Data Analytics Roadmap 2023: Learn the Skills to Become a Data Analyst in Just 3 Months

three months and you can become a data analyst I'm going to share each and every plan of action for the next three months that you should follow dedicatedly to become a data analyst in 2023. watch out this video till the end in case you have any questions feel free to leave a comment in the comment section [Music] hey guys welcome back to the channel to begin with in order to become a data analyst the most important thing is going to be language now if I would have been doing this video in 2018 or 2019 I would have told you that becoming a data analyst is super easy requirement was very less and you can easily crack a job as a data analyst SQL statistics will be able to become a data analyst or 2023 things have changed a lot of people are entering this domain there are enough amount of jobs if you still don't think it is possible to become a data analyst ping me and I will show you how much jobs are there in the market India May us may Hong Kong May any country you would like to go ahead LinkedIn open your local um jobs website open Kuro you will see tons and tons of jobs you just need to know the keywords to play around with data analysts business analyst power bi developer SQL data analyst there are multiple keywords that you need to search so coming back to the topic three months plan I'm going to share you each and everything quite possible I am guaranteeing you are starting your journey you can definitely become a data analyst in three months first is going to be language python is very important birds are a data analytics projects or data analytics course python is not mandatory but I would say python is mandatory because of a real time as a data analyst the first thing that you will probably get is data extraction or probably data is your format my hand you have to extract using some python codes and up quick structured format python is needed definitely you can dedicate around 15 days for python after python comes the next important topic which is Ed exploratory data analysis which is nothing but inside Gathering four to eight hours videos and then probably start working on a Eda project python Eda both are available in my channel links will be in the description below after this 15 to 20 days this may you will be probably learning about Python and Eda after that comes SQL SQL plays a vital role may you have to dedicatedly give at least 10 to 12 days to learn and three to four days in practice obviously there are platforms where you can practice SQL uh commands hacker rank code but I don't suggest people doing that what I suggest is low and try to practically work on them on your MySQL workbench or whatever local SQL databases that you have SQL videos also dedicated videos proper playlist is available on my channel so this is the one month plan python next is two weeks of statistics again there are statistical topics how to you know identify whether the data is normally distributed or not standard deviation variance correlation covariance all these topics are important for a data analyst because it is important because you will be using these Concepts in your day-to-day activities so two weeks of statistics after statistics comes one more thing which is never taught in any data analytics program which is Predictive Analytics Predictive Analytics basically means you need to know about machine learning not in depth but overall over machine learning classification regression clustering clustering is not a part of Predictive Analytics classification regression majorly calcium classification model regression models how do we predict all those things is definitely needed classification and regression dedicated videos I'm going to post on my channel very soon so by the time you are watching this video and you are into the Predictive Analytics part I'm pretty much sure there will be videos on my channel Predictive Analytics is again like two weeks so you get two months after that one more thing that I would suggest you is learn either one of the tools like power bi or tableau a power bi or Tableau I'm saying I'm not telling power B and W power bi all Tableau so 15 days of efforts for power bi or tableau if you are willing to learn power bi dedicated videos are already there on my channel dedicated course you can find that course on or on my YouTube course on my udemy profile table I have Tableau course on Tableau videos I don't have public videos for my channel but yeah down the line in six seven months I'll make all those videos publicly available on my YouTube channel as well so that's entirely 2.5 months of plan python 15 Eda one week probably statistics two weeks ago two weeks of machine learning which is Predictive Analytics two weeks of power bi so yeah 2.5 months 2.5 months dedicatedly 15 days you have to work on your portfolio projects one of the most important things I will recommend you key adma project and one SQL case study where you are handling some complex SQL queries and one project around power bi or Tableau these are the three things that you need to do and make sure that and make sure that these are the three things that you need to do and make sure that you are doing projects which is closer to real-time projects not like house price prediction and blah blah blah if you need project ideas help reach out to me on LinkedIn and I will help you out with project ideas but there are enough project ideas already on my channel so lastly I would like to say key data analytics definitely there are dedicated courses even I had launched some courses I'm also launching new courses but with zero cost also you can learn data analytics definitely you will not get guided uh help but dedicated videos are already on my channel go through them playlists are already designed which are end to end and you can learn data analytics for free but in case you are willing to learn data analytics in in a structured way please follow my channel on YouTube follow me on LinkedIn and probably whenever I host some courses you will be notified that's all about this particular video and I see you all becoming a data analyst in the next three four months or five months good luck and keep watching my videos in case you have anything to share please write down in the comment section below or else whichever background you are coming from or else if you have any project related doubts ask in the comment section that's all about this particular video see you in the next video bye [Music]

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