Court Cam: Top 5 Outrageous Outbursts (Part 2) | A&E

We start things off
in Racine, Wisconsin, where convicted felon
Sean Riker's in court for a pre-sentencing hearing. You're going to
sentence me to life? Don't give a– [bleep] NARRATOR: Riker was
recently found guilty of 16 crimes against his
family, including sexual assault and physical abuse
of a child, as well as reckless endangerment. He's already served 12
years in a federal prison for detonating several
pipe bombs in Utah. Today, he's in court to waive
his constitutional right to appear at his sentencing.

And he's got company– a heavily armed security team. He's in shackles and a spit mask
because he's already escaped once from a Wisconsin jail,
and has not been cooperative with court security. Once inside, the
spit mask may be on, but the gloves are off, as
Riker wastes no time going right after Judge Wayne Marik You got me looking like a– [bleep]– clown? [bleep] you. [bleep] you. [bleep] you. I'm killing all you
[bleep] right now.

I got your [bleep]
address, Wayne Marik. I got your home [bleep] address. I got [bleep] address. I got [bleep] address. And I'm having you
all [bleep] killed. NARRATOR: The people he's
referring to are members of the prosecution team. There ain't nothing you
going do about it, either. You know why? Because this is a
[bleep] state that doesn't have the death penalty. You're going to
sentence me to life? Don't give a [bleep].

Don't give a [bleep]. I'm getting mine, you mother– [bleep] NARRATOR: Not satisfied
berating the judge, Riker sends his wrath in the
direction of the prosecutor. What the [bleep] do you want? Stay there. NARRATOR: As per
his request, Riker didn't appear at
his own sentencing, which would have really given
him something to scream about. He was sentenced to 200
years in a state prison. Riker appealed the
sentence, but it was denied. Meet Timothy Demattio. Oh, boy. NARRATOR: The 34-year-old
Florida rock musician was charged with
petty theft and damage to property for
allegedly trying to steal nutritional supplements
from a store and then damaging items
after he was caught. As Judge John Hurley kicks
off the bond hearing– NARRATOR: He makes
a request that will come back to haunt him. Turn on the mic, please,
somebody– why do they– Your Honor? Yes, sir. You know me, don't you? No. NARRATOR: Before Judge Hurley
can get another word in, this rocker breaks into a solo. I was going to [bleep]
to pick up my scripts. They said it was a 45
minute wait for some reason.

I'm walking around shopping. I go to the bathroom to take
a piss and wash my hands. And the manager's in there,
waiting for me, thinking I'm shoplifting. I wasn't shoplifting anything. No? No. My 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th,
13th, 14th Amendment rights have been violated. NARRATOR: But it
turns out this isn't the first time the defendant's
been charged for stealing. NARRATOR: As Judge Hurley checks
on the details of the pending charges, Demattio can be
seen growing more animated with the public defender. And when his mic
gets turned back on– Your Honor, a sidebar? NARRATOR: Yes, he
raises his hand and asks the judge
for a sidebar. Your Honor, a sidebar? Your Honor? Stop, stop, stop. It's not your turn. NARRATOR: After being
muted once again, Demattio decides to drum
up some more attention.

Oh, boy. NARRATOR: As the
performance continues– Mr. Miller? NARRATOR: Public defender
Dale Miller hangs his head and makes the executive decision
not to unmute the defendant. Mr Miller? WOMAN: I think he's trying
to give him an opportunity to calm down, judge. NARRATOR: Ultimately, the
courtroom concert is cut short, and Demattio is forcibly
removed by court security. MAN: Please sit down. Your Honor, I'm not having to– NARRATOR: Timothy Demattio later
pled guilty to the petty theft charge.

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