Copy the Penalty Challenge | FC Bayern Summer Games 2022 | Episode 1

I‘m Thomas Müller … okay, got it … and this is my team! Kingsley Coman! Leroy Sané! Awesome for us again, dude! Jamal Musiala! Müller: Three, four… I‘m Manuel Neuer…and this is my team! Joshua Kimmich! Kimmich: You have to do the celebration. Lucas Hernandez! Alphonso Davies! We’ve managed to get a goalkeeping legend again. So, for those of you who don't know how it works, you'll be shown some penalties. Copy the penalty exactly, with the correct foot… … and if you can, do the same celebration as the taker. Neuer: Which team goes first?
Host: Thomas will start. Kimmich: Thomas, you personally. Müller: Yes, I made my own video.

Sané: Thomas vs. Thomas, dude… Simon Müller: Servus Thomas, I have a little task for you. Top right corner, please. Müller: Do you think he scored? Kimmich: Yeah, sure, man! All: Wow! Müller: Okay, got it. Super! Neuer: Good luck. Hernandez: Go on, Tomaschi. Müller: Who’ll determine whether it was super? Kimmich: Who’s counting? You're the referee. Host: We’re counting, yes. Neuer: It's all on tape! Kimmich: Come on Jaro, come on now! Sané: Look at the way he's tippy-toeing beforehand. All: Ahhhh…! Neuer: Yes! Müller: I don't believe it! Musiala: Manu! Neuer: Yes? I didn’t say anything.
Kimmich: Keep it down! Musiala: I see.
Müller: My goodness! Julian Gressel: My name is Julian Gressel from DC United; Let’s see you try that one! Kimmich: I really thought it was Toni Kroos. Neuer: How did he celebrate? Host: He didn't celebrate. Kimmich: You’re so bad for showing him. All: Ahhh! Kimmich: How did you know? You have a snitch in the red team here!
Musiala: Who's next? King, go on! Sane: Me? Müller: That’s Apache! Kimmich: Apache, Stuttgart guy! Do it! Müller: It's good that my brother can’t do that! Sané: I’ll break my feet, dude! Kimmich: Hey, you didn't see the goal celebration! Can you rewind it again? Müller: All good.

It would be cool if we had a reason to celebrate a goal… Kimmich: The way he waddled up in his sandals…
Müller: But the way he pulled those slippers on… Neuer: He knew beforehand I would shoot down the middle, didn’t he? All: Yeaaaaaah! Müller: But not bad!
Hernandez: It was very good. Musiala: Hey, if I did that…I’d…(laughs) Kimmich: Hey Leroy, you still have to do the celebration! Sané: What celebration? I didn't see it. Host: Josh, you! Kimmich: Yes, I'm all ears. Sané: I smashed it and he saved it. Martin Demichelis: So men, I’m Micho and I’m going to take a penalty for you! Neuer: Without a goalkeeper! Sané: How does that work? He gets that… Musiala: Yes, and you get a Rabona…

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