep. Will they be motivated to do that to get the wild card series in their ballpark? That's the least of your worries. Being motivated. They, we want the Mariners want the wild card hosting duties as badly as anybody could want anything because if you saw that , you just showed the clip of the fans in Seattle t mobile park on friday night double or triple that if we get a chance to host on friday friday, saturday, sunday, forget about it.

I mean motivations at least he worries and Julio is coming back. He's been battling back problem , he's back in the lineup today and hopefully you know, he's going to get, he's had tons of preparation and physical therapy etcetera, etcetera. He's the engine offensively. That makes it happen. He and Suarez and the excitement and the joy that this kid brings his abilities means it speaks for itself. So he'll be in center field and can't wait looking for tonight's game against Detroit swept Detroit, blow them out of their place back in august and fellow is going to be ready to rock and roll, starting tonight. No question about it. I didn't like I didn't like the game yesterday. I just throw it out the window when they got buried against the Mike Fiers and I kept saying, you know, baseball happens.

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